Breaking Bad: Suburbia Version

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By most standards I live in a nice neighborhood. Before the market crash, the houses ran from around the $100-$350K range and most people keep up their lawns. And while I don’t really want to live in this city, overall I am happy with my house, most of my neighbors, and much of the community that we have.

That being said.

The drug usage in my neighborhood is overwhelming.

Drug deals are going on on a daily basis. Drug dealers are trolling the streets and cul de sacs. Strangers are going in and out of windows in homes.

Saturday, around 5pm, I was pulled over to the side of the road on my own street talking to a neighbor and a car squeezed by me…and went to the end of the street and completed a drug deal, in the board daylight, with kids riding bikes and playing ball everywhere.

Listen, I don’t care if someone commits a consensual crime that has no bearing on myself or my family, in their home where no one knows about it. Want to smoke a blunt on your own time? Knock yourself out.

What I do care about, however, is the continuing activity and boldness that not only isn’t letting up, but is getting worse.

At what point do one of these “drop offs” turn into something that ultimately kills a child?

Like mine.


And sadly I feel helpless. Even if we were able to sell our house to an interested buyer, where do we go?

Another street with all this going on? I can tell you that you would drive here and not realize what you were getting yourself into.


And the thing is that this particular house was already busted once. It took mere weeks for it to all come back again. And now there are vagrants living there. It’s one thing to know your OWN street druggie, but when new ones show up…it’s frightening. And its not just my street. It’s all the streets on my side.

I also just found out that the ‘big brother’ that picks up his little sister at the bus stop in the afternoons (same as Charlotte rides) is the drug dealer 3 streets over.


He picks her up so nothing happens to her but he is the danger. Now I have to go get Charlotte from the bus stop a block down when she has been walking it by herself for 2 years.

Has anyone dealt with this on their street?  If we call the police every time we see it, there isn’t much they can do by the time they arrive. It takes literally 30 seconds for an exchange.

Can this be stopped?



Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Rebecca Orr says

    I have no advice unfortunately. I am also the type that basically feels like I don’t care what you do inside your homes, but please don’t do it outside in view of my children, my family, friends, etc. Thankfully, I live in a small community that to my knowledge does not harbor any drug dealers, buyers, etc. But the surrounding bigger towns are full of these people. And my kids have to go to school with the children of those people. And i certainly do not want to judge these children because they are not at fault. But…at the same time, if we stay here and my kids stay friends with the children of these people, they will eventually grow up and in most cases follow the footstep of their parents and I do not want my children getting involved with people like that. I can only teach my children to be wise, and cautious, and to make smart decisions. And hope for the best.

  2. June S. says

    I say fight fire with fire, when I see unusual activities going on around our neighborhood I call the local cops. And if that doesn’t do any good, I call the Sheriffs department that is 10 miles from here. These scum bags have to learn that they are not welcome and if you do not stick up for yourself, they will take over the whole neighborhood. I saw this happen in my home town where I grew up. It spread like a cancer. My parents in their retirement years could not even go outside because of all the crime and drug activity going on. I’ll be damned if these little punks & thugs are going to ever run me out. Their will be snowballs in Hell before that ever happens around here. My son’s have taught me how to handle & use a hand gun. Best thing I ever learned to give me a safer piece of mind.

  3. says

    We moved. It was the only thing to do, especially if there’s even a hint in the air that the alleged drug users/dealers think you’re a narc. We weren’t but it was just too risky to stay in a neighborhood where I constantly worried about my kids picking something up off the street that a dealer or buyer dropped, and then using it, or giving it to someone else.

  4. Tabathia B says

    I would talk to your husband and ask his opinion but the only thing I would do if I were you, is to record their activities if you can from your car or your home. If you start a neighborhood watch and they get caught and it’s news in your neighborhood that you initiated the watch then they will know it’s you. I would either show the cops the evidence if you can record it or post it online to the local news station.

  5. says

    How big is your town/city. We live in a town of 2000 and a police force of 2 1/2. We’re on a first name basis with the mayor and police chief so when we complained about cars driving up and down the street at 7am when the kids are out front waiting for the bus he decided to sit in different drives and yards that time of morning to catch them. Others in the city have complained of different things and they’ve set up traps at all hours of the day or night to be able to stop things as or before they occur.

    When we lived in a nearby city with a LOT more people we were at a light in front of the courthouse/police station and watched a drug deal take place across the street. ‘s bold.

  6. says

    I had it right next door. The only thing you can do is move somewhere with no neighbors. That’s my plan. 23 more months and we are out of here.

  7. says

    I would love to say it could be but unfortunately until your police department takes it seriously there isn’t much you can do. We bought this house and realized the same thing only after living her a month or two. Drugs are everywhere.

  8. says

    What about starting a neighborhood watch. Call the cops and they will help you get started with signs etc (at least they do here) – that will put your neighborhood on the radar for them.

    Truth be told though… After watching Breaking Bad, I’d be scared to be the one to call the cops.

  9. Carrie says

    Unfortunately, I live in the downtown area of my city in a beautiful gated apartment complex with businesses downstairs. Within the gates we are safe and protected but going down the stairs to street level at certain times of the day can be a little frightening especially at night even though it is well lit. I hear gang member whistles, homeless roaming, and those that are drunk from partying downtown. My oldest daughter is testing for her black belt and is a World Champion eskrima stick fighter. Her gym is just one street over down the alley. I can see it from my window but I will not let her walk it alone. Her teacher either drops her off or I meet her half way. My youngest is 9 and I won’t let her walk anywhere by herself even from a bus stop. I think it is the sign of the times nowadays. We have to be on guard at all times. You never now who is behind those doors and judging from your picture of your street I have no idea which house is the drug house.