Native American Paper Craft: Practice Shapes!


Native American Paper Craft: Practice Shapes You can use this inspirational paper craft idea to break out the shapes and let your little ones design a happy Thanksgiving face! The great thing about making a face (and you can do this for any Holiday i.e. Santa on Christmas) is that there are so many shapes […]

Chief Headdress : DIY Thanksgiving Native American Headband

Chief Headdress : Thanksgiving Native American Headband, Practice cutting shapes and let kids name themselves

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, you may be looking for some last minute kids thanksgiving crafts to keep your smallest out of the kitchen. This is an easy, quick and fun way for kids to create (and get creative) with a Chief Headdress.  Made with paper, this DIY Chief Headdress can be easily covered with feathers […]

The Easiest way to Involve your Pet this Holiday

Create a stocking holder for your pet that is striking, easy, and makes you look like a crafting boss -

When it comes to the holidays, people are spending on average $30 per pet to make our fur babies feel loved and special over the holidays. And why not? Year round our pets provide an important connection that make us feel blissful and delighted with relationships that are often as important as our human interactions on […]

How to make a No Sew Tutu

How to make a no sew tutu very full and beautiful, perfect for Dress up and Halloween

A long time ago I made a How to make a tutu tutorial. It’s very popular and widely used but my images are small so this weekend when I was making one for my daughters Halloween costume, I wanted to update the images for those of you looking to make a tutu for some reason. […]

Mini Mummy Pizza with English Muffins

How to delight your kids with Mummy Pizza this halloween

Halloween is hands down one of my very favorite holidays for food and crafts both. Between marbling a pumpkin, creating Frankenstein handprints, and of course, scary apple bites, there are chances for unlimited creativity this month. That being said, sometimes it’s hard to find non-candy options that bring Halloween into the everyday, which is why I […]

Perfect Slime Every Time: 2 Ingredients!

perfect slime every time

When it comes to slime, goo, and gak, the best place to make those are at HOME! I know what you are thinking, making slime has got to be messy. Trust me, it’s not the making, it’s the playing with, and that’s the ONLY reason to make slime! Now this recipe includes borax so this is […]

How to make Soap


How to make soap There are two ways that you can make soap. You can do it the old-fashioned way with lye and curing and waiting and waiting. Or you can go the melt-and-pour route–buy a soap base, melt it, mix things in, and pour it into molds. This is a melt-and-pour soap tutorial without […]

Captain Underpants Halloween Fun!

captain underpants free template printable for halloween

Captain Underpants   Sponsored by Scholastic Chances are you have heard of the massive world domination of Captain Underpants, a childrens novel series that includes 12 books and 3 spin-offs. If you haven’t, the book, authored by Dav Pilkey, is a favorite of kids everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! With silly commentary, bright comic book imagery, […]

Peppermint Christmas Slime

Peppermint Christmas Slime, perfect recipe every time

I don’t know about you, but when I have been at the store and purchasing any type of play dough, slime, gak, or anything ooey gooey its generally expensive and in tiny tiny containers. Now I know not everyone is craft and that is totally ok, but making your OWN slime is so easy that […]