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Baby Girl or Kid Girl, What’s the difference?

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Well, if you ask me, Style.

We walked into Gymboree (*btw it’s Gymbucks redemption time) and my heart does a little flip flop when I opened the door.

Mommy. In. Lust.

I go straight to the swimsuit there on the bottom and Charlotte goes straight to the seat in the back to watch tv.

We both know our place.

And then I start to notice that all the really cute stuff in the line is ‘baby girl’. Now for Gymboree, ‘baby girl’ is size 5T and under, ‘kid girl’ is 3-12. I want my baby to still look like a little girl. I mean, she is a little girl. She just doesn’t fit those sizes anymore.

I hate that she has to wear the older styles just because she is a bigger kid. While some of the differences are slight in the shirts, in the  swimsuits the difference is 1 to 2 pieces.

I don’t want her wearing a bikini.

Baby girl

Kid girl


And in the dresses, the baby girl goes from like an easy step in and zip up, to  a criss cross back that she cant figure out on her own. Those harder-to-get-on clothing frustrate her and she just wont like something as a result. Not that I blame her.

Not every child is the same size and just because they are a size 6, doesn’t mean they are 6.

Or 7.

Or 8.

Nonetheless, the stuff is adorable if you have a kid 5T and under.

(for the record, I felt like a criminal taking these pictures)

Of course when it comes down to it, no matter what I love, if Charlotte is with me, I let her pick her own things.

Although I tried to talk her into some other shorts…she stuck to her guns.

She settled on this giraffe shirt from the Glamor Safari line and matching khaki shorts and socks, and I would show you them, but she insists on wearing this tutu skirt every where we go (from Target, best $10 I ever spent)…so there ya have it.

Do you have a problem finding clothing that is not only the right size, but the right look for their age? Maybe I’m just a prude when it comes to my daughter.

And she isn’t dating till she’s married.


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  1. Duncan Faber says:

    Thank you! Someone who gets it. We have 3 little girls, and it drives me nuts that so much clothing that is sold is so inappropriate. Girls grow up fast enough as it is. Can’t we just let them stay young? We found a site that sells beautiful, AGE APPROPRIATE clothing for girls. Here’s the link, if anyone is interested. http://www.twirlygirlshop.com

  2. What a nice blog! I’m an Italian mom, blogger, too! I do agree with you in all. My daughter is quite 9 years old and I’m always struggling for not her wearing fashion from teenagers world!

  3. I am right there with you on the clothes. I do not like 2 piece bathing suits and I find that there is more cute clothes in the 5T and under area. My daughter is 5 now and can just barely still fit 5T. I think kids are already growing up too fast.. what about modesty? Come one.. we need a clothing company to listen to our pleas and create a line of clothes that go up to like 12 yr olds that are easier to function and durable not to mention cute and covering! just my 2 cents.

  4. I agree, little girls should not wear 2 pieces… My daughter is almost 7 but she it tiny so she still fits into 4T/5T clothing. Personally I feel most clothing for girls these days is inappropriate. Too short shorts, and tops that show too much skin…

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