Bayá Diaper Bags and Day I don’t know what.

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I guess its time to start getting back to baby, huh? I need to do the countdown later, but I’m pretty sure its like day 72 or something scary like that. Its time to pick a diaper bag. Honestly, I dont even carry a purse, so carting a diaper bag makes me ultra frustrated. That being said, its not like its a choice scenario, am I right?

I originally saw these diaper bags over on Zulily so I had to go over and check out the site.

Baya Diaper Bags

About Baya:

Bayá was created to give hip women chic yet functional accessories. The founder says she started the company because, “Trying to lug my older son’s soccer gear and my newborn’s necessities, while trying to be stylish, was a bit difficult.” The company develops travel bags and nursery necessities that are ideal for busy moms who love a one-stop-shop for everything.






As a mom of a soon to be son (or technically he already is a son and I’m a mom…hmm, this is getting a little philosophical), I am looking for something inspiring, but not too girly, but definitely stylish.

I found the bags on this site to be completely adorable and look tough. Now, I haven’t tried one, so don’t confuse this with an endorsement, but I haven’t ruled out yet that this will be THE bag for me.

Beautiful color, lines, and lots of accessories!

Help a girl out….what is your favorite diaper bag line?



Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    I really loved my Skip Hop bag this time. It was roomy enough for the baby and my toddler PLUS had the room for my extra stuff too so I wasn’t hauling around a purse.

  2. says

    I am a dedicated Petunia Pickle Bottom fan (I stick to discontinued prints that are on sale or gently used in order to save money) and I also love Skip Hop bags. I think the ones you posted about are cute too, though I hadn’t heard of them before.

  3. says

    Wow that first diaper bag is amazing. I wish I had something like that. Heck you can use it even after there is no more baby that needs their supplies carried!

  4. says

    I don’t need a diaper bag anymore (YAAAAAAAAAAAY!) but my friends all swear by the “petunia pickle bottom” (i think) ones. They buy them at Last Chance and love them.
    I use a Green Smart messenger back though – it was my diaper back when I needed one and I still use it for all the kid stuff (water bottles, snacks, etc) I feel like I need to cart around. Those diaper bags are cute though!

  5. Wendy H. says

    They’re on the girly side of the spectrum… and they’re an acquired taste, but I LOVE my Vera Bradley bag. I have the Baby Bag in Imperial Toile for my little girl. Even though they’re just fabric, they’re sturdier than you’d think.

    I also saw TONS of good reviews (and even fell in love with with) Petunia Pickle Bottom bags. They don’t scream “diaper bag” and they’re actually pretty cute. BUT…. my loving hubby vetoed that idea when he saw the price. He would’ve been happy with a lovely gray number from Walmart with a $20 price tag.

  6. says

    I love Fleurville bags — I had the Lexi bag with my son. Loved, loved, loved the exterior; it was gorgeous and you could wipe it off easily. Plus, it had metal feet on the bottom to keep your bag off the floor if you had to set it down.

    Inside, the bag had plenty of room and lost of dividers for organization of all the stuff you have to carry.

    With this new baby, I needed a bigger bag since I’ll be carrying stuff around for three kids. I am going to be using an AmyMichelle bag (the Cosmo); I loved that it doesn’t “look” like a diaper bag, has good organization, a top that opens up wide, and it’s roomy.

    Can’t wait to start using it and see if it’s really as good as I think it’s going to be.