5 Ways to Play with your kids without Creativity

I have a lot of friends that tell me they are not creative.

But I have learned a lot of things about parenting and the biggest one is you don’t need the most expensive toy, the best and biggest backyard, or the most creative idea… you just need to get out there and be involved.

I wanted to share a few photos of what we do during the week in hopes to inspire you and show you that you do not have to have big craft projects to have a great day!

Here is a normal week in our home.

5 Ways to Play with your kids without Creativity

1) Play with the hose. Turn it to a trickle and they STILL like it. Just do not forget to turn it off!



2) Garden together…this usually consists of me (or my spouse) gardening and him pushing stuff around, but its a good start to responsibility too.



3) Wash the car! Yes, this always goes wrong and turns into a battle of wills. But its funny, funny.



4) Play in the tent. This here is a sportbrella and its like a half tent for the beach. But set up a full tent if you have one!



5) Play in the blow up pool. We have to empty ours quite a bit due to the grass, but the kids love being in the pool during the day. I bought this one for about $30 from amazon and its pretty durable.



That is it!

With summer coming up 2 weeks, you will have lots of time to fill so feel free to let me know what you love to do around your house to keep the hours flying by! Also feel free to check out what P thought of his new Spiderman 2 toys (and what he did to my backyard!)




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    Great ideas! I love that kids can turn anything into a toy and play with it! Right now the favorite in our house is a cardboard box!

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    These are great ideas, and I say that as a full-fledged uncreative mom! The Easter Bunny just brought my son an indoor play tent that’s been pretty fun, and I am hoping to get a blow-up pool.

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    You really don’t have to spend any money for kids to have fun, too. My son used to have a ball catching fireflies in jars. Before he came in, he would release them all.

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