Blog Party: Day 6

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Welcome to MomDots Blog party, where we want to get to know you and have you go around the blogosphere and “play” the next few weeks. Its so easy to get caught up in our own blogs, that sometimes we need to find a way to interact amongst each other, so if you choose to play and expose your blog and visit others, for that, we thank you.

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Post by: Jacqueline from Blessings Abound

Welcome to Day 6 of Mom Dot’s Christmas Blog Party and I am extremely pleased as today’s guest writer to have the honor in bringing you today’s topic!  

We would like to know what is your favorite holiday memory from your childhood.

My own favorite memory is somewhat bittersweet. I was twelve at the time my father had gone to jail leaving my mom alone to raise three girls on her own on a minimum wage salary. Being in the military, we were forced to leave our home on base and times were desperate. My mom’s so called “friends” and co-workers encouraged my mom to give us up so she can live her own life. We were too much of a burden to fight for and to take care of. Leaving us to the state would benefit her and us and none of us could be happy with how difficult things would be. My mom chose to ignore them and prove them wrong and fight tooth and nail so she could keep us together!

I remember understanding that things would be tough from then on. No longer could we take for granted where our next meal was coming from, where we would be able to call home, or how we would be able to have the basic things we need to survive. I remember my mom working her tush off and still not having enough to provide us with the things we need but she never gave up, even when everything seemed hopeless. Life was a tumultuous whirlwind from having to readjust so quickly from one lifestyle to another and dealing with the changes of not having a father, attending a different school, not having my mom around as often, and having to step up to the responsibility of taking care of my two younger sisters while my mom worked all the time. Those were probably the most humbling moments of our life!

The reason it’s my favorite memory is because that Christmas, even amidst all the hardship we had to face as a family and losing my father for good, we were there together! I had a mother who did what it took to keep all of us as a family. It didn’t matter that my mom couldn’t afford to buy us presents that year and that the gifts we got were through charity or that we couldn’t decorate our home in the Christmas spirit that year. I got the best gift of all, a family that stood by each other and stayed united and made the best of our circumstances during the most challenging time of our lives! This is why I think so fondly of that memory.

Post by: Jacqueline from Blessings Abound

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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