Do you have a fear of heights? Would you jump?

A few years ago, while planning a trip to Orlando for our 2nd Brandcation, I honestly thought it would be fun to go ziplining. I convinced myself that if among a group of my peers, I would absolutely be able to step off that platform. How hard could it be?

It would be fun…right?

Honestly I am one of those people that are deathly afraid of heights. But I am not one of those people that generally wimp out either. Just this past Sunday I was at the Gulf Islands Water Park in Gulf Shores and about near hyperventilated going up the stairs to a water slide. Regardless of my fears I thought….this…this is gonna be FUN.

FUN I tell you.

And it was.

Zipping is one of those things that look amazing and then when you are there and you have to go up to platforms your heart hits in your throat and you start to second guess your life. Except there is a means to an end and its 100% about taking the plunge. And even though it is scary and for many people a “bucket list” type of situation, with a good tour guide and a great location, stepping out onto a zip line is completely safe.

Since that trip, I have been on several zip lines in different states, each one unique and each one with different rules and tours. Recently on our newest Brandcation (Bloggers Gone Coastal) we took our 32 women Ziplining at Adventures Unlimited. I grew up on the panhandle and in all the years I have been a resident there, I cannot believe I had never made it out to the beautiful area that Adventures Unlimited is hosted on.

Thick trees, flowing water, a river to tube in, and 14 canopy ziplines stretching through Florida wildlife, it’s a primary place for friends to meet up, couples to embark on a fun date, or families to test their endurance.

Although we went with a large group, we were broken down into smaller groups and guides for each tour. I was in one of the last groups and paired with a family visiting. There were two kids approximately 10 and 14 with us (and a small 14 at that) and those kids had zero fear. There were platforms we were all hugging  on and they were leaning out like it was no big deal.  And with all the ropes and pulley systems, it wasn’t, but it always feels like it is!~

The trip was fun and amazing…and our tour guides were absolutely fantastic. They were funny, very concerned about our safety and the safety of other groups around us, and completely in charge of keeping us calm and on to the next zip.

Plus they were cute!

(ask for Brendon and Micheal)

Check out some photos from our groups adventure:

(pictures courtesy of Brandy Goleman Photography)

You can find out more about Adventures Unlimited by visiting their website to find out more and sign up for discounts.

Adventure’s Unlimited continues to expand to meet the needs of all of our guests – families, honeymooners, churches, schools, Scout Troops, corporate groups, and many more! If there is anything Adventure’s Unlimited can do to meet your specific requests, please let us know! Your input is essential to the growth and development of Adventure’s Unlimited Outdoor Center, and has made this resort what it is today.

Have you ever ziplined? Would you?



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