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Science for Toddlers, a fun Salt, Sugar, Flour and Baking Soda Experiment, www.momdot.com

Salt, Sugar, Flour Toddler Science Experiment

When it comes to science, starting early shouldn’t just be a must, it should be fun. Kids are naturally curious and the household is one of the best places to encourage your kids to learn by doing. In our house I have a large spread of ages. I have a 2 year old and a […]

Glitter Easter Eggs, Get Messy and Have fun! More Easter at www.momdot.com

Spring is coming: Break out the Glitter!

When it comes to spring there are few things that make more happy than glitter and crafting. Except maybe sun and a temperature over 80, but as I see mother nature has a sense of humor this year, we are gonna go back to crafting. And when it comes to crafting in my house nothing reigns […]


How to make Stand up Bunny Ears

Now that we have started Mardi Gras in town, it’s a reminder that Easter is just around the corner. I know some of you are going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but it’s true. Plus by the time Easter gets here, its spring, so there is that. Yesterday I hopped (see what I did there?) over to the craft […]

30 Second No Mess Egg Decorating

Monsieur Egg: 30 second no mess egg decor

When Charlotte was a little girl (well..littler girl) we always looked forward to egg decorating. The only problem was it took 20 minutes to boil eggs and about 3 minutes for the dying fun to end. Now egg decorating is nearly an art (see my Egg Decorating Board on Pinterest) and you don’t want the […]

Baking Soda Kitchen Activity for Kids, www.momdot.com

Colored Baking Soda Plates: Kids Activity

As a stay at home mom every day I have to find something new to keep the interest of my two kids. With school work, house work, and a million pets running around, my brain can get a little uncreative and tired as the day goes on. Unfortunately “mommy wants to just lay on the […]

Baking Soda Kitchen Activity for Kids, www.momdot.com

Mini Colored Kitchen Volcanoes

Earlier I was sharing with you our fun kids Baking Soda Science Activity which was inspired by Jens 10 Baking Soda Science Experiments here. We had so much fun making those colored paper plates that we could not resist continuing on with our fun a little big longer in the kitchen. So long, in fact, […]

montessori inspried easter (482x590)

Montessori Inspired Easter Shelves

If you have young children, then chances are you probably have heard of Montessori Education. If you have ever been curious about this type of education, or would like to implement some activities in your own home/school then be sure to check out these Montessori Inspired Easter Shelves from Montessori Nature. There are more than […]

textured bunny craft (379x590)

Textured Easter Bunny

When it comes to cleaning, or crafting, one tool that I always keep on hand is shaving cream. This Textured Easter Bunny from How Wee Learn is such a fun way to let your kids experiment with shaving cream and their art. The best part about this craft is that it should be fairly easy […]

peeps bouquet

Peeps Bouquet

Chocolate and peeps go together like peas and carrots, wouldn’t you agree? Well, Trendy Mom Reviews created this scrumptious Peeps Bouquet that I’m sure all of us could devour together. I love how Peeps come in all different shapes, sizes and even animals…they really provide their fans with a huge assortment to choose from each year. […]

glitter dot easter eggs

Glitter Dot Easter Eggs

These Glitter Dot Easter Eggs from The Nerds Wife are so darn cute! Every kid just about loves glitter, and this craft isn’t any different! Whether you use hard boiled eggs, or plastic eggs, this Glitter Dot Easter Eggs project could definitely be a lot of fun! Although glitter can be a pain in the […]

Easter-Candy-Jar (590x518)

Easter Candy Jar

Whether you want to surprise a friend, neighbor or teacher, this Easter Candy Jar from About a Mom is such a great idea to share with others. I love the idea of sharing your kindness with others, and this craft truly would inspire you to show the love! This Easter Candy Jar is very inviting, […]


Peeps Science Experiments

Have you ever wondered what would happen to a Peep who had been microwaved? Would it grow bigger or smaller? Well, thanks to these awesome Peeps Science Experiments from Lemon Lime Adventures, you never have to ponder those questions again! I am all about experimenting with food – and this activity does an amazing job […]


Bunny Chow Recipe

Here is a fun snack that everyone will enjoy this Easter! Check out this Bunny Chow Recipe from 3 Boys And A Dog : Not only would this fun treat be a joy to make with your kids, but it would be so cute to dress up with a Free Printable Gift Tag as well! Chocolate and […]

Bunny_Smoothie (590x441)

Easter Bunny Pineapple Smoothies

Morning, noon or night these Easter Bunny Pineapple Smoothies from 3 Boys And A Dog are sure to hit the spot! A little known secret about me is that…I love smoothies! They are so easy to make, and are for the most part very healthy! I am very excited to create these Easter Bunny Pineapple Smoothies […]

peep banner (590x433)

Peep Bunny Banner

When it comes to celebrating holidays, I am all about banners and hanging them up where our friends and family can enjoy them. This Peep Bunny Banner from Play Dr Mom is such a fun way to not only spread some joy this Easter, but to show your love for your favorite Easter candy, Peeps. […]


Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Those Peeps are at it again!! And this time, they are making their way to these adorable Easter Bunny Cupcakes from 3 Boys And A Dog. These homemade treats are sure to turn some heads this Easter! I just love the toasted coconut gently sprinkled on top…what a fun way to invite kids to try […]

marbled easter eggs (590x393)

How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs

Whenever I want my kids to try something a new food, I add a little color of encouragement. Take for example, hard boiled eggs…thanks to Mom Luck, I found the inspiration I need to learn How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs. They are SO colorful, and very cool! This would be such a fun activity to […]

simple easter cards (590x435)

Simple Easter Thumbprint Card

If you’ve never tried thumbprint art before, then this is the perfect starter craft for you! Check out this Simple Easter Thumbprint Card from Play Dr Mom : With a little bit of mom’s help, two thumbprints turned into a bunny and a chick for friends and family to enjoy. I wonder what other type of Easter […]

yarn wreath (568x590)

Springtime Yarn Wrapped Wreath

This fuzzy Springtime Yarn Wrapped Wreath from Play Dr Mom has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. With furry chicks and glittery eggs, you can’t help but feel the love with this craft! The best part about this wreath, is that it would be so inviting throughout all the Spring time months, not just […]

foil egg

Foil Colored Easter Egg

This is such a cool craft that involves aluminum, yarn and markers…check out this Foil Colored Easter Egg from Handmade Kids Art ! As a mom of two children in two very different age groups, this craft is perfect for our family! You can challenge the older one with more spots to design on their Foil […]

easter tree (401x590)

How to Make an Easter Tree

For some reason I completely forgot that my mother used to have a tree for almost every holiday, and the one I miss the most is her Easter Tree. Play Dr Mom recently shared a great craft on How to Make an Easter Tree of your very own, complete with carrot ornaments too. This craft […]


Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

I am so head over heels in love with this latest craft from Celeb Baby Laundry. Check out these totally terrific Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies ! With the help of a little glue, some googly eyes, and a nose…you magically have the cutest Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies you can make! Now, I just have to […]

panning for easter eggs

Panning for Easter Eggs

You’ve heard of panning for gold, but what about Panning for Easter Eggs ? This fun hands on activity from Winegums and Watermelons is such a delight, and is perfect for a beautiful Spring time day. Using chocolate eggs, or other chocolate covered candies – your child would have so much fun Panning for Easter Eggs […]

ombre easter eggs

Ombre Easter Eggs

I never realized there were so many ways to decorate an egg…I gotta tell ya, these eggs are uber cool and The Nerds Wife happens to call them Ombre Easter Eggs. The spray that she used to make these eggs is so awesome…and I cannot wait to try this new way to make my dyed […]

jellybeaneastereggcraft (360x590)

Jelly Bean Easter Egg Craft

This Jelly Bean Easter Egg Craft from Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails looks like so much fun! And since it involves eating jelly beans, you can totally count me in! This yummy Jelly Bean Easter Egg Craft would be a great for teaching your kids about patterns, counting, alphabet practice and more! Jelly Bean Easter […]


Peeping Bunny Cupcakes

Looking for a fun Easter dessert to make with you little ones? Then check out these Peeping Bunny Cupcakes from Just Stop Screaming. I just love the cupcake wrappers and flower pots that she used to create this one of a kind Easter treat. These Peeping Bunny Cupcakes would definitely make anyone smile, and could […]

hatching chick

Hatching Chick

Not only does Spring bring a fun holiday like Easter, but it also encourages little ones to learn about baby animals. One baby animal that we can’t stop learning about are baby chicks…which is why this Hatching Chick activity from Sassy Dealz is such a great idea! This fluffy and fun Hatching Chick would make […]


Wine Cork Chicks

I never thought I would be encouraging wine to all you parents out there, but for the sake of this craft, its okay to indulge in a few glasses. These are the cutest Wine Cork Chicks I have ever seen, and they come from Sassy Dealz. This craft would be so much fun for any […]

peep puffy paint

Bunny Peep Puffy Paint

As you may have already guessed it, Peeps are back and this fun Bunny Peep Puffy Paint is so cute from Sassy Dealz! Maybe if you don’t eat them, this will encourage you to craft with them. And Oh my goodness ~ these are so darn cute!! Although shaving cream can get a little messy […]


Paper Plate Easter Basket

You can’t have Easter without an Easter basket, right? So, why not create your very own Paper Plate Easter Basket from Sassy Dealz. This super cute craft would be so much fun to create with your kids just about any day of the week, and involves pretty ribbon, paint, and even Easter grass – yay! […]

funky easter chicks (510x590)

Funky Easter Egg Chicks

Here is a craft that is sure to have you doing the funky chicken dance. Okay, not really. But these Funky Easter Egg Chicks are WAY unique and come from Itsy Bitsy Fun. If you are looking for a fun and unique way to decorate your eggs this Easter, then these Funky Easter Egg Chicks […]

Painting Foil Eggs (286x400)

Painting Foil Eggs

It never really occurred to me that painting could be accomplished on other materials besides paper/cardboard/wood. Painting Foil Eggs is such a great idea from Planet Smarty Pants, and it will definitely encourage you to try out painting on such a unique element. This would be such a fun craft for any age, and would […]


Tape Resist Easter Cross

Have you heard the saying, “He’s the reason for the season.” around Christmas time? Well, I don’t see why it can’t apply to Easter as well. This creative Tape Resist Easter Cross from The Chaos and The Clutter is the perfect intro activity to learn what Easter is all about. This is such a fun […]

Spring Wind Up Toy Art

Easter Wind Up Toy Painting

Are you kids tired of using their fingers or even a paintbrush when painting? Then take the time to see this Easter Wind Up Toy Painting from Tutus and Tea Parties. As if these cute little wind up toys weren’t fun enough ~ now my kids can paint with them too! This craft will definitely […]

Easter-Scissor-Cutting-Practice (375x486)

Easter Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets

One of the number one things I hear parents need to practice more with this preschooler is cutting with scissors. Which is why I am excited to share these Easter Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets from Makeovers and Motherhood. Choose from 3 different Easter Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets and encourage your little one to keep on practicing […]


Easter Peeps Flower Pot Centerpiece

Are you planning on hosting or attending an Easter party? Then this fun Easter Peeps Flower Pot Centerpiece from The Suburban Mom should be on your list of things to do! So simple, and yet so inviting…this wonderful attention getter would be perfect for any age group! I’m not sure which is better about this […]


Easter Chick Oreo Pops

Oh my goodness! These Easter Chick Oreo Pops from About a Mom are too cute not to share! These would be so much fun to serve at an Easter brunch or school party (as long as you can bring homemade treats). Anything served on a stick is beyond fun in my book! And these would […]

melted crayon eggs

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

The number one item that I tend to always throw away without really thinking about it…is crayons. For some reason, once they become broken, they are treated as such…until I came across this new way to decorate my eggs this season. Check out these Melted Crayon Easter Eggs from The Nerds Wife ! So simple, […]

jelly bean bracelet

Jelly Bean Bracelet Tutorial

Check out this very clever Jelly Bean Bracelet from Mom Luck. Not only does it smell great, but it also comes in handy for when you need a tasty snack. This is such a quick and easy craft to make with the kids whenever you have some down time, and are in need of a […]

monogram easter eggs

Monogram Easter Eggs

Monograms are so much fun, especially when your little ones can help recognize letters. These fun and very simple Monogram Easter Eggs from The Nerds Wife are a great way to encourage alphabet practice, whether it be the letters in your child’s name or the sounds that each letter makes. Decorating eggs can be educational […]