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Crafts With Andrea: Lets Paint!


Hi ladies!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  This week flew by for us and I was busy as usual.  We rounded off our week with hosting snack day at preschool and having some neighbors over for pizza and play time yesterday evening.  So, I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. First of […]

Inkubook Review and Contest (three winners) Dec 13th CLOSED

Inkubook Review by Andrea Did you know Americans take more than 30 billions photos per year?  That’s a lot of cheesing it up for the camera.  However, once you take and download your digital photos onto your computer, what do you do with them?  Sure, you can email them to family and friends or share […]

Crafts With Andrea: Thanksgiving Inspiration

Hey there MomDotters! Thanksgiving is fast approaching. My husband and I host dinner for our families on turkey day, it’s about 20 of us plus a couple more at dessert time. As you can imagine, I am really starting to get into the thankful spirit, as well as being surrounded by grocery, to do and […]

Crafts With Andrea: National Board Game Week

Today is the beginning of National Board Game Week.  Another odd national “holiday”, right?  However, I really think this one has an important meaning behind it.  There is a lot of family fun to be had without spending big bucks if you get your family into playing games together. My son is only 4 and […]

Crafts With Andrea: Digital Scrapbooking Part 4


Written by Mommy Blogger, Andrea: Digital Scrapbooking, Part 4 Other Parts: Digital Scrapbooking Part 1 Digital Scrapbooking Part 2 Digital Scrapbooking Part 3 Hey MomDotters!  Sorry for my delay in bringing you this crafty post, but it was my master’s, I mean my son’s, fourth birthday today and the festivities kept me busy. I now […]

Crafts With Andrea: Digital Scrapbooking Part 3

Hi MomDot ladies!  Welcome to the third weekend post about digital scrapbooking.  In case you cannot tell, this is one of my favorite hobbies.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share all of this information with you. Last weekend we talked about sites you could visit to download digital freebies.  However, there are also […]

Crafts With Andrea: Digital Scrapbooking Part 2

Hey MomDotters!  I am back this weekend with the second installment of information on digital scrapbooking.  Last week we talked about choosing software to create your pages in.  I started using Scrapbook Max when I first went digital.  I was not happy with the elements Scrapbook Max came with, the papers and embellishments just weren’t my style, […]

Crafts With Andrea: Digital Scrapbooking Part 1


What is Digital Scrapbooking?  How can I get started?  What program should I use?  Where do I get all the cool graphics to use on my pages? These questions are all too familiar to me.  I was asking myself (and others) these exact questions a couple years ago when I started going digital. I love […]

Sunday Family Time: Crafts With Andrea!


Shiver me timbers!  It’s a pirate pumpkin! Yes, I have a child obsessed with pirates and all things pirate!  When I saw this little foam kit to make a pirate pumpkin at Michaels I knew it would be a big hit.  He really enjoyed this craft and is so proud of his pirate pumpkin.  This one […]

Sunday Family time, Crafts with Andrea!


I am so excited to bring you the first craft post on MomDot.  Hopefully there are other creative and crafty moms on here that will enjoy this information, and maybe I can inspire a few of the typically non-crafty moms to try a couple things as well. I thought I would start out by bringing to light some craft trends […]