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A Tale of Two Tails: Family Wanted!

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A week ago someone came to our door, two kittens abandoned in a neighborhood construction site. Its a tale that happens on a daily basis in this city. And although we are an adoptive pet family of 5, we knew that we could not sleep that night knowing there were two helpless babies outside alone.

eating kittens

After bringing in the kittens, we quickly discovered they were full of hundreds of fleas on their tiny infested bodies. They also had red clay, a sign of their time outside. No less than 6 baths later and hand picking off fleas with tweezers, we found two adorable, kind, and soft kittens that were purring in thanks.

   playing kitten  eating kittens

hanging out kitten      chillin with a kitten

Currently these babies are living in our bedroom and bathroom, much to the annoyance of our full grown furbabies, but not so much to our dog, whom adores going nose to nose and tucking them in at night.

dog and cat

Unfortunately we cannot keep these babies. Our house is often one that is needed for emergency foster cares (we have saved two malnourished and abused dogs recently that were homed) and while we are happy to the foster in between, we are looking for a family that is ready to have a lifelong commitment of love for two amazing kittens that had a rough start in life and are now ready to be your companions.

adopt a kitten

If you believe your family is one that has these traits, we want you!


Phoenyx Loves a Kitten

Hercules and Lyric, brother and sister (approximately 6-7 weeks old), love each other and have relied on each other through their ordeal and *we would like to home them to the same family*. Kittens and cats do better when they have a friend and there is nothing better than your own brother and sister duo. They eat, sleep, play, and learn from each other.

Hercules- Hercules is our cuddle bunny. He is gray and white and always ready for a snuggle and a loud purr in response. As he has become more comfortable here, he is also not afraid to jump out at you from under the bed and while a bit wary of our dog, is warming up quite quickly. He gives hugs, kisses, and prefers to perch on your shoulder. Future lap cat for sure!

cuddling kittens


Lyric- Lyric has beautiful coloring and looks just like the adorable girl she is. Very feisty, she is the one that instigates playtime, but also quick to pass out at your side. Stripes on her side and spots underneath, she is a go go go and then fall over asleep baby. You can tell she loves her brother.


Adopt a Kitten MomDot.com

kittens beating eachother up

Family Wanted:

1) Can you provide Safety? Kittens require love, patience, and kindness. They are small and need vet care, getting spayed or neutered, and looking for a warm bed to perch on.

2) Can you provide commitment? Like all animals, this is not a temporary gig. We are looking for a household that is ready for 18 years of love, whether that means kids or household moves, that understand that these kittens will turn into cats and these cats will come to see you as a family. Cats also scratch, bite, lick, tear up furniture and have super stinky cat boxes – they are, after all, animals. We are looking for a family that is ready to complete their family.

3) Can you provide care? While we removed literally 100s of fleas off, they still need vet care to get rid of the rest, they will need to be fixed, and they will need to be indoor kittens. They need a scratching post to train where the claws go.

4) Can you provide love? Most importantly, we are looking for a family to LOVE these kittens. They started out in a bad spot and they need a real cat person that is ready and just waiting to be loved!

adopt a kitten

We have a foster/adoption application that will need to be filled and a small adoption fee, that I am happy to refund to the family after proof they have had a vet visit/fixed. By adopting Lyric and Hercules from us, you are not only saving their life and providing them with a home of love, but also opening our house up to future foster animals that need help in their transition to a new life. That means so much to us!

Interested? Email and we can set a time for you visit them here. I am located on the Gulf Coast around Mobile, Alabama and willing to drive from Pensacola, Florida through the Biloxi, MS area for the right home! If you know for sure that these babies are the ones you have been looking for, we are happy to bring them to your home!  (Trisha@momdot.com)


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  1. My son would freak out, he has been asking for a kitten for awhile now.

  2. I hope you find them a home!

  3. They are so adorable! They look wicked friendly too! I pinned under my notices board and tweeted. FB is down, but hope to share on there once it’s up! Good luck!!

  4. Such cuties. I really hope they find a forever home with a good family

  5. Oh my gosh, Trisha, they are precious! You are a God send for taking in and taking care of these babies, even with their issues at the beginning. They will make amazing babies to their new family. Good luck in finding a family.

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