Breastfeeding……..(i am SO in trouble here)

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image002abf anr relationship

I am going to go ahead and put a disclaimer on here that this really has nothing to do with breastfeeding. It just started that way.

Over on the MomDot forum we got into a discussion about a woman breastfeeding a 10 year old. Everyone has been very honest and polite in their responses, for or against. Normally I would not bring up a topic as sensitive as breastfeeding. I feel its a private decision that is between you and your body. For the record, I personally would not be into breastfeeding my 10 year old…but here is a youtube on BFing an 8 year old if your interested.

But then someone says this:

This was a thread on the one scrapping forum. There was a clip someone had where a girl still nursed at 17 because her bf broke up with her and again at 25 because her wedding was almost called off.

Surely, no. 25 year old person is breastfeeding? I will be  56 years old when Charlotte is 25. If Charlotte asked me to whip out my boob at 56 years old, I would tell her it retreated in itself after she was born…considering I went from a comfortable full size B cup to an inverted A after childbirth, that’s not far from the truth. But I thought, Ok, im going to look this story up. I have GOT to know. Maybe there is more to the story. A reason…something…anything.

Off to google I go…..nope, didn’t find it, BUT i found something even more interesting  called adult breastfeeding relationships.

Now that I have given you the willies, let me share with you this lovely tidbit of ‘motherhood’.  Apparently there are men that think that breastfeeding on women is..erotic. And we wonder exactly why breastfeeding in public can spark such a controversy. I’m not talking about your DH checking out your new milk boobies and saying, hey, I want to try that (don’t all men?) but actually go out to FIND someone to breastfeed with or continue to have you create milk for them. *shudder*

Was I the only one in the world that found breastfeeding completely and utterly difficult? As in milk let down was painful and I just never really fell in love with it. If my Dh asked me to start lactating for him, I would respond with a punch in his nads.

While I was perusing the site looking for more knowledge, I came across this page. Before you click it at work, wait till your at home.…escorts that donate their bodies while pregnant or lactating.

Here are a few lovely articles on ABF

Obviously, this was not what I intended to find. After I cleaned up my hurl from reading some guy saying that he partakes in “the sweet nector” when he is able to, I went back on my search for the 17 year old.

Nope, didn’t find it….but wait…there is MORE. Did you know that acting like a Baby is a fetish too? NO worries, you can learn to talk like a baby, fold your adult size diaper, or find a babysitter for your adult….baby….here.

I ran across a forum where people put up art (check out this graphic of the disney princesses in adult diapers….walt is rolling over in his grave) regarding this fetish and in the forum, this was a response:

oh wows. dats de best babbys saiwor moon pics mes ebers seens!!!! yous just so tawenteds. saiwor moons whats gots mes hookes ons anmies.. ebwys ones says its tos girwys buts mes teww dems, so whats mes is ans gurws. anys ways its asomes n cants waite to see what u come outs wif nexts.


Sweets Babys Alwice
*suckwes mes paci*

bambino-diaper1-thumbnailDesigned to be playful yet functional, we made this incredible adult baby diaper even more absorbent than the leading brands of adult diapers. We know you’ll love how absorbent it is and how the front will swell just like a baby diaper when it becomes wet! These diapers are really heavy too – they weigh up to 210 grams each! That’s almost half a pound of diaper fun each!

Check out this guy…in a diaper.


Cause changing crap in a diaper for 2.5 years wasn’t enough that I want a GROWN MANS diaper to clean up. Wait. Is this what happens when you breastfeed your 25 year old?

Conclusion: I have now decided that breastfeeding at 10 years old is normal.


Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    Wow. I just can’t even begin to process this. I nursed Grady for nearly two years and that was more than enough time. If my 12 year old son asked me to nurse, I would be calling a therapist. And the baby fetish thing? I’m nauseated.

  2. Jono says

    I am disappointed in this post and utter disrespect of others.

    We’re not freaks.. So naive.

  3. says

    I honestly think that breastfeeding until 2 is pushing it, but to each their own. But if a kid is old enough to go to school there is seriously something wrong going on there. And the mom and kid should be in counseling to get help for whatever that is.