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21 Natural and Artificial Patterns

21 Natural and Artificial Patterns



Artists include Alex Maclean (from Wikipedia)

Alex S. MacLean (born 1947) is an American photographic artist who’s best known for his spectacular aerial photographs.

MacLean graduated as a BA in 1969 from Harvard. He continued his studies to become an architect in 1973. He became interested in aerial scenery while he studied community planning and got a flight permit in 1975. Since then he has flown around America and the world in his Cessna 182 taking pictures and he has become a renowned aerial photographer. His pictures that portray both natural and man-made landscapes have been on display in numerous exhibitions and books.

Robert Haas (From national geographic)

Robert B. Haas is the author and photographer of a series of six photographic books, including A Vision of Africa (1998), Predators (2001), African Critters (2002), Ten Days on the Chobe (2002), Through the Eyes of the Gods—An Aerial Vision of Africa (2005), and Through the Eyes of the Condor—An Aerial Vision of Latin America (2007). Both Through the Eyes of the Gods and Through the Eyes of the Condor were published by National Geographic.


Others include Michael Poliza, Claudia Rogge Nancy Lan, Alexey Bednij, Friedensenreich Hundertwasser and unknown.


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