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5 things to bring to the Pediatrician

5 Things to Bring to the Pediatrician

The past week I have been to the Dr more times than I really wanted to in 2015. It all started on Charlotte’s birthday- Phoenyx got a runny nose. Which in hours had turned into a face rash and a stuffy nose. And it didn’t end there. After 2 days of realizing that the mystery […]

what skills do kindergarten learn

4 Kindergarten Skills Your Child Will Need to Learn

Is your child in kindergarten? If this is the first year your child will go to school, you can be sure its an important year for him and you alike. You can expect that your child will learn many new skills in the upcoming months, all of which serve as a foundation for the rest of their […]

Limeapple Tween Girls Clothing , perfect for your cheerleader, gymnast and more! Great gym clothing

Limeapple Tween Girls Clothing: Athletic and Beyond

Before I had a daughter I was sure I would have a ballerina. Why not? I loved ballet, I would put her in it and she would fall in love and be a prima ballerina at 18. Right? Totally wrong. From the get go, Charlotte was super athletic but not overly girly. She started in […]

phoenyx blogging

Parenting Hack: Let your kids shave safely with this common bathroom item

Phoenyx is such his fathers son. He does his own hair. He flosses and brushes. He puts on cologne. And…he shaves. The shaving this new. I had no idea when he decided he wanted to shave but it was just a mere week or two ago when I realized the water in the bathroom was […]

thanksgiving food craft

Teaching Your Kids Compassion

As we get deeper into the November holiday month there are two things on everyone’s mind: Food and Family. You may be asking yourself what you are going to serve to attending guests for Thanksgiving or what you are going to bring if you are heading off to someone else. You may be already planning […]

hot pink highlights

Punky Colour Flamingo: I dyed my hair hot pink!

I have been dying my hair since  I was a teen (not a great decision, but you know…) and have been about every color in the rainbow. Approximately 3 weeks ago I went and decided to have  the salon do a slight red to my hair to see if I liked it . I wanted […]

Potty Training Ideas, what worked for our Son

Potty Training Our Son: What worked

If you follow me at all in any form of social media, you will have noticed I talk about potty training…a LOT. The past 3 years of Phoenyxs life I have been a work at home mom. I generally have had someone come in and help watch him 3-4 hours a day a few times […]

Cutie Cube Makeup organizer , see the best way to stay organized with before and after photos

Organizing My Makeup- Finally!

I love makeup and hair products. I know you know that about me, after all I sell Younique and I am always telling you about the newest coupon to get beauty products. While I would say I am finicky about some products, I am more often someone that loves to try it all. The problem […]


Thomas & Friends Journey to Rewards Program

If you are like us, you have big huge Thomas the Train fans in your house!  From awesome motorized sets that allow for some super fun challenges (and a few crashes, ha!), to fold us sets you can carry to a friends house and even good old fashioned wooden tracks and table. Benefits of Train […]


Halloween Through the Years

With Halloween just around the corner, there are a lot more things to think about than just costumes. Although in my house, that is all Charlotte is thinking about! She is totally convinced she wants to be Super-Girl, but why I have no idea. She has never seen Superman, we don’t watch it on TV […]


You know what goes with Cake? Ice cream!

3 years ago, after 10 months of blogging about how sad I was to be pregnant, I gave birth to one of the greatest joys of my life- my son Phoenyx. On Saturday we welcomed in his 3rd birthday with tons of family and friends and pets (my 6, plus my dad brought his dog […]

Hello Kitty Room Makeover

Hello Kitty Room Makeover and Decor !

Last month Walmart let me know about some new EXCLUSIVE Hello Kitty room products that were coming out and asked if Charlotte would like to showcase them to you all. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what Charlotte would say. Like most little girls she loves Hello Kitty (and call things Kitty and Cat) but […]

Create easy and inexpensive kid friendly cubby holes with $3 baskets and zip ties

$3 Baskets + Zip Ties = DIY Cubby Storage

Having just moved we have stuff EVERYWHERE. We have cleaned out a lot but when you are unpacking boxes and trying to put everything in a new place, it can be overwhelming – and expensive. So a few weeks ago walking through Target I noticed little plastic baskets (that were just over $3 a piece) […]


In school suspension for saying “Bless You” after a sneeze. For real?

About 5 minutes ago one of my very good blogger friends shared that a family member of hers was allegedly sent to in school suspension for saying ‘Bless You’ in a high school class today. Bless you. As in someone sneezed and she said “Bless You.” High School Sr Kendra Turner  Did this seriously just happen […]

Rocky Mountain River Racer water slide little tikes

Rocky Mountain River Race Waterslide Review

As a work at home/stay at home mom, keeping the kids busy all summer is a challenge. Even when the kids are lucky enough to have an awesome sitter, they are outdoor kids and we need lots and lots of outdoor ideas. Sadly the one we had got RIPPED in our house move! It was […]

Aluminyze your photos for indestructible wall art

Aluminyze: Indestructible even with a 2 Year old

On June 13th, 2014 we moved into a new house. Its something we have talked about and dreamed about for a long time – I mean who doesn’t love flipping through Zillow or Trulia and checking out everyone elses stuff. What we didn’t expect was to fall in love with a property that was perfect […]


Rich kid vs Poor Kid

Today I picked Charlotte up from archery and the first thing she says when she gets in the car is “I can bring the iPad to school!!” I’m like…uh, no. She gets all “WHY NOT???! We are using it the classroom.” Me…uh, no. Turns out she is right. They sent home this letter letting parents […]

5 summer books you must read, wont be able to put down and will def recommend to others

5 Summer Books Worth Reading and Recommending

Can you believe that its the middle of July and summer is nearly coming to an end? I know a lot of parents cannot wait for school to be back in and I may feel that way when I have both kids of school age, but I am a bit sad that it’s creeping up to […]

Create DIY Custom Nailpolish colors with younique pigments and blushes, www.asyouniqueasyouare.com

Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments

As you all know I love makeup. And as you all also know, I am a Younique rep and have shared those 3d Fiber Lashes before that everyone loves!  But Younique has a ton more makeup available than just those lashes, the least of which are blushes and pigments that can be used for eye […]


5 Ways to Play with your kids without Creativity

I have a lot of friends that tell me they are not creative. But I have learned a lot of things about parenting and the biggest one is you don’t need the most expensive toy, the best and biggest backyard, or the most creative idea… you just need to get out there and be involved. […]


What happens when Parents are on Facebook

So the other day I was sitting on my back porch (which overlooks our super tiny fenced in backyard) while Phoenyx played in the grass. Because the porch is raised up, my view of him isn’t direct when he is running around, although he is 10 feet from me. At many points during the day, I […]


Parenting a little boy….my life in 6 seconds

I discovered Vine. I know I am about a year behind and its riddled with really young teenagers and lots of porn, but but but, I do love it. When you have a child that is 2, life really does happen in 6-7 second increments…so I thought I would share with you my life as a stay […]

Beach Nursery

Giving up on naptime or just a bad kids mattress?

In Feb my best friend Nicole came to visit and one thing she made mention of me several times since is how NICE it was to sleep on my mattress. She didn’t wake up once and was comfortable all night long. It’s true, having a great mattress is something that we all should have but […]


I’m Watching you!

Lately P has been hilarious. He is turning into such a little boy (that needs a serious haircut). Check out his expressions yesterday when he sees me watching him…he got all self conscious.


The last week around here…

I suppose since I started doing more crafts around here (what? That is what yall read!) I haven’t spent as much time talking about the kids. I have been reserving that for intense complaining in social media, so I thought I would give a run down of my past 2 weeks.  1) We lost Little […]


When your kid has a good point.

Last night we had an “incident”. I just want to say this parenting thing…it’s hard. There is no cut and dry response, you do what you can, when you can and you hope that at the end your kids are alive and happy.  If you follow my Facebook page you may know that my daughters […]


Working with a Cat from home

Everyone says how hard it is working at home with kids. I know. I do it. But this is what it’s like working with cats. You take a picture. Then the cat notices…Hey mom. What are you doinnggg…..ooh, playtime! Then it’s all downhill.   Then when I ignored him, he went to my feet to […]


Our week in iPhone Pictures..

Kitties hugging Horseback riding lessons When P gets up in the morning he always runs to the kitty for love. I enjoy seeing such iconic Christmas characters in the store. This guy is all over Hobby Lobby. It occurred to me if your child can rainbow loom, they can probably knit. Testing out these products […]


Say W. T. F. ?

As many of you know I sell makeup so I was checking out models on Fiverr. And I saw this girl. And watched her video. And was like…ok…hmm…. And then I was all like.. what?   What? WHAT?         And only $5? Sold. ~Trisha


Death by Toddler: Episode 3

Yesterday morning I was on the phone with Kim and when I hung up, I found this trail….           Did he really have to test them all to find ONE?     ~Trisha Other Death By Toddler Episodes from the Haas house. Kitchen of Cornmeal Spicy Mixup


Friendly Government Intervention…

Am I in the great big book of Crap Parent or something? First, a few weeks ago, I get this letter from of all places our health insurance encouraging me to get Phoenyx more vaccines. I admit it, he isn’t caught up. He isn’t in daycare, he is a fully stay at home kid in […]


Paul Walker Dead a day after Hoax

Paul Walker died in a car crash today in what sounded a lot like one of his movies. And tragically the news was hard to believe as his death was widely circulated just yesterday. The Hoax page, RIP Paul Walker stated: At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (November 29, 2013), our beloved actor Paul […]

retro dress

Check out my new Retro Dress!

I really like retro clothes. I mean really like. I love how they are meant to fit women, that they are curvy and girly and all things “cool”. I don’t really like the price on them, but since they are generally not mass produced and also come in higher grade materials, I understand the cost. […]

love notes

Our Week in Pictures

Hey all, show n tell time… its “our week in cell phone pictures” otherwise known as ” I don’t have an instagram account.” Christmas tree was put up last night. Now it’s ready to be decorated! Chris sent me surprise for no reason flowers and about 30 minutes after these arrived…. this adorable bamboo plant […]

toys 001

The Abandoned Love

She smiles, but oh, she does not mean it. She weeps inside. Her hair longing to be brushed. To be held. To be part of just a day. Alone. Strewn in a chair. Lonely. He once showed such promise. Now tossed aside. The smell of gas. The sound of an engine rumble… No Races to […]


Care before you share.

Over the years I haven’t had much to be shocked out on the internet. Between viral posts, duck lips, people sharing every waking moment and thought, fights, relationship woes and more, I think its pretty safe to say we are all a bit numb on what we read – and what we say. There is […]


When being yourself just isn’t good enough.

Every day I get a few hundred emails. And while I delete most of them, every now and again Ill click a link to see what its all about. Today I got a pitch for a photobook company. I have ordered photo books in the past and I adore having them. The last time I […]


Kittens: Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen Free.

Dear Internet, Today I woke up exhausted. Overwhelmingly mentally burdened and exhausted. As the pitter patter of little kitten feet ran from room to room in ongoing and leaping attacks, I was yet again reminded how irresponsible and ignorant the human race can be. I am SO over, SO OVER, the abuse and neglect we […]

run kitty run!

Run, Hercules, Run!

Cocoa be like “I’m GONNA KILL YOU.”   Introductions went poorly as you can see. Trisha


Death by Toddler: Second Edition

Pardon me why I go take a shower to get the garlic, oregano, cilantro and slew of spices we never use, out of my eyes. In “Death by Toddler: Second Addition” this morning, I bring you “2 year old that learns to stand on his toys to reach pushed back from the counter items for […]