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Blog Goals: Let’s talk about them.

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When I started out as a blogger I did a terrible thing. I started out with a goal to monetize.

Trust me, I heard the gasps. HOW DARE she want MONEY. OMG. TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See back then I owned a crafting store online and handmade items. This was before Etsy developed and eBay was still sorta cool. I eventually branched off and opened my store and to my credit, was successful. But my back and body and time were being eaten alive by the crafting bug and I quickly found my weekends were covered more in hot glue and post office boxes than family time. I needed a change, but I also needed something to replace my income as a result of that change.  Around the same time I was looking for an alteration in my online life. As a retail owner I had often relied on blogs and had tentatively started one. One thing led to another and I just bit the bullet on it.

Now blogs have been around, well, probably forever.  Since I have only been in this space for a little over 4 years, I cannot even possibly pretend that I was on the forefront of any new and wonderful thing. That being said, media was just moving into this space more actively and bloggers were cautiously being used to fill advertising, reviews, giveaways, consulting, and marketing. I came in at the beginning of that phenomenon.

Back to monetizing.

As a longtime online community owner (quite prior to a blogger), I have always been interested in using my time to connect to others with same interests. In the short and long term, I wanted a blog where I could share my personal thoughts, a community space where I could create and share knowledge with like minded people, and of course a way to work from home and contribute to my family.

Over the years I have managed to do all of those things, but it hasn’t been easy or without sacrifice and hard work.

I mention this because recently a few things have come into my life over and over again and it’s bloggers asking around me:

How do I be successful online? Is there a secret?

The reality is there is no answer to that question until you can define what SUCCESS is to you. Or rather, what are your goals.

  • Is it money?
  • Is it trips?
  • Are you a marketer?
  • Do you just want to share your kids?
  • Do you want to connect?
  • Do you want to grow an empire worth millions?
  • Do you want to showcase your crafts or sell your products.

And unlike people in my past that made me feel this way, there are no wrong and no shameful answers behind your reason online, but you must define it.

BLOG (inspiration) CARNIVAL

That is why for the blogging carnival this week, I want you to go back to your blog and write about WHY you are a blogger and WHAT you want to achieve for yourself. Think about your goals and share your short and long term goals.

Feel free to also talk about how you got started and how those goals have changed over the years. I look forward to hopping to everyone’s blogs and checking it out, so link below! The usual blog hop rules apply. If you write and link, please try to visit and comment as well to support those bloggers.

If you do not have time in your schedule to write a full post, please feel free to add your goals in the comments, but I do encourage you to define them and write them.


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  1. My one goal for the moment is to say no more often. I tend to say yes too much and then become crazed with trying to keep up with posts!

  2. Love the topic, I decided to participate and link up in this one! Will have to go read everyone’s now! :-)

  3. I am going to write mine tomorrow, thank you @rebelchick for getting me thinking!

  4. Oooooh, good topic. I’ll talk about my goals here because if I put them on my blog, they’d be a discussion topic at the next family get-together and there is nothing more annoying than that.

    My goal is to be a a “real” (paid) writer by the time my daughter is in school (she’s just a year old now).

    In the next six months or so, I’d like to monetize my blog.

    Also in the next six months, I’d like to double the amount of money I’m currently making as a contributor to a blog (where I write about family-friendly activities). I’m not really making any money there (at all) so that should be easy to accomplish, LOL!

    I’d also like to get a draft of a children’s book together in the next year.

    That’s it for me…dream big but start small!

  5. Trisha,
    You are the prime example of what you can do with sacrifice and hard work. I’ve always admired what you’ve done and am proud to be a part of your community. I love this blog hop, it was a perfect way to reflect and set some goals.

  6. You know I am a new blogger only since April, so I recently have given this some thought. I would love to be able to make a living from my blog. Now how I want to do that is another thing. I started off a deal blog only then quickly discovered that was not my thing. I now am doing more reviews and writing and sharing a little about my life. I’m still not sure what or how but for now here are some of my goals which may change as I learn more about blogging and the possibilities available.

    So, I would say my goals today are:

    To get more Sponsored Posts
    To get Travel Opps (Disney is my #1 goal)
    To Review Cars (Not sure they do that where I live)
    To Become Ambassador for more Brands (Currently A Verizon Ambassador)
    To Join an Ad Network
    To become a VIP Elite member of MomDot (working on now)
    To Build a loyal community of followers who read my blog (not just other bloggers)
    To Write More and to do some paid freelance writing
    To Have The Money To Pay Someone To Design My Blog (I use a free theme right now)
    To Attend Brandcation in the Future
    To Attend Blog Conferences

    Any suggestions welcome.

    • NOTE: I’m very thankful to the bloggers who support me and I love supporting my blogging friends. I just meant it would be really cool to have people who just read blogs to be fans of my work.

  7. I like the questions you asked to help us define our goals because often times that’s the hardest thing to articulate.

    I’ll got get started on my post…

  8. I am in the middle of writing a post about this! :) I will link up when I am done.

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