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Is there anything worse than grating your nails on a chalkboard?


There is.

This guy.

We went to the movies the other day and THIS GUY was about 6 rows up behind us….doing this the entire movie:

(be aware the movie itself has some language in it in the background, not for kids or work)


The movie and previews were approximately 2.5 hours long.

We listened to that laugh, that freaking loud, for 2.5 hours.

Even on the non funny parts.

I’d like to tell you if the movie was good or not, but my brain gave up.



  1. Thats when you hope that there is a crazy person with big cojones watching the same movie and would tell him to shut the hell up..

  2. OMG, how did you NOT punch yourself in the face??

  3. Whoa.. that is one serious laugh!

  4. Mad scientists need days off too, but they shouldn’t let them in to see comedies in theaters.

  5. Thats a little funny. I had to wake up a guy during a movie because he was snoring. 😉 Too bad you couldn’t just poke this dude to make him stop.

  6. I don’t know if you enjoyed the movie, but he sure did!

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