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Monster Popcorn: Get your munch on with eyeballs and green slime (tastes delicious I promise) Boys Birthday party!

Munch on Monster Slime Popcorn! Recipe

For about a year I have wanted to do a popcorn series. See my 3 year old loves popcorn. I cant get him to eat any real food but given the choice to about any snack he chooses popcorn. Not fancy popcorn like we made here, but so much popcorn that I hung up the bags and got a popcorn maker. Now that I can make popcorn in under 2 minutes which allows us to flavor specifically to our tastes that day, my amazing friend Lynsey came over and helped me created some fun popcorn recipes to share with … [Read More...]

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Monster Popcorn: Get your munch on with eyeballs and green slime (tastes delicious I promise) Boys Birthday party!

Munch on Monster Slime Popcorn! Recipe

For about a year I have wanted to do a popcorn series. See my 3 year old loves popcorn. I cant get him to eat any real food but given the choice to about any snack he chooses popcorn. Not fancy popcorn like we made here, but so much popcorn that I hung up the […]

Repurpose old Matchbox cars not Moving Airplane (using clothespins and Popsicle sticks!) , more at www.momdot.com

Repurposing Matchbox Cars into Moving Airplanes

Before P was born every craft I did had a girly ting to it. Tutus and bowholders and sparkly stuff. And while P has no problem dumping glitter all over the house, from time to time I like to make something that is a little more him. And since he loves loves loves his Matchbox cars […]

Ready to have some summer fun? Create an outdoor play area that cleans up easy..REALLY!

Shaving Cream Slip N Slide (Cause Why Not?)

I know you probably made your way over here because you saw a picture of my kids covered in shaving cream and thought…is she insane? No, I am not (mostly) but with 5 weeks still left in summer, we are breaking out the totally inexpensive, but still totally awesome, fun. And if you think no […]

How to make a Play Barn for under $20 - Skip the plastic toys and create custom with your horse loving child

How to make a Homemade Horse Barn

My daughter is really into horses. Like..really. Anytime I do one of those “surprise, lets go pick out a new toy!” gigs, she gets another horse. And because her love is sincere, and she is a rider, I go with it. Now I have purchased her a few barns for her horses, plastic ones that […]

Create an at home laser spy experience in your home - toddler style!

5 Minute Spy Laser Obstacle Course for Kids

Phoenyx has been a cranky pants all week. Daddy comes home today from being out of town all week (YAY!) and he is on his wits end with me I think. So today I decided to use all this crepe paper for something fun. Its been on my mind for awhile that I wanted to […]

Have your toddler punch out scrapbook letters to practice dexterity , learn more at www.momdot.com

Fine Motor Skill Activity- Toddler Invented

Because I am with a 2 year old during the day I am constantly looking for a way to entertain him. No matter whether it’s by keeping him busy, keeping him out of trouble (!), or teaching him, I want to keep his brain, body, and little fingers busy. Kid Activity, Toddler Invented!   Here […]

how to: marbleizing easter eggs, Fun DIY for Marbling Beautiful Easter Eggs

Marbling Easter Eggs: How To

 Marbling Beautiful Easter Eggs Over Thanksgiving we marblezed some beautiful white pumpkins and I adored the way they turned out. This time I wanted to show that you can do the exact same thing as we did with the pumpkins simple with eggs! Its actually a super simple process. You can check out my other […]

St Patricks Day Kids Activity: Handprint Rainbows more at www.momdot.com

St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Rainbows

Yesterday Charlotte stayed home from school in the morning because she thought she was gonna throw up. I love being a parent. After a few hours she felt better, but then had a headache. Around 1 she started to feel better but it was a few hours before school ended so I just kept her […]

Rainbow Activities for Kids, St. Patricks Day Fun!

Toddler Hand Print Rainbows (Great Keepsake!)

Lately P and I are having a great deal of fun with “Rainbow” crafting as a way to get behind the St. Patrick’s Day spirit! Although Charlotte was old enough to cut her hands out to create a paper hand print rainbow project, I wanted to do something more toddler friendly with P. So off […]

dr suess inspired hat

Dr. Seuss ‘Cat in A Hat’ Kids Activity

    Cat in the Hat inspired Hat Craft White/Red Construction paper Stapler paper straw tape glue So we were just talking about the famed Dr. Suess birthday this week when I shared the Thing 1 Thing 2 Hand Print Art . If you are still in Dr. Suess book mode, here is a cute craft […]

Dr Suess Inspired Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Art

Dr. Suess Inspired Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Art

This week was Dr. Suess birthday. He would have been 111 on March 2nd to be exact. And Phoenyx brought home an adorable Dr. Suess Inspired Thing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Art that he did in class I just had to share!   How cute is this? Some blue and red paint, googly eyes […]

Paper plate Sun and Rainbow craft, fun for kids of all ages

Sun and Rainbow Paper Plate Kids Craft

Having a sick child is no fun and this season we have had one about every other week for 3 months. It has gone from Charlotte to daddy, to Phoenyx, to Charlotte, to Mom, to Dad, to Phoenyx. I have visited the Dr so many times that when Phoenyx forgot his coat there on the […]

footprint craft

I love you from the bottom of my sole

I know that Valentines is over and we should be going into Easter crafts, but I cannot resist a few last shares. Phoenyx brought this home from his classroom and I just adore the entire idea. Paper crafts, and particularly hand and footprint crafts, are some of the most fun. They are easy to do, […]

15 Educational valentines day activities for kids

15 Educational Valentine’s Day Activities

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year. For parents, “the most romantic day of the year” means helping your child fill out Valentine’s Day cards for every single kid in their class. It isn’t the date night good old days, but I love doing it. A major part of who I am […]

Hopping Into your Heart: Valentines Frog

Hopping into your Heart: Valentines Frog

Good morning everyone! I am coming to you this morning hot off the press of an adorable Valentines Day frog paper craft that I hope you enjoy making with your little one as much as I did! Perfect for homeschool, preshool, or just a rainy Saturday, all you really need is a variety of stock […]

DIY Valentines Tutorial for Bow and Arrow Heart Appetizer, easy craft, free silhouette file and PDF

DIY Cupids Bow and Arrow- Free Files

This weekend I was a crafting fool! I had all sorts of inspiration running wild, which is normal for me in Feb. I love Valentines and hearts and all things love when it comes to crafting. My supply of colored card stock from Staples sometimes looks like I AM Staples. Btw, I was just in […]

DIY EOS Valentines, perfect for tweens, teens and teachers, complete with FREE printabels and Silhouette files

DIY EOS Valentines: Free PDF and Silhouette Files

Last week I shared with you my EOS Valentines Printable, which I spent like all day making for everyone, and I was so excited by it that I wanted to make more! Since I already had the perfect EOS hole, this went a ton quicker and you can expect more creative holiday and seasonal crafts […]

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How to make Glitter Playdough with a sweet smell, perfect for Valentines Day kids fun!

Homemade Glitter Playdough Recipe (smells sweet too!)

Over the years I have had to have purchased at least 900 play dough containers. Honestly. I am not a mom that has a fear of play dough, I don’t force it to go outside or only in the kitchen, I’m like..lets play! Its cool! Create! But what I can say is that my littles […]

2015 weekly, monthly, and yearly printable goal sheet

Monthly Saving Challenge Printables

Like all of you, I cannot believe we are in 2015. Every year when we switch over to January I feel hopeful. Hopeful of what is to come, thankful that its a new beginning, and excited to create new memories! And one of the promises I made myself last year after purchasing a new home […]

EOS Valentines: Perfect Valentine Handout for Teens, Free Printable, Free Silhouette Cut file

EOS Valentine Printable and Free Silhouette File

Somewhere around Christmas time I saw these adorable gifts being handed out using EOS lip care as a Rudolph nose. Adorable. Just freaking adorable. And it got me thinking…what could I create for Valentines! Now we do not lack EOS containers around here. I was first introduced to them years and years ago when I […]

lion valentines day craft for kids, including free printable lion face and more

‘Heart of a Lion’ Valentines Day Project

The other day Phoenyx came home from church with this adorable Handprint Lion Mane. Its been on my counter for a week now because it was so cute I could not file it in the trash (oh, come on, you know we have to throw the art away at some point). I wanted to recreate […]

Valentines Card printables, free!

Free Envelope Printables For Valentines Day

For the past week I have been really focused on creating a printable…any printable really. I have researched, looked for templates, software, you name it. Turns out pretty much all you can do is hand create one, so that is what I did. I am very excited to offer you my VERY FIRST Free Envelope […]


Pinwheel Pencil Valentines: You Blow Me Away, Valentine!

This week I have been racking my brain for cute pencil topper ideas. I sorta love the idea of passing out valentines pencils instead of just cards and letting my daughter make something makes her happy, so its win/win. Originally I really wanted these Pinwheels to actually turn when you blew on them but that […]

DIY Crayon Hearts and Valentine’s Day Cards Craft for Kids

DIY Melted Crayon Heart Valentines

  The past few years projects that include broken crayon pieces have been winding up everywhere- and why not? If you have kids that are hard on your crayons as much as mine are, you can go through a box of these every few weeks. Our arts and crafts projects are already on the high […]

mosaic Heart valentine

15 Ways to Say I Love You with Valentine’s Day Crafting

Valentine’s Day is not always just for us adults and parents. One of the most fun things we can do this, and every, Valentine’s Day is to do some crafts with our children…as well as for our loved ones. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it is so true that it means so much more […]

White chocolate and hot pink nonpareils valentines

White Chocolate and Pink Nonpareil Dipped Strawberries

Gearing up for Valentines day around here means Valentines day crafts and easy Desserts to share with your hunny. And what better way to represent a loving holiday then a nice red round perfect strawberry covered in white chocolate and sprinkled with life’s favorite little candies. Am I right?  Am I right? Now I have […]

silhouette paper

3D Homemade Wrapping Paper Ideas

  Looking for a fun and inspiring way to wrap your gifts this year? Skip the aisle at the local big box brand and make your own organic looking (and environmentally friendly) take on personalizing your best gifts! Tip: In lie of our cutting machine, you can also prebuy die cuts, use a shape cutter […]

31 days of Christmas Gifting in Mason Jars, 31 amazing and creative Mason Jar DIY ideas

31 days of Christmas Gifting (in Mason Jars)

Are you looking for some last minute gifts this year? Have no fear! We have scoured the web for some of the best Mason Jar DIY and Crafts that will make your monthly or last minute gifting a breeze. Check out our 31 Days of Christmas Giving with Mason Jars for trendy ideas that are easy to […]

bic marker projects : digital pdf booklet of inspirational crafting permanent marker ideas

Permanent Marker Craft Projects Download: FREE!

This post brought to you by BIC®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of trisha. Looking for some fun projects that include gorgeous permanent markers? The holidays are great times to do that but year round I find comfort in BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers and all the ways they bring beautiful colors and […]

beach cottage wreath diy

20 Beach Themed Christmas DIY Ideas

I think it is safe to say that I’m a beach girl. I love everything about it. The refreshing breeze, the sound of the waves, and the salty smell in the air. All of it makes me incredibly happy. This happiness has seeped through to the way I celebrate Christmas. It has been a passion […]

colored deviled eggs

Christmas Deviled Eggs that WOW

A few years ago we made these beautiful Dyed Deviled eggs for Easter and I had quite forgotten about them. Till this week. I had purchased some food dye for icing and it was laying on the counter. I don’t know how memories worked, but I walked by and a spark went off. I decided […]

Dear Santa Letter Printable FREE

Free Dear Santa Printable Set

This time of the year shopping is on everyone’s mind. You may be asking yourself questions like  “How do I save more?”   “Am I getting the best deals?”   “Will everyone on my list love what I buy?”   You may also be asking yourself “Is it over yet??” Truthfully I adore the holidays. […]

DIY snowglobe

15 DIY Ways to Make Snow Globes

As a child, I loved snow globes. I would pick them up every time I saw them during my vacations (hello! we all buy them at the airport!), received them as gifts from out of town family members and now my daughter collects them! I think the love of snow globes is not an uncommon one.  I […]

10 handprint craft collection perfect for ornaments, classrooms, at home playtime! Get your toes and hands all painted up for some sensory fun

10 Handprint Crafts for Christmas

I adore handprint crafts. With a three year old they are some of the most fun and creative things we can do together. On top of that, there are craft options for every single event or holiday you could possibly ever think of…which brings me to the topic of the absolute best, most adorable, festive, […]

Free snowman printable sheet, dress up mrs snowman with this free coloring sheet

Snowman Printables : 4 Activity Sheets

You may have been checking out some of the printables one by one but I wanted to include an easy to print 4 page activity set! This snowman printable set includes a Dress Me Up Snow Woman Count the Snowman Snowman Family Color Sheet Draw a Snowman House sheet Snowman Printables : 4 Activity Sheets […]

christmas ball wreath tutorial

Christmas Ball Wreath Tutorial

For the past week my awesome husband has been home hanging out with me on his winter vacation and while we did a lot of nothing, yesterday we did go out and decorate the house. Its been pretty fun watching some really nice decor go up around my neighborhood but we have been slacking the […]

Free Printable: Count the snow man and color them in this free sheet

Free Snowman Printable : Count the Snowmen

I love how coloring sheets can also be educational! If you have been following along you know that I hand drew some coloring sheets to help out your kids and mine. I love the holidays but there can often be restless moments waiting at houses, restaurants and all the holiday excitement. Free free to print […]

coloring page

Snow Family Free Printable: Coloring Sheet

Ready for another Snowman Printable?  Check out this little snow family coloring page. You can print off by  just hitting the picture below or  the text link. PRINT SNOWMAN COLORING SHEET HERE     How to Print a Printable Remember when you are printing coloring sheets that you should always use the printer setting SHRINK […]

Make a perfect Christmas Ornament with a Paperclip and Curly Ribbon, Fun, Inexpensive Chrismas DIY

Paper Clip + Curly Ribbon = Homemade Ornaments

I have finally retired Thanksgiving Crafts. I have to admit- it makes me sad. I was so getting used to publishing turkeys that they had become part of my every day. But the internet around me has been celebrating Christmas for the past 6 weeks- EASY. And its finally time to conform. Or catch up […]

buildus a house

Snowman Printable: Build me a House

Alright. Before you make fun of me, I am not an artist. Yes, I can craft, but my creativity leaves somewhere at the pencil. Except here is the great thing- my kids do not care. My son is 3 and I could be Picasso in his eyes and my daughter, even if she notices, is […]