Back to school Blog Hop

Blog Carnival time!

Let’s do something for the moms. While looking at other peoples kids are not always interesting (hello, WW), it’s back to school time and everyone wants an excuse to share their kids first day! Please blog about your child’s (or childrens) first day and link up the “out the door/on the way to the bus” pictures. I know its not a terrible INTERESTING blog hop, but it’s important as we are all experiencing the same thing right now.

Missing our kids while still being happy they are back into routine. I know that not every picture will inspire a comment, so please do not expect a ton, but still as you are personally visiting blogs, if you feel compelled, leave “mom” a note letting her know you understand the first day too!

Share: First day pictures, last years pictures, your bento lunches, first day breakfasts…

Link: Link below with your blog post

Visit: If you have time, visit everyone that links over the course of the day, remembering to come back for those that have later school start times. Please try to leave atleast 3 comments on your run around to give back to those around you.

2007 First Day at school EVER.

2 days a week




Part time school at Church.

2009 Pre-school

Church School. We removed her.

2009 (Montessori)

Loved this school

2010 (Official Kindergarten)

Public school


2011 (1st grade)

Public school

2012/ 2nd (Today!)

Public School


Your Turn!


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