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Brandcation Sponsors: Thankyou!

This week we had our 5th annual Brandcation in Destin, Florida at the Emerald Grande Resort! It was beyond beautiful. The architecture, the cleanliness, the friendly staff, and the amazing bloggers made it the best one yet! I want to say thank you for hosting our group to all the sponsors. Whether they participated in adventures, money to run the event, or great products to showcase, we were proud and excited. I also want to say thank you to all the bloggers that took time out of thier busy schedules to have some relationship building.

My favorite swag sponsor item was the Oventure and the Camera Coat.

My favorite people that I met were Ana from the Spa (a true gem) and the Emerald Grande boat crew that took us on the tour and around the island.

My favorite meal….gosh, that is hard, but Jim N Nicks was really great.

I learned the most about blog stuff from Summer and Mary Beth.

For those that are interested in future Brandcations, you can check out the past ones on Brandfluential and watch for sign ups!

Emerald Grande

Destin Snorkel

Buccaneer Pirate Cruise -

Restaurants that hosted


Swag and Sponsors info

Flashing Blinky Lights


Band-Aid, Neosporin, Johsons Baby 

  • Twitter: @rfbinder

CoTZ Face Mineral Sunscreen   


Reflect Who I Am (shirts and bags)

Brush Buddies


O-Venture (keyrings)

All Things Equal/Family and Party Games   


MiniDrops (eye drops)  
Fan Bands   

Mommy Tonic

Clean and Clear/Neutrogena

Hi, y'all! If you got this far, awesome . I am assuming you want to know more about me. I am a *cough* 36 year old mom of 2 great kids, 6 rescue animals and proud wife of my high school sweetheart. This blog is my outlet and allows me to pretend I am a kid at heart. I get to play with glitter and glue, eat lots of sweets (its for the blog, I swear!) and connect with readers and friends. As a blogger I love to share with you- so the rundown is that I am currently reading this, using these for calmer bedtimes, giving away this, and suggesting here if you ever wanted to be a blogger yourself.

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  1. SO MUCH FUN!! Someday I’ll make a Brandcation event!

    The OVenture is AWESOME!! As is the Camera Coat!

  2. Oh my gosh, that camera coat is really cute! And thanks to your post on Facebook about Belkin I ended up buying a dock for my new iPhone from them.

    • I use a belkin modem and its great, but I just got a new ipad case with a keyboard and it blows the one I had before from another brand out of the water. They are a good brand.

  3. a great big HUGE thank you to each of these sponsors. I know without them we would not have been able to do this..

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