38% of your skin is lost every time you shave. Ick.

A few weeks ago Chris found a gray hair on my head.

Trust me that he is not letting me live it down. I have also had to start being more aware of caffeine and make a real effort to get up from the computer/iphone/playroom/bed to actually exercise. I can’t believe in my 20s I could brag about eating Hershey bars and Cokes all day with no weight gain or adverse affects.

Beauty takes real effort this age, but thankfully I have found beauty in being clean, happy, and healthy. I try to do things for myself, my spirit, and to maintain what I can with all the great products out there that keep my skin and hair at tip top shape. Trust me, I cannot always put on makeup and cute clothing as a stay at home mom, so making sure my “plain” side is glowing is just as important to me!

That is why when I heard that every time you shave under your arms you LOSE up to 38% of your underarms skin I did a double take.

Cause I need to lose anything else at my age.


Wow! 38%?

While I don’t find that my underarms are sexy by any means, I don’t want that area to be neglected. After all, it’s the arm pit that endures the stress of kids, the chasing of 2 year olds, the rubbing of our shirts after 10 hours of bending over to pick up another toy or a crying child.

And no, before you ask, I am not going to go au natural.

That only looks cute for these kinds of creatures…



But I can protect myself!


Join Dove® in changing the way the world sees the armpit.

This year, join Dove deodorant in changing the way the world sees the armpit. Dove® is looking to inform women that they can lose up to 38% of their under arm skin every time they shave. While that may be shocking, there’s something women can do to keep their underarms protected. Simply using Dove® Deodorant after shaving soothes your sensitive skin and keeps you fresh with unstoppable 24-hour odor and wetness protection.

No matter what your age, young, older, or oldest, dont let your underarms be the pit of your existence. Start protecting yourself and your valuable skin now!

They always say that beauty is only SKIN deep – SO KEEP IT!



  1. Tammy S says

    I love this post! You are to funny! It is sad but true that we are brutalizing ourselves. I love Dove products! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    Oh! I do believe this! I remember a girl in high school that used to shave her armpits a lot and it was really really black! I know it does something horrible down there. Good to know there’s a product that helps!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing! I didn’t know about losing some of your skin when you shave. Dove products are known for being mild and gentle. Thus, it can definitely help protect sensitive skin areas like the armpits.

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