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how many cups in a gallon and other unit conversations, Free Printable

How many Cups in a Quart Chart. In a Pint. In a Gallon.

So the other day I was talking to my grandmother and she was arms deep in making her famous over the top cookies. These bad boys are like a POUND of butter, flour, eggs, and all things amazing. Sadly if I eat one I gain a pound as well, so we keep them out of the […]

Leaf Turkey Craft - perfect Thanksgiving Kids Craft, plus adorable card

Fall Leaf Turkey Card (or Craft)

I am so excited to publish this!But first let me back up and tell you a story. I live in the South and we have two seasons: Alive and Dead. The only (and I do mean only) thing that I miss about not having tons of seasonal changes are the beautiful fall leaves I often see […]

how to make a cinnamon stick ornamant

How to make a Cinnamon Stick Star Ornament

For all you 5 minute “non crafters” that still love to hand make items- I have a fantastically easy Christmas Ornament craft for you! I swear. Easy. If you can use a glue gun, you can do this. Now I know we are still quite a few weeks out from the ho-ho-ho-holiday, but the time […]

Chalk Paint Furniture: Shabby Chic Mirror Makeover

30 Min Chalk Paint Furniture Makeover

Alright everyone. I know this post will be a bit unusual from my recent holiday crafting fun, but…oh…I did something awesome and I want to show it off. If you are anywhere online you have no doubt seen all the DIY furniture tips and how to give new furniture more character and how to use […]

Turkey Hat for Thanksgiving: Craft up some fun with this holiday kids activity, all ages

Thanksgiving Turkey Hat Tutorial

Alright yall, I am winding down from thanksgiving crafting. It seems everyone goes from Halloween to Christmas, so I feel a little behind, even though we haven’t even gone past the holiday yet! I am going to try to push in like 5 more thanksgiving crafts this week (HAHAHAHA, no, but really) but other than […]

Turkey in Disguise, plus free Turkey in Disguise Printable to download! Fun thanksgiving tradition

Turkey in Disguise Free Printable Template

Hey all! Now I know I just published our Turkeys Go On Strike but this is a totally fun, totally at home do-able  little coloring project that is perfect for classrooms or at home art time! I am sure you have heard of it since so many classrooms participate but if not, I have created you a […]

Thanksgiving Hand Craft, Turkeys Go On Strike!

Turkeys Go On Strike : Hand Print Turkey

Last week Charlotte had her first every school play! Oh man it was so cute. She got one of the only parts where I didn’t have to come up with a costume for her- she was just a human. But other kids were berries and turkeys, the moon, cats, lawyers, sidedishes – I have never […]

thankful dog treat jars

Thankful Treat Jars for Dogs DIY

Time to be Thankful Every year, every day, every minute I have a lot to be thankful for. My amazing spouse, my healthy children, my annoying pets- all of it. I am thankful when I wake up that I got another day with these people that I share life with. I love thanksgiving because it […]

Pine Cone Turkey Craft: Thanksgiving fun for kids

How to make a Pine Cone Turkey

This weekend Charlotte and I sat down to do a bunch of Thanksgiving Crafts and play with her new Ever After High Thronecoming doll. I love hanging out with my 9 year old because it gives us both an opportunity to really bond. The longer we craft, the chattier she becomes and I learn so […]

DIY Glitter Pinecones, Perfect to personalize your Fall decor with colors that match your home! Plus fun fall crafting, thanksgiving

Glitter Pine Cones : DIY Fall Decor

This weekend was full of a lot of fun Thanksgiving and Fall crafting, from beautiful pinecone decor like we are showing you below to fun kids Thanksgiving crafts! I can only share so many things at once, so wanted to go ahead and give you some inspiration if you are getting your Fall table and […]

Acorn Treats, how to create yummy acorn snacks to give away at Thanksgiving, plus where to find this adorable treatbag!

Acorn Treat Recipe with Nutter Butters and Hersheys

Wowee, Yall, its November 5th and the year is almost over! It seems like January was JUST here and now its just around the corner. I think I am totally understanding that “my life is flashing before my eyes” thing now. Maybe sometime after 30 it really does. In any case the beauty of the […]

Mummy Craft, Perfect for halloween, Paper crafting or use a paper plate! Plus free I love my mummy PDF printable

“I Love My Mummy” : Printable

Alright so this is my very last Halloween post of the year and I wanted to do a recap first before we close out.  I completed 15 full step by step picture tutorials for Halloween crafts that I hope you really enjoyed. I heard from a lot of you as you tested them out and […]

Create paper spider, perfect fun craft for preschool kids, you can also hang up! Halloween Crafting

Easy Spider Craft for Preschoolers

How was your Halloween trick or treating on Friday? It got cold here! I mean like…really cold. It so figures that all week it was about 80 degrees and the one day we have to walk around in costumes, the temperature plunged. Actually let me take that back- Phoenyx refused to walk anywhere so my […]

create your own frankenstein

Frankenstein Paper Craft- Create a Lab

Last Friday Chris took the day off and we both got to spend the morning at Phoenyx’s school, enjoying all the projects he has done in class, trunk or treating and class parties. I will tell you that the one thing that is so inspiring is to be in a preschool class. Sure, I do […]

pirate patch

DIY Pirate Eye Patch Tutorial with Discover

This time of year is exciting as we have multiple holidays and lots of themed activities we can participate in. With Halloween right around the corner (literally…) we can take advantage of some spooky activities and party ideas, all without breaking the bank. It really adds up when you are consistently hosting a new themed […]

pine cone craft

Preschool Friendly Pine Cone Craft: Fall Fun!

It’s October, the temperatures are cooling down and all of a sudden being out and about with your family doesn’t seem like that much of a chore. Ha ha, taking a three year old out is never a chore, right? RIGHT? But truth be told, time is going by quick and this nice cool weather […]

Marbling Pumpkins: Easy DIY Step by Step Tutorial to use nail marbling technique for no carve pumpkin

Marbling A Pumpkin – How To

We may be wrapping up our Halloween Holiday fun, but there is still time to get one last itsy bitsy pumpkin idea in…right? RIGHT! MORE PUMPKINS! I have been itching to do something with white pumpkins this season. I have experimented with pinning ribbons, hot gluing beads, finger painting a white pumpkin (ok, so little P […]

Fingerpainting a Pumpkin, perfect "no carve" solution for toddler or kids halloween fun

Fingerpainting a Pumpkin: Toddler Friendly

This year we haven’t carved a pumpkin. With a 3 year old in the house, I suppose we have been finding alternative ways to decorate and have fun without carving. While this “no carve pumpkin decorating” craft isn’t rocket science, I wanted to inspire you to just whip out the paints and let those tiny […]

Car Track Painting, Fun with boys crafting, Hot Wheels Fun!

Car Track Painting with Hot Wheels

Although I have only had a son for 3 years, hot wheels have been a part of my life since the birth of my daughter. Most years she asked for car sets for holidays and birthdays and I believe at one point we had more than any boy on our street. Lesson learned for me […]

Thumbprint Spider Art for Toddlers and Kids, very fun and full of personality! Easy Craft

Fingerprint Spider Art ( Kids love this!)

One thing I really love about fingerprint and hand print art is that its inexpensive and allows for unlimited creativity. Make a cat, make a witch, make a pig- seriously, you can do it all without having any really strong art skills. And lets face it- in this house, I have like none. Oh sure, […]

Make Halloween Slime without Borax, Recipe for Slime, fun kids activity

Halloween Slime Recipe without Borax

We are slime novices. Oh, sure, we make big huge messes. I actually LOVE big huge messes and am one of those rare parents that do not cringe (too badly) when my kids go nuts in the kitchen. And while we do tons of soap projects, play dough and hand print painting, we have yet […]

Thumbprint Art for Halloween, Spooky Cat for Cards, Kids art

Thumbprint Halloween Art: Black Cat

Recently I had a friend remark to me ” I do not know how you can afford to craft all the time!” It got me thinking – gosh crafting isn’t THAT expensive. Is that what people think? I wanted to do a series of posts to show you, the moms and dads at home, that you […]

Doggie Bag Tags for Trick or Treating, Dont leave the dogs without a treat! Have doggie bags ready to go for Halloween night.

Free Halloween Printable: Doggie Bag Tags

Unfortunately when it comes to Halloween our dog is a completely hot mess. He cannot be at the door watching because he goes crazy. He can’t be in the backyard…crazy. We can’t take him with us because yes, he goes crazy. He is a high anxiety type of dog and he does not mix well […]

DIY Dracula Suckers For Halloween

Halloween Vampire Suckers: DIY

Ooh Yall, I had so much fun this weekend! We took Charlotte and little P to a very cute train activity in town where they could go through a kid friendly Haunted House, pick out pumpkins, decorate and go back. They also had a fun playground, a tiny train you could sit and ride on […]

Create easy and flexible spider webs with hot glue for decoration, picture tutorial and fun Halloween Craft

DIY Spider Webs

If you are here from my Hot Glue Spider Web Pumpkin, I am presume your hot glue gun is already rearing to go and it should be. This is a super easy Halloween DIY craft that can awaken the DIY Goddess in you. I mean…hot glue…spider webs? YES PLEASE. Lets be realistic- there is nothing […]

No Carve Pumpkin Fun: Get your hot Glue on with this super simple idea

Hot Glue Spider Web Pumpkins: No Carve!

If it involves hot glue, I pretty much know how to do it. After years (and the invention of) tutu bow holders about 10 years ago, I pretty much turn to hot glue when I am doing any and all decorating. So today when I was standing over my kitchen counter trying for the 100th […]

Carving a pumpkin safely this Halloween, DIY Fun

Carving a Pumpkin…safely

Every year we decorate a pumpkin. A lot of times we paint it or put stickers on it…heck, last year, I coated mine in ribbons. {Surprised?} This year we decided to carve a pumpkin that we could enjoy in the house but use a flashlight to light it up rather than a candle. As a […]

Family Halloween Costume Ideas, 2014 from Chasing Fireflies

8 Matching Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is absolutely one of my most favorite times of the year. Last year we missed out because we went on a cruise at the same time, so the kids didn’t dress up. This year not only are we dressing up, but we all have matching costumes. I originally approached the idea with my husband […]

No Carve Pumpkin idea, easy for kids, just add your favorite band-aids!

No Carve Pumpkin Idea: BAND-AIDs

I love so many things about my new neighborhood. I love my house and all its unlimited possibilities of decoration (one I can afford that!), I love my big huge yard (we just planted trees!). I love that everyone in the house has their own bathrooms so as the kids grow they wont be taking […]

No Carve Pumpkin with Childrens Book Ricky Ricotta and Mighty Robot, Easy, Fun and Memorable

Ricky Ricotta, Mighty Robot No Carve Pumpkin DIY

If you follow me at all, you know I am a big reader. I consistently share books on social media- ones that I am reading, going to read, random covers that catch my eyes, but when it comes to my kids, I have two kinds: My daughter the ‘non reader’ and my son, the ‘can’t […]

Spooky and Sweet Halloween DIY Bobby Pin  "Peekaboo" eyes! Picture tutorial

Silly Spooky DIY Bobby Pin EyeBalls

This weekend Charlotte, P and I spent a lot of time getting our Halloween crafts ready. I know its not October yet, but as the holiday season is upon us, how could I resist! I have created a new Halloween Crafting category so you can easily find all the goodies from now through the season. […]

Frankenstein Handprint Craft for Cards, Bags, and more! Toddler and Preschool DIY Painting Fun

Frankenstein Handprints Craft: Easy Halloween!

This week I was online sharing my cute little Foot Print Ghost feet and my blog friend Rachel told me they do that in their preschool PLUS Frankenstein Hand prints and I was like…tell me more! And she did, which is what I am showing today! First, I want to say thank you to Rachel. […]

Make Rainbow Foam for sensory play, fun carwash and more! 3 Ingredient household fun, DIY

DIY Colored Soap Foam

Today I wanted to bring you a really fun and easy parenting project that keeps kids busy for hours and can be used in a variety of ways: Rainbow Soap Foam. This project takes only 3 ingredients and you can customize to fit your particular needs. Whether you are picking rainbow colored foam or getting […]

How to create an adorable witches broom with tulle, perfect for decoration or costume building

Witches Broom DIY with Tulle

A few weeks back while we were at Gymboree shopping, I noticed all the Halloween stuff was out. Halloween. In August. Whats next, Christmas in July? At any rate, they did have some super cute stuff out (although I may be biased cause I love them) and one of them was this totally cutetastic witches […]

Create Ghost Footprints for easy home painting fun!

Ghost Footprints : Halloween Fun

If you have a toddler like I do, quiet footprints generally mean they are doing something wrong. But in this fun and easy craft, they are doing something right and getting messy WITH you! I am a firm believer in messy play when supervised and today P and I decided to take some time and […]


Halloween Through the Years

With Halloween just around the corner, there are a lot more things to think about than just costumes. Although in my house, that is all Charlotte is thinking about! She is totally convinced she wants to be Super-Girl, but why I have no idea. She has never seen Superman, we don’t watch it on TV […]


Graveyard cupcakes! Halloween inspiration

Cupcake decorating, ooh fun! Now that Halloween is here there are an abundance of very fun “treat” ideas around and when I saw this Wilton Graveyard kit I totally had to get it! I made a: Graveyard of Parenting     I got this Graveyard set at Party City but I am sure they sell […]

Repurpose old Matchbox cars not Moving Airplane (using clothespins and Popsicle sticks!) , more at www.momdot.com

Repurposing Matchbox Cars into Moving Airplanes

Before P was born every craft I did had a girly ting to it. Tutus and bowholders and sparkly stuff. And while P has no problem dumping glitter all over the house, from time to time I like to make something that is a little more him. And since he loves loves loves his Matchbox cars […]

back to school teacher gift

Back To School – Easy Teacher Gifts – Crayon Bouquet

We are less than two weeks in to Back to School Season and the after school activities are in full swing.  Cheerleading (Oh yes, she came home with a Cheer Application!), homework, and school projects have already begun to consume our afternoons. As much as we love Summer, we love Back to School as well, […]

Wire Wrapped Rock Necklace for Kids, learn more from www.momdot.com

Wire Wrapped Rock Necklace (Kids!)

This weekend my (amazing, wonderful and gorgeous) husband took our 2 year old to visit his parents a few hours up the road leaving our 9 year old and I to fend for ourselves for the entire glorious weekend. This was win/win for me in a lot of ways. I got to work uninterrupted on […]