Bathtime Book Shelf (August Book Recommendations!)

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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Pretty much all my friends come to me for book reading recommendations. I read so many I suppose I am the obvious choice. I wanted to back track for a minute befor I share what is on my book shelf this week.

When I gave you June book recommendations I had yet to read Cinder and I had introduced you to Tidal.  Cinder ended up being so fascinating that the second book, Scarlett, ended up on my shelf for July. Tidal ended up NOT being the proposed last book as the author extended the story, like so many do, to pump out one more book called Elegy.

I just picked it up at Target and it landed in my “reading this week”category.


Elegy: 4th book to the Watersong Series: I really love Amanda Hocking. Aside from her publication story (and I do love a good story) she is a fantastic author that takes you to the scene of the book immediately. I had actually never read a book that centered around “Sirens” in a modern day era, so this series ended up being a good mix of fantasy, reality, and the right amount of gore and horror.  I am anxiously looking forward to this last book which I plan on opening tonight!

Opinion: READ  ( A+ )


Beyonders: Chasing the Prophecy

I had this on my list in the last set of books I shared that I bought…I really really enjoyed all the other Beyonders books where the two kids fall into another realm. That being said, I was honestly disappointed in this final book. In fact, and I rarely do this, I got about 50% done and I put the book down and picked up another book. I suppose when I am bored I will go back and finish. It ended up being SO OVERLY detailed that I found myself flipping back to just to remind myself what the heck he was talking about. While the book itself is still authored well, its just boring. They are walking and walking and walking…. Yawn. Ill update when I finally force my way through.

Opinion: PASS ( C for overly annoyingly detailed characters and long windedness)



Shadow and Bone (Grisha Trilogy): As far as doomsday fantasy books go, these ended up being VERY well written. Shadow and Bone is the first book and Siege and Storm is the second one. It started high, it ended high. My only complaint was that when I went to purchase Siege and Storm it had been rerouted from Young adult (where Shadow and Bone was) to the children’s books. I was very confused by the change in classification and the separation of the books in the book store. I am not sure if that was just at Books a Million or in general, but be aware if you are looking for both. I am anxiously awaiting the next book, which I do not believe will be for quite some time. Pick these up for a fast entertaining read.

Opinion: READ ( A+ )



The 5th Wave

I picked up The 5th Wave because I have seen it everywhere. It’s a NY Times bestseller, on end-caps at stores, on recommended book lists, but I personally found it to be nothing more than a trumped up Sci Fi novel with good press. The story is choppy in most places, the transitions are weak, and while I am going to finish it, I would not be rushing to recommend it or buy a second novel from this author. I think I got lost in alien translation on this one.

Opinion: PASS   ( C for predictable and messy chapters)



Thirst: I used to read a TON of Christopher Pike back when I was younger. I was excited to find that he writes Young Adult books too but was not sure what to expect. This series that centers around “the last vampire on earth” ended up being really great….till book 4. I am not saying that I didn’t enjoy them all, I did, but it was like he took EVERY idea he ever had and just crammed it into Thirst: The Shadow of Death.

What started out in the first few books as the following along of a great character that really got deeper and more interesting,  turned out “just OK”.   The story got so outlandish (aliens, vampires, time travel, coming back alive from hell, zombie kids and on and on)  it could have been The 5th Wave. In any case, there is a Book 5 and I’ll be picking it up to see if it redeems poor Sita….and Christopher Pike.


Opinion: Read  ( B)  I am on to book 5 and I will update.


Have a book you want to know about? Ask me! I may have read it.

Have a book series you think I should be reading? Tell me in the comments!


Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    The Watersong series sounds good! I love reading series because I hate when a book is over, so I love always having another one to go on to! {Until the whole series is over, and then it’s even worse.}

  2. Lisa M says

    It’s nice to know that another “adult” reads/read/still enjoys Christopher Pike books. I used to read ALL his books back oooohhh..way too many years ago. 😛 (Like when he first came out with The Last Vampire (the beginning of Thirst 1) and I still enjoy his writings even to this day, but I can’t remember if I’ve ever read Sita (Going to have to buy that one, even though it maybe a repeat read. LOL). Thanks for the book recommendations…I’m off to Amazon, since I know you obviously have good taste in books. 😉

  3. says

    I haven’t read any of those. How in the WORLD do you find the time to read? You are soooo busy.

    Have you ever read anything by Sophie Kinsella?

    • says

      I read every single day…I am what someone would probably call a speed reader or a gifted reader. I dont read at an average rate of most people so I can finish a book in about 3-4 hours depending on the length. I read atleast an hour a day if not more.

    • says

      I really enjoyed books 1 and 2…book 3 started to get “interesting” and book four was like he woke up and threw up every idea an author ever had and made it work. He is still VERY talented, I just wish it was about the main character and not all the extra random shit he thought of. I just learned of book 5 that came out in March so I am going to read it. I made it this far!