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I am sure you remember my AT&T and DirectTV post a bit back.

I wish I could report to you its gotten better, all my bills are straight, and things are hunky dory.

Yeah. Notsomuch.

If I wrote down every time I have had to call them about something, my entire blog would consist of calling AT&T.  The short version is:

Mid May: Signed up for AT&T and DirecTv bundle package by apparently a complete idiot.

June: AT&T DSL kept going down, I called within 30 days to cancel because I got so frustrated. They talked me into staying and I confirmed I was not cancelled and they sent someone out to fix it. They specifically said, no, its not cancelled, I see no orders for that. This phone call series takes almost SIX FULL HOURS ON THE PHONE. SIX HOURS.  Someone came out and fixed it and all was well for about a week.

Mid June: Show up one morning, DSL is gone. Guess what, its been cancelled. I call back, they reset me back up which gives me a new account number. I have to wait another week to get it set up. Meanwhile, I get a “final” bill. I pay it to avoid the hassle. They cut me a check back for services I didn’t use. Odd.  I also get a bill for a HOME PHONE LINE. I dont have a home phone line. I haven’t had one in 10 years and I dont even own a home phone. I call. They tell me that its “automatically added in Alabama and has to be manually cancelled by the rep” and say its now cancelled and credited. I get a SEPARATE DirecTV bill.

July: Receive another wrong bill consisting of Home Phone line and DSL. Call, they credit and claim its NOW cancelled. I am told it takes a billing cycle to get the DirecTV and AT&T bills back together. At this point, I could care less. The guy I talk to at this time tells me to PAY the home phone line so it doesn’t go to collections and they will cut me a check back. I refuse to do that. Why would I pay a bill that I never signed up for?

August: Receive a DSL bill that is $20 higher for the DSL (From $25 to $45) and ANOTHER charge for a home phone line. I call in to the tune of another hour on hold and they credit me the home line and say that they put me back on the promotion it should have been on since it shouldn’t have been cancelled and it would take a billing cycle to kick in. They credit me for the $20 extra.

August again: I receive a $150 early termination fee bill. Don’t ask me what for. I call in and the lady is as confused as I am. She said she had to escalate it to a manager. I just get a call back and am told its a “cancellation” fee. I am like for what? The home line I didn’t order? He is still “looking into it”. In the mean time, I have gotten another bill saying that I owe the bill and they are going to send it to collections if I dont pay it. This newest letter states I owe it by August 9th. The first one I got says I owe it by…August 22nd.

Yes. This is the world in which AT&T lives. DO NOT EVER EVER GO WITH THEM.

I want ONE BILL, just ONE, that is correct. Its been FOUR MONTHS. I spend more time on the phone calling AT&T than I do talking to my grandmother.

All I signed up for was a $25 DSL charge plus taxes and a DirecTV bundle package, the end.

Very easy. No home line. Honestly, I would rather keep DirecTV separate at this point cause its easier to deal with them and see my charges flat out, but every month I wonder what new mystery bill and charge I’ll be getting from AT&T.

I think my 6.5 year old could run this company better.


Update: They called and said its taken care of and the charge is removed and all fixed. Ill update you on the next billing cycle!

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    I’m laughing my way through both of your ATT/DirecTV posts! I’m having THE SAME issues, but in reverse. It’s ATT that’s being ever-so-helpful, and DirecTV who are being the flaming assholes.

    Hope you (and I!) get it straightened out soon!

  2. Wanda M says

    OMG! Are they aka Time Warner? I think I’m going to have a stroke from changing Road Runner Lite to high speed and adding wi-fi, what a mess! They must be hiring from the same pool!

  3. says

    We had AT&T in St. Louis and I hated them with a burning white hot passion. I didn’t have the extent of your problems, but that’s because after about half of what you experienced I cancelled altogether. Took for jokin’ forever for that to happen, but whew! What a relief to be delivered from the curse that is AT&T…

    Sorry you are having t

    • says

      Not sure what happened to the rest of my comment there…

      Ahem, again:
      Sorry you are having to deal with all this!!

  4. says

    Oh good lord. I HATE HATE AT&T!!! I had an iPhone with them and they cancelled me. Why? I used too much data. Yeah. So I tweeted out and they called me. All is ok, but regardless – AT&T SUCKS. Go with anyone but them. Looking forward to seeing your next bill!

  5. says

    Holy smokes. I can assure you that the AT&T in Miami, FL is not the same…they are actually a great company over here. It sounds like they just hired a bunch of idiots at that location! I can’t believe all of the hassle you’ve had to go through!