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Bloggers for Bourbon…Amazing Sponsorships!

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When Leah and I started on this adventure doing a small, intimate blogger meetup, we put our heads together and did a bloggy prayer that it wouldn’t be just her and I sipping Mai Tais on Bourbon Street come July.

We wanted some friends to blog about.

And who better to meet with us then the partying lifestyle of mommy bloggers? Ok, Ok. Maybe not so much the partying, but absolutely there had to be bloggers out there that wanted to connect in a more 1 on 1 environment, sans kids, no lame SEO classes, and have a break. Plus, knowledge can really come from regular chat, not necessarily from structure, so we knew people would learn just by being together.

Putting together something brand new, with a new concept, and having never done a large meetup or a conference at all put us at a large disadvantage in a world that judges influence by page rank and stats. Not to mention that approaching sponsors with a blind idea and the words “New Orleans” doesn’t always conger the greatest visions.

I am happy to announce, however, that we suckered have received some amazing corporate sponsorships, our tickets are completely sold out, and the event is coming together more beautifully than I had originally imagined.

I have a feeling we will be calling it “The 1st Annual Bloggers on Bourbon” meetup after its all said and done.

Although I want to leave some things a super-secret surprise (because it would be premature for me to announce everything in the works), I wanted to currently thanks and acknowledge those that made the following happen.

Tentative Schedule:

Friday Night check in no later than 4pm and meet in the lobby.

After dinner (TBA), the rest of the evening will be supported by Lingerie.com whom is sending everyone on an ultra fun (and hopefully scary!)

Vampire tour followed with beignets at the famous Cafe Du Monde.

While the night is still young….who knows where it will bring us!



Saturday morning, after breakfast (provided by the hotel, which by the way gave us an $89 a night rate!), we will have an official meet-n-greet in our conference room where you will be getting some amazing swag bags and meeting up with your fellow future friends. There will be some things going on in the morning (no, not in the conference room….out in New Orleans!) but I don’t want to tell everyone what quite yet.

Me likey secrets.

When lunch rolls around, Global Resort Homes is sponsoring a fabulous lunch and a giveaway for the attendees. Tara herself is flying in from Orlando to be a part of the event. She is so fabulous!

Then more super secret options for the afternoon.

(hey, I have to keep some things a surprise for now).


Just when you think the day is over, the night begins! Collective Bias and OpenSky is bringing everyone the amazing 5 star restaurant Dickie Brennens where, in our private room, you will dine like the internet celebrity you are.

Ted Rubin from Open Sky and John Andrews from Collective Bias will also be on hand so you can make those one on one connections!

(that means no jeans ladies)

Afterward Bourbon street will get its taste of all the Mommies it can  handle! ….cause whats “Bloggers on Bourbon” without Bourbon Street!?

Did anyone say Karaoke?



After you have finally drug yourself down for breakfast, we will do official goodbyes and then those that are not leaving out till later can have some exploring time in the French Quarter with your new connections.

French Market shopping, more beignets..maybe a VooDoo reading or horse carriage tour? Its up to you!


I am just so proud of Leah, myself, and all the amazing sponsors for making sure that food and site seeing events were all included in this excursion. And we didn’t need to charge $500 for event tickets, or $300, or even $100 to attend.


Our ticket price for the attendance… $50.

Saturday breakfasts, lunches, dinners covered…special events on friday night and Saturday…covered! Amazing, or what?

Our goal was to put your minds on each other, not on money and we are grateful for the brands that have stepped up to make this event literally a 1 in a million opportunity for the bloggers.

Now here is the good part, no, the GREAT  part. Even though we are completely sold out, we have opened up two extra spots to host a contest for a FREE ticket to two people that are dying to attend. Keep your eyes peeled on MomDot and Bookieboo/Mamavation for the announcement of how you can win one!

In fact, let me know below if you are are interested so we can make sure you know when the contest is live!

Dont be jealous of the tweets, the photos, the entire event…dont get lost in the BlogHer crowd….. be a part of something that will leave you with a memory, a friend, all while experiencing one of the greatest cities in America!

Le Bon Temps Roulez!


PS Are you a company that wants your product in the hands of our influential and involved mom bloggers that will be there?

Contact me for details!~

73 Amazing Shares Facebook 0 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 1 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 72 Email -- 73 Amazing Shares ×


  1. This sounds incredibly awesome. In fact, this event (though sold out) is already on my the Master List of Womens & Moms Blogger Events for 2010-2011 that I publish on an ongoing basis as a community service on my blog. It’s a FREE list of all the events us blogging ladies need to know about and it’s FREE to have events listed too. Let me know how I can help promote the GIVEAWAY tickets for this, too.

  2. I have only been to 1 blog conference before and it wasnt a full conference but a focus group about a conference. I learned a lot from that though and have done some positive things with my blog since then. I think that if I can continue to attend conferences that I can do more great things with my blog. I would also love the chance to meet some of my #mamavation sistas in real life. I <3 @bookieboo! Vampire tour sounds oh so fun!

  3. Wow! This looks ridonkulous! Would love this opportunity so that’s why I am tweeting about it, sistas!


  4. Wow this sounds like a dream conference! I learned the most and got the most out of the time we get to just talk with each other at conferences. I think young kiddo or not this mom would be on a plane for sure, if given the chance to attend.

  5. It looks like it is going to be an exciting and fun trip! Everyone who is getting to go is very lucky! I wish I could have gotten a ticket and hope everyone of you have a blast!

  6. This is really shaping up to be a fabulous conference!!!

  7. It sounds like a blast! I wish I was going. My kids are still at an age when I need to be around, so I hope to make it to future BoB’s!

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