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decorating house for christmas


I wanted to let you know that May is National Moving Month and it could not be a more beautiful month to move in! Around here we are finally getting tons of flowers, a blazing sun and yes, school ending. Last year we moved in June but we started our process in May so we know how all that goes! Which was why I am so excited to share that I was recently featured in a press release on PR Newswire for National Moving Month! "In our last move, I easily spent 50 hours doing research online, … [Read More...]

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decorating house for christmas


I wanted to let you know that May is National Moving Month and it could not be a more beautiful month to move in! Around here we are finally getting tons of flowers, a blazing sun and yes, school ending. Last year we moved in June but we started our process in May so we […]

sweet guy

Hop ‘n’ Roll – Gymboree Little Boy Spring 2015

As always, Gymborees Spring styles are adorable and this year is no exception, bringing you perfect mix and match styles that go with the rhythm of play! From Tshirts to tanks, solid, stripes, and patterns, no matter what your little fashion star loves, its a line we can all agree one- that is is ready […]

razor handle free

ShaveMob : Do the Razors Actually Work??

Last year some time, after a round of cute commercials, my husband was semi-interested in Dollar Shave Club. And why  not? They offer decently priced razors that are glammed up to be as great as drug store versions and with auto ship, you will never have a fuzzy face again. So I invested. I got […]


Moving Checklist Made Easy

  Buying a new home is a stressful but exciting process. New space, new layout, new things to decorate. Chris and I looked at nearly a dozen homes before buying our new home last year – walking in to each one and trying to imagine what all of our stuff would look like in their […]


School, Spring Break and Summer: Snacking for all Seasons!

This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own. This week we have had QUITE the spring break. I had all these crazy fun things planned like crafting and pool time and back yard time and trips to the Cape… OK, maybe not THAT one, but […]

earth day plant a tree

Join @LandsEnd to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day Celebration April 22nd I am so excited for Earth Day this year! We are really big on nature and being outside, so trees are the Haas Family’s BFF. Our house is only a year old but last summer we put in two new trees in the front yard, in the fall we put […]


Bring Back the Fun for Bath Times

Some kids love bath time. They love the splash, the suds, the refreshing feeling. But what if yours don’t? Or, they could love it today and think it’s the worst kind of torture tomorrow. Stressed out of your wits? Wondering how to get your tiny tots to change their minds? Here are some handy pointers […]

hunter westover heated fan

Hunter Westover Heated Fan Review

Back in February MomDot partnered with Hunter Fans and gave away a fan on our Facebook page, which was a total blast. But as part of that, Hunter Fans was nice enough to offer me a fan of my choice to test in my home and considering I just moved into a new home last […]

red power ranger

Power Rangers Dino Charge

Power Rangers Dino Charge Toy Its been a long time since I was a kid (like a long time) but I can still remember how popular Power Rangers since I was a teen. Seeing them around now where I can introduce them to my kids is a fun and nostalgic way for us all to play, […]

young living conditioner review

Young Living Shampoo Review: Did it work?

If you know me at all there are two things that you probably turn to me for: Hair care and Books. In my world I combine them both by taking a bath while conditioning and reading- if you haven’t tried it, try it. Fabulous hair and a fabulous book makes for a really great bedtime. So when […]

call out

Behind the Scenes at Mobile Mardi Gras

February tends to be the busiest time of the year for our family. Not only is it the beginning of the year for work, but we have a handful of important birthdays and of course, Mardi Gras. Whether you live int he south or not you have likely heard of Mardi Gras. Its often associated […]

Oola infused 7 with Young Living comes april 6th 2015

Infused7 New OOLA Oils Come to Young Living

UPDATE: OOLA INFUSED7 is now LIVE and available for you to purchase. When you purchase through this link, you will be eligible to join our Young Living Community where we will guide you through every step of the way with your oils!  Here is a screenshot of the location of OOLA in your Young Living […]

Brain Chase Educational games

Global Online Treasure Hunt for Kids

  We all know how it is to be a kid in summer-time. Everyone looks forward to it- heck even I do because we have a lot of great things planned with Phoenyx being older. That is until the kids go back to school and you realize they forgot pretty much everything they learned the past […]


The Gang’s All Here: Creating the Perfect Hang Out Spot in the Home For Moms

Your days of spending time in cafes and bars with friends may have pretty much come to an end when you became a mom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy quality time with your buddies. By following some simple tips, you can turn your home into the perfect hangout spot for you and your […]


Join Young Living as a Distributor

Direct sales can be one of the most fulfilling and profitable ways to own your own business. They typically have low start up costs, tons of support and hoards of resources. But finding a company that is in tune with today’s technology as well as the purchasing pulse of people can be frustrating. That is […]


My 3 year old hits on this teacher …and is good at it.

See this smile? If you follow me on Facebook you already know that that devilish smile belongs to my 3 year old and he used an ENTIRE bottle of Axe that day.  Can you smell him from there? Oh and this smile from today? Well I doused him myself with Axe White label. Today is […]


Make Your Man Feel Like a MVP

In our house smelling good is not an option- its a requirement. And thankfully all the men in my house, while surrounded by us girly girls, still find a way to get manly. Yep, even the little one. And I know Axe isn’t for 3 year olds, but what can you expect from my grown […]


Snuza Hero Portable Baby Monitor Review

Hello! I’m Kiersten and I’m expecting my first child, a daughter, this May. Because her kids have outgrown the whole baby stage, Trisha asked if I’d like to stop by MomDot once in a while to share my thoughts about products for infants and toddlers. My response was, “Of course!” Because I’m agreeable like that. […]


Reasons Moms Don’t Get Sick Days: Coping

  I cannot remember a worse cold season in our history living here in Alabama. Its not the coldest winter ever, but it has been absolutely brutal when it comes to keeping my entire family well. Goes from one sick preschooler, to a sick 4th grader, sick daddy, sick preschooler, sick daddy again…oy. And then […]


Book Series that I recommend

My friends are always asking me what I am reading and what series books I love- I scanned my bookshelves and while this doesnt begin to cover my love of books, here are some of my favorite series that I believe you should read. Most fall in the YA genre but all are fantastic!   […]


Blonde to red hair color….which one do you like on me?

Hey all! I hope you have had a wonderful amazing Feb and I wanted to do a hiya. Ive been over here having some Mardi Gras fun and dealing some kid sickness (unfun). I like to keep you updated on my life, my books, my kids and oh yes, my hair color. Last month I started […]

5 things to bring to the Pediatrician

Five Things to Bring to the Pediatrician

The past week I have been to the Dr more times than I really wanted to in 2015. It all started on Charlotte’s birthday- Phoenyx got a runny nose. Which in hours had turned into a face rash and a stuffy nose. And it didn’t end there. After 2 days of realizing that the mystery […]

what skills do kindergarten learn

Four Kindergarten Skills Your Child Will Need to Learn

Is your child in kindergarten? If this is the first year your child will go to school, you can be sure its an important year for him and you alike. You can expect that your child will learn many new skills in the upcoming months, all of which serve as a foundation for the rest of their […]

Limeapple Tween Girls Clothing , perfect for your cheerleader, gymnast and more! Great gym clothing

Limeapple Tween Girls Clothing: Athletic and Beyond

Before I had a daughter I was sure I would have a ballerina. Why not? I loved ballet, I would put her in it and she would fall in love and be a prima ballerina at 18. Right? Totally wrong. From the get go, Charlotte was super athletic but not overly girly. She started in […]

phoenyx blogging

Parenting Hack: Let your kids shave safely with this common bathroom item

Phoenyx is such his fathers son. He does his own hair. He flosses and brushes. He puts on cologne. And…he shaves. The shaving this new. I had no idea when he decided he wanted to shave but it was just a mere week or two ago when I realized the water in the bathroom was […]

thanksgiving food craft

Teaching Your Kids Compassion

As we get deeper into the November holiday month there are two things on everyone’s mind: Food and Family. You may be asking yourself what you are going to serve to attending guests for Thanksgiving or what you are going to bring if you are heading off to someone else. You may be already planning […]

hot pink highlights

Punky Colour Flamingo: I dyed my hair hot pink!

I have been dying my hair since  I was a teen (not a great decision, but you know…) and have been about every color in the rainbow. Approximately 3 weeks ago I went and decided to have  the salon do a slight red to my hair to see if I liked it . I wanted […]

Potty Training Ideas, what worked for our Son

Potty Training Our Son: What worked

If you follow me at all in any form of social media, you will have noticed I talk about potty training…a LOT. The past 3 years of Phoenyxs life I have been a work at home mom. I generally have had someone come in and help watch him 3-4 hours a day a few times […]

Cutie Cube Makeup organizer , see the best way to stay organized with before and after photos

Organizing My Makeup- Finally!

I love makeup and hair products. I know you know that about me, after all I sell Younique and I am always telling you about the newest coupon to get beauty products. While I would say I am finicky about some products, I am more often someone that loves to try it all. The problem […]


Thomas & Friends Journey to Rewards Program

If you are like us, you have big huge Thomas the Train fans in your house!  From awesome motorized sets that allow for some super fun challenges (and a few crashes, ha!), to fold us sets you can carry to a friends house and even good old fashioned wooden tracks and table. Benefits of Train […]


Halloween Through the Years

With Halloween just around the corner, there are a lot more things to think about than just costumes. Although in my house, that is all Charlotte is thinking about! She is totally convinced she wants to be Super-Girl, but why I have no idea. She has never seen Superman, we don’t watch it on TV […]


You know what goes with Cake? Ice cream!

3 years ago, after 10 months of blogging about how sad I was to be pregnant, I gave birth to one of the greatest joys of my life- my son Phoenyx. On Saturday we welcomed in his 3rd birthday with tons of family and friends and pets (my 6, plus my dad brought his dog […]

Hello Kitty Room Makeover

Hello Kitty Room Makeover and Decor !

Last month Walmart let me know about some new EXCLUSIVE Hello Kitty room products that were coming out and asked if Charlotte would like to showcase them to you all. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what Charlotte would say. Like most little girls she loves Hello Kitty (and call things Kitty and Cat) but […]

Create easy and inexpensive kid friendly cubby holes with $3 baskets and zip ties

$3 Baskets + Zip Ties = DIY Cubby Storage

Having just moved we have stuff EVERYWHERE. We have cleaned out a lot but when you are unpacking boxes and trying to put everything in a new place, it can be overwhelming – and expensive. So a few weeks ago walking through Target I noticed little plastic baskets (that were just over $3 a piece) […]


In school suspension for saying “Bless You” after a sneeze. For real?

About 5 minutes ago one of my very good blogger friends shared that a family member of hers was allegedly sent to in school suspension for saying ‘Bless You’ in a high school class today. Bless you. As in someone sneezed and she said “Bless You.” High School Sr Kendra Turner  Did this seriously just happen […]

Rocky Mountain River Racer water slide little tikes

Rocky Mountain River Race Waterslide Review

As a work at home/stay at home mom, keeping the kids busy all summer is a challenge. Even when the kids are lucky enough to have an awesome sitter, they are outdoor kids and we need lots and lots of outdoor ideas. Sadly the one we had got RIPPED in our house move! It was […]

Aluminyze your photos for indestructible wall art

Aluminyze: Indestructible even with a 2 Year old

On June 13th, 2014 we moved into a new house. Its something we have talked about and dreamed about for a long time – I mean who doesn’t love flipping through Zillow or Trulia and checking out everyone elses stuff. What we didn’t expect was to fall in love with a property that was perfect […]


Rich kid vs Poor Kid

Today I picked Charlotte up from archery and the first thing she says when she gets in the car is “I can bring the iPad to school!!” I’m like…uh, no. She gets all “WHY NOT???! We are using it the classroom.” Me…uh, no. Turns out she is right. They sent home this letter letting parents […]

5 summer books you must read, wont be able to put down and will def recommend to others

5 Summer Books Worth Reading and Recommending

Can you believe that its the middle of July and summer is nearly coming to an end? I know a lot of parents cannot wait for school to be back in and I may feel that way when I have both kids of school age, but I am a bit sad that it’s creeping up to […]

Create DIY Custom Nailpolish colors with younique pigments and blushes, www.asyouniqueasyouare.com

Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments

As you all know I love makeup. And as you all also know, I am a Younique rep and have shared those 3d Fiber Lashes before that everyone loves!  But Younique has a ton more makeup available than just those lashes, the least of which are blushes and pigments that can be used for eye […]