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Frankenstein Handprint Craft for Cards, Bags, and more! Toddler and Preschool DIY Painting Fun

Frankenstein Handprints Craft: Easy Halloween!

This week I was online sharing my cute little Foot Print Ghost feet and my blog friend Rachel told me they do that in their preschool PLUS Frankenstein Hand prints and I was like…tell me more! And she did, which is what I am showing today! First, I want to say thank you to Rachel. […]

Make Rainbow Foam for sensory play, fun carwash and more! 3 Ingredient household fun, DIY

DIY Colored Soap Foam

Today I wanted to bring you a really fun and easy parenting project that keeps kids busy for hours and can be used in a variety of ways: Rainbow Soap Foam. This project takes only 3 ingredients and you can customize to fit your particular needs. Whether you are picking rainbow colored foam or getting […]

How to create an adorable witches broom with tulle, perfect for decoration or costume building

Witches Broom DIY with Tulle

A few weeks back while we were at Gymboree shopping, I noticed all the Halloween stuff was out. Halloween. In August. Whats next, Christmas in July? At any rate, they did have some super cute stuff out (although I may be biased cause I love them) and one of them was this totally cutetastic witches […]

Create Ghost Footprints for easy home painting fun!

Ghost Footprints : Halloween Fun

If you have a toddler like I do, quiet footprints generally mean they are doing something wrong. But in this fun and easy craft, they are doing something right and getting messy WITH you! I am a firm believer in messy play when supervised and today P and I decided to take some time and […]


Halloween Through the Years

With Halloween just around the corner, there are a lot more things to think about than just costumes. Although in my house, that is all Charlotte is thinking about! She is totally convinced she wants to be Super-Girl, but why I have no idea. She has never seen Superman, we don’t watch it on TV […]


Graveyard cupcakes! Halloween inspiration

Cupcake decorating, ooh fun! Now that Halloween is here there are an abundance of very fun “treat” ideas around and when I saw this Wilton Graveyard kit I totally had to get it! I made a: Graveyard of Parenting     I got this Graveyard set at Party City but I am sure they sell […]

Repurpose old Matchbox cars not Moving Airplane (using clothespins and Popsicle sticks!) , more at www.momdot.com

Repurposing Matchbox Cars into Moving Airplanes

Before P was born every craft I did had a girly ting to it. Tutus and bowholders and sparkly stuff. And while P has no problem dumping glitter all over the house, from time to time I like to make something that is a little more him. And since he loves loves loves his Matchbox cars […]

back to school teacher gift

Back To School – Easy Teacher Gifts – Crayon Bouquet

We are less than two weeks in to Back to School Season and the after school activities are in full swing.  Cheerleading (Oh yes, she came home with a Cheer Application!), homework, and school projects have already begun to consume our afternoons. As much as we love Summer, we love Back to School as well, […]

Wire Wrapped Rock Necklace for Kids, learn more from www.momdot.com

Wire Wrapped Rock Necklace (Kids!)

This weekend my (amazing, wonderful and gorgeous) husband took our 2 year old to visit his parents a few hours up the road leaving our 9 year old and I to fend for ourselves for the entire glorious weekend. This was win/win for me in a lot of ways. I got to work uninterrupted on […]

DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lip Gloss

2 Ingredient Crayon Lipgloss!

I love lip gloss. Like a lot.  If you look in my bathroom drawer you will find more lip gloss than any other item. I like the way it feels, I like that I can use it on its own or over a darker color and I love all the colors! Unfortunately my pocket book doesn’t like […]

Create easy and inexpensive kid friendly cubby holes with $3 baskets and zip ties

$3 Baskets + Zip Ties = DIY Cubby Storage

Having just moved we have stuff EVERYWHERE. We have cleaned out a lot but when you are unpacking boxes and trying to put everything in a new place, it can be overwhelming – and expensive. So a few weeks ago walking through Target I noticed little plastic baskets (that were just over $3 a piece) […]

Create a crayon table tray with papercrafting, from the mind of a 9 year old

Crayon Boats : Papercrafting Tutorial

Around here we are always moving, creating, playing and getting dirty. While I try to share the fun super easy 5 minute ideas like this shaving cream and outdoor plastic fun, and the elaborate tutu bow-holder stuff, the reality is that my daughter, whom is 9, is probably 100x more creative than I am. She […]

Create a graduation cap favor for gifts, fun, or pretend play, easy (and no, does not have to be black!)

Graduation Cap Favors Craft for Pretend Play and more!

Now that its getting closer to August, going back to school is on the brain. Before we moved, Charlotte would have been going back to elementary school as the grades run from K-5th, but in our new city, she is now out of elementary and on her way to Intermediate, which is 4th-6th. Technically my […]

Ready to have some summer fun? Create an outdoor play area that cleans up easy..REALLY!

Shaving Cream Slip N Slide (Cause Why Not?)

I know you probably made your way over here because you saw a picture of my kids covered in shaving cream and thought…is she insane? No, I am not (mostly) but with 5 weeks still left in summer, we are breaking out the totally inexpensive, but still totally awesome, fun. And if you think no […]

Create your own paint brush (or puff brush) and get to making some great art with kids of any age

Create Paintbrushes from anything~

This summer has been the summer of getting to know my kids all over again. Its been so refreshing with Charlotte home and having a child of 9 makes it easy to take Phoenyx out, play games, do arts and crafts, because she is like a mini adult and its wonderful. So lately under her […]

How to make a Play Barn for under $20 - Skip the plastic toys and create custom with your horse loving child

How to make a Homemade Horse Barn

My daughter is really into horses. Like..really. Anytime I do one of those “surprise, lets go pick out a new toy!” gigs, she gets another horse. And because her love is sincere, and she is a rider, I go with it. Now I have purchased her a few barns for her horses, plastic ones that […]

Inspiration: Creating an indoor garden and marking herbs, skip the stakes and mark via mini chalkboard signs, Learn more

Garden Plant Markers: Labeling your Indoor Garden (DIY)

Friday night we finally planted our indoor herbs and created our inside living spice and herb garden to help with fresh cooking! But I have to tell you that I hate these little informative spikes that go into planters. Yes, they do serve an important purpose but they are dirty and ugly. So a quick […]

Indoor Spice Garden for your Kitchen, easy to make

Growing an Indoor Living Spice Cabinet

Just about two weeks to the day, I moved into a new house. It’s so interesting to move. On one hand its like a new start, all these blank walls and empty hallways and new spaces to be creative in. On the other, its still a house, not a home. There are no memories and […]

Create DIY Custom Nailpolish colors with younique pigments and blushes, www.asyouniqueasyouare.com

Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments

As you all know I love makeup. And as you all also know, I am a Younique rep and have shared those 3d Fiber Lashes before that everyone loves!  But Younique has a ton more makeup available than just those lashes, the least of which are blushes and pigments that can be used for eye […]

Create a counter hairbow holder in under 10 minutes, adorable, easy and customizable

DIY Paris Hairbow Holder

This past week I was lucky enough to be sent a new Minnie in Paris book. Its beautiful, bright, and all things adorable, pink and cutesy! Obviously, I loved it. And as an inspiration of that book I decided to add to my ever growing hair bow holder DIY instructions with yet another one, a […]

Create a Dad card to print (free!)

Fathers Day Printable: Easy for kids to create

Woot! Fathers day is coming up. Its funny because this time of the year I am bombarded with things to buy dad. There are so many dads in my life. My own dad whom I always think of tech items, football and grilling, my father in law who makes me think of watching movies, and […]

How to Make a DIY Ribbon Tutu  with left over crafts, easy and fun, girly and glam

How to make a Ribbon Tutu

I have created a lot of different tulle, tutu, and hair bow holder projects on Momdot. And today I wanted to show you a really easy one that takes almost no time at all, costs under $6 (or less if you have big craft buckets like I do) and every one will love! This is […]

Create an at home laser spy experience in your home - toddler style!

5 Minute Spy Laser Obstacle Course for Kids

Phoenyx has been a cranky pants all week. Daddy comes home today from being out of town all week (YAY!) and he is on his wits end with me I think. So today I decided to use all this crepe paper for something fun. Its been on my mind for awhile that I wanted to […]

Have your toddler punch out scrapbook letters to practice dexterity , learn more at www.momdot.com

Fine Motor Skill Activity- Toddler Invented

Because I am with a 2 year old during the day I am constantly looking for a way to entertain him. No matter whether it’s by keeping him busy, keeping him out of trouble (!), or teaching him, I want to keep his brain, body, and little fingers busy. Kid Activity, Toddler Invented!   Here […]

Create adorable custom hair ties, easy craft for all! learn more at www.momdot.com

Create Custom Hair Ties with a little Bling! 

This weekend when Charlotte and I were out she wanted to buy some earrings. We recently discovered her ears are still pierced. Both of us thought they had closed up due to an infection she had gotten 4 years ago..turns out, nope. Of course now she wants earrings of all shapes and sizes. So like […]

Create an Indoor Sidewalk to Chalk on, easy for kids of all ages and hours of fun! more at www.momdot.com

Create an Indoor Sidewalk

Today Phoenyx was kinda being a pain. Everything was whine this and whine that and honestly, it was so expected from a kid that woke up at 6:30am. And while today is very nice outside, its overcast and the rain is heading our way slowly but surely. So I have been trying to do creative […]

Create a tape interstate with painters tape for hours of fun

Creating a Tape Interstate for Kids Play

This morning, while we were super excited to go outside and enjoy the 80 degree weather, it started to get dark. And cloudy. And dark and cloudy.  So we headed in to instead find something more crafty and and kids play. Now recently two things happened. One, a pitch came to my email advertising a […]

Update your Kitchen with Cuteness, DIY Spice Jar Technique . Inspiration from www.momdot.com

DIY Spice Jars: Update your Kitchen with Cute!

I have a boring kitchen. A clean kitchen…but a boring one. I have a large space but it is long in length and really difficult to pack much decor around my massive bar style table. That means when it comes to decoration I really have to up my game. And this week after listening to hoards […]

Science for Toddlers, a fun Salt, Sugar, Flour and Baking Soda Experiment, www.momdot.com

Salt, Sugar, Flour Toddler Science Experiment

When it comes to science, starting early shouldn’t just be a must, it should be fun. Kids are naturally curious and the household is one of the best places to encourage your kids to learn by doing. In our house I have a large spread of ages. I have a 2 year old and a […]


How to make Stand up Bunny Ears

Now that we have started Mardi Gras in town, it’s a reminder that Easter is just around the corner. I know some of you are going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but it’s true. Plus by the time Easter gets here, its spring, so there is that. Yesterday I hopped (see what I did there?) over to the craft […]

30 Second No Mess Egg Decorating

Monsieur Egg: 30 second no mess egg decor

When Charlotte was a little girl (well..littler girl) we always looked forward to egg decorating. The only problem was it took 20 minutes to boil eggs and about 3 minutes for the dying fun to end. Now egg decorating is nearly an art (see my Egg Decorating Board on Pinterest) and you don’t want the […]

Baking Soda Kitchen Activity for Kids, www.momdot.com

Colored Baking Soda Plates: Kids Activity

As a stay at home mom every day I have to find something new to keep the interest of my two kids. With school work, house work, and a million pets running around, my brain can get a little uncreative and tired as the day goes on. Unfortunately “mommy wants to just lay on the […]

Baking Soda Kitchen Activity for Kids, www.momdot.com

Mini Colored Kitchen Volcanoes

Earlier I was sharing with you our fun kids Baking Soda Science Activity which was inspired by Jens 10 Baking Soda Science Experiments here. We had so much fun making those colored paper plates that we could not resist continuing on with our fun a little big longer in the kitchen. So long, in fact, […]

Rainbow Kids Craft perfect for St. Patricks day and fun toddler idea!

Paper Plate Wind Sock: Rainbow Crafting

Every time we have a party we dress the dining room up with the strings of crepe paper and always have rolls of it left over. Its cheap and its fun but there has to be more to crepe paper than birthdays, right? So in or question for all things Rainbow Crafting this month, we […]

Rainbow Activities for Kids, St. Patricks Day Fun!

Toddler Hand Print Rainbows (Great Keepsake!)

Lately P and I are having a great deal of fun with “Rainbow” crafting as a way to get behind the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! Although Charlotte was old enough to cut her hands out to create a paper hand print rainbow project, I wanted to do something more toddler friendly with P. So off […]

St Patricks Day Kids Activity: Handprint Rainbows more at www.momdot.com

St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbows

Yesterday Charlotte stayed home from school in the morning because she thought she was gonna throw up. I love being a parent. After a few hours she felt better, but then had a headache. Around 1 she started to feel better but it was a few hours before school ended so I just kept her […]

St. Patricks Day Blarney Stone, Make your own luck! www.momdot.com

St. Patricks Day Crafts: Make a Blarney Stone!

I have gotten a bit behind this month on my holiday crafting, so I am jumping right back into it. With St. Patricks day just a few weeks away, I thought it would be a fun time to introduce you all to the Blarney Stone. What is the Blarney Stone? According to the Blarney Castle […]


Four Leaf Clover Magnet Craft

Phoenyx said he is SO into St. Patrick’s Day crafting…especially if its going to include getting super messy every time! I wanted to create a fun craft that we could both do but mom (that’s me!) could get a little memento out of as well. This craft is a how to inspiration to create Four […]


St. Patricks Day Free Printable Download

With Valentines just two days away, I am sad to say that the Valentines Day crafts have just about come to an end. The good news is that Charlotte, P, and I are onto some new holiday stuff – St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras! I wanted to kick off the new holiday celebration with […]


Fortune Cookie Printable: Free Valentines Day Fortunes!

Paper Fortune cookies are a ton of fun! They are easy, can be adjusted for any holiday or topic and are great to give! Plus, they are pretty much craft novice proof. I created a super simple Valentines Day Fortune Cookie printable, complete with 14 circles in varying “love” patterns with 6 fortunes and 6 […]