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31 Bloggers in 31 days: Blog Party (closed)

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enews_party_hat(Update: Had LOTS of people inquire, so sign ups are over. Thanks for the great turnout!!!) I turn 31 on May 31st, so MomDot would like to host a “31 bloggers in 31 days” party and need 31 bloggers to participate.

We are looking for 31 bloggers, each to host a one day giveaway on their blog during May. You can give away anything you want, but we would love if you would center it around products that I love (as its my birthday) or summer items to go along with some of the gifts MomDot has to giveaway.

We would act as the hub for the party each day, announcing the next stop on the visit of the birthday party each day on our site. We send our visitors to your site to enter a giveaway for the day you host the party. Each blogger would only be in charge of 1 day in May.

Of course, if you got your sponsor to send me an extra product for a present, I wouldn’t hate that either.

Email me at Trisha@MomDot.com to sign up. About 15 spots are already gone so hurry if you want to participate!


(PS if your a sponsor that wants to donate, contact me too!)

Current Party Host schedule:

1  Cat (3 kids and us)
2 Lisa (crazy adventures)
3 Victoria (ellie and eve)
4 Linda (trendy tykes)
5 Heather (the mogul mom)
6 Louise (momstart)
7 Jaqueline (blessingsabound)
8 Suzanne (newsue review)
9 Emily (Busy Mom)
10 Miss Blondie (miss blondie)
11 AJ (nutty Mom)
12 Bridgette (not so blog)
13 lisa (days of our lives)
14 Kori (hair for my princess)
15 toni (mudbug)
16 Shari (a psych mommy)
17 amanda (confessions)
18 Karen (one of her billions of blogs)
19 Christy (the write gal)
20 Stefanie (a bloggy mommy)
21 Sarah (ohana mama)
22 tena (punky monkeys)
23 heather (maternal spark)
24 Kim (Accidental Mommies)
25 Trisha (sweet n sassy)
26 sarah (my charmed life)
27  Stacey (full nest reviews)
28 Jill (scarymommy)
29 Andrea (moody mama)
30 Lindsey (a kindred spirit)
31 Nancy (dandelion bubbles)

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  1. I missed it :( Stupid proxy!! I’ve had internet techs working on my problem all day to no avail! I’m lost without momdot!

  2. Dangit! I missed this! Would have been fun.

    Happy Early Birthday!

  3. Oooh – sorry I missed out! Happy upcoming birthday – you share the day with my son – soon to be 5!

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