Canon Canon, Wherefore art thou

I have been drooling over a Canon Digital for years.


My Dh cannot even deny it because he knows its true. I have a Canon Rebel non-digital, but I want a digital. I love my camera but I never use it because I just dont get around to developing film. I think I have some here from the 90’s still.

(picture from the non digital Rebel of Charlotte, this is an un-retouched photo)


I am sick of sub-par crappity crap cameras that go out in like 9 months from the abuse my family puts them through. It seems like every camera I have bought in the past five years has had to be replaced due to some weird thing that happens to overused small electronics.

I have all but stopped taking pictures of Charlotte because the quality is so bad that I don’t even want to share them. That is just sad right there.

I want this:


or this:


Or this:


I told my Dh do not be surprised if an EOS lands on our doorstep in a week. He told me that he is never surprised.

That sounds like a green light to me…

~ Trisha

Note: This post is dedicated to the woman that felt the need to compare a 7 month old interview I did w/ the NY Times about delaying a second child due to the state of the economy to being able to afford my trip to BlogHer. I guess everytime I spend a $1 on myself, one of my eggs dies. Oh well.


  1. says

    You could sell your eggs so you can afford a Canon. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Totally kidding, people, totally kidding.

  2. says

    I am getting one too – or maybe a Nikon…I need to research it more (and save up) but to live in Hawaii and not have a kick a$$ camera…that’s a travesty! (like the drama? 😉 )

    If I don’t get it sooner, it WILL be my Christmas/Birthday present!

  3. says

    ROTFLMAO @ the disclaimer!!

    And DROOLING like a mental patient in a straight jacket over the Canon Cameras. I want one so badly. I want to be able to change lenses. I want to be able to take gorgeous pictures i don’t have to TRY to make look decent using my crappy ass image editing software.

    Why will the Gods not listen to us and give us what we desire most? It would be a GOOD thing and we wouldn’t be mucking up the blogosphere with bad pictures on WW.


  4. says

    I need a new camera too, mine just died {and it was a Canon}, but I still have my non digi Canon that I love but never use for the same film developing reason lol. I have 20 rolls lying around from 7-10 years ago!

  5. AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty says

    I have the same problem with my cameras. They always end up freaking out on me. I spent a ton on a new Kodak which I really did love but no longer works. It’s just a $500 paper weight. I would so sell my eggs for a Canon Rebel!!!

  6. says

    I don’t have a Canon, but I do have a Nikon SLR and LOVE it! I got it for Christmas a couple years ago and love the pictures it takes, just wish I had more time to actually use it! Getting an SLR camera is so worth it, at least to me.

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