Because sickness waits for no one…

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As a full time stay at home parent and full time work at home parent, having my 2 year old sick means the whole family goes down.

Not that down time would be a bad thing around here, especially when my normal weeks often look like this:



or this026

or this

toddler_mess-150x150 spills


Thursday I thought I should let him have a doughnut. Never. Again.

Friday he fell down and bit his tongue.


No matter how busy he can be as a 2 year old (and he IS busy!), its his squeezable moments that make it all worth it.

And we have those on a minute by minute basis.



And as you know when our kids are sick, nothing makes us feel worse!

Now last year you may remember me talking about PediCare. I was a mom blog ambassador that was able to share this great line of care with my audience in posts such as:

This year I am proud to announce that we have established our partnership for the 2013 season and I am excited to continue to share with you ways to help those little ones in need in your own home! I will be sharing PediaCare information to help you understand new and continuing products!

Introducing PediaCare Single Dose!

Introducing Pre-measured Doses of Acetaminophen in Easy to Use Squeezable Packets


Reasons that Single Does Squeeze Packets are so convenient:

1) You can bring them on the go! No need for large bottles and small cups. Single dosage packets are designed for small mouths and have the perfect amount you need. Its anytime dosages great for travel, visits to grandparents, and while out and about. Since sickness doesn’t wait for the perfect time, be ready anytime.

2) No wasting! Its hard to get the exact right amount in a cup and every drop out. Squeezing helps you to know that your child got the right amount of medication to start on the track of feeling better

3) Dosages are done by weight, just like doctors do it. Just look for the packaging to pick the right PediCare for your family.


PediaCare® Single Dose contains the accurate dose for just one treatment and is available in two sizes. The 7.5 mL packet is for children 36-47 lbs. or ages 4-5, and a 10 mL packet is for children 48-59 lbs. or ages 6-8. PediaCare® Single Dose is specially designed for little mouths to make taking medicine less intimidating, and the squeezable packet helps eliminate spills and creates less mess than a dosing cup. Each packet is child resistant with a fold-and-tear opening process. Caregivers then simply squeeze the medicine from the packet directly into the child’s mouth, similar to the squeezable yogurt and pureed fruit products to which most children have become accustomed.

Ready to share your squeezable child and win an ipad? Enter on PediCares facebook page until November 4th!



Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    Oh man I thought our life was crazy. You have us totally beat!

    Those single dose packets look really nice. I hate carrying a whole bottle of medicine with us on vacation. Plus I love that they are premeasured. That would be great to give to someone to use that might not be sure of the amount to give. Like when my grandparents watch Nick when he’s sick.

  2. Rebecca Orr says

    I will be searching for these at my local stores. I need to stock up. With our harsh NY winters and sickness always going around my son always brings home something from school. He then passes it to his toddler sister and so on. These would be perfect for our family. I

  3. says

    oh wow! Those are awesome! I can definitely see how handy these would be. My other favorite thing is single serve sunscreen.