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Beach Nursery

Giving up on naptime or just a bad kids mattress?

In Feb my best friend Nicole came to visit and one thing she made mention of me several times since is how NICE it was to sleep on my mattress. She didn’t wake up once and was comfortable all night long. It’s true, having a great mattress is something that we all should have but […]


I’m Watching you!

Lately P has been hilarious. He is turning into such a little boy (that needs a serious haircut). Check out his expressions yesterday when he sees me watching him…he got all self conscious.


The last week around here…

I suppose since I started doing more crafts around here (what? That is what yall read!) I haven’t spent as much time talking about the kids. I have been reserving that for intense complaining in social media, so I thought I would give a run down of my past 2 weeks.  1) We lost Little […]


When your kid has a good point.

Last night we had an “incident”. I just want to say this parenting thing…it’s hard. There is no cut and dry response, you do what you can, when you can and you hope that at the end your kids are alive and happy.  If you follow my Facebook page you may know that my daughters […]


Fires up over the winter! Are you prepared?

Last night when Charlotte was getting ready for bed, I noticed she had a nightgown on with pants. I was like…”Um, Charlotte? Why in the world are you wearing pants with your nightgown?” She responded “In case of a fire, I want to have pants on.” While I was a little taken aback of her […]


Rich kid vs Poor Kid

Today I picked Charlotte up from archery and the first thing she says when she gets in the car is “I can bring the iPad to school!!” I’m like…uh, no. She gets all “WHY NOT???! We are using it the classroom.” Me…uh, no. Turns out she is right. They sent home this letter letting parents […]


Working with a Cat from home

Everyone says how hard it is working at home with kids. I know. I do it. But this is what it’s like working with cats. You take a picture. Then the cat notices…Hey mom. What are you doinnggg…..ooh, playtime! Then it’s all downhill.   Then when I ignored him, he went to my feet to […]


Our week in iPhone Pictures..

Kitties hugging Horseback riding lessons When P gets up in the morning he always runs to the kitty for love. I enjoy seeing such iconic Christmas characters in the store. This guy is all over Hobby Lobby. It occurred to me if your child can rainbow loom, they can probably knit. Testing out these products […]


Say W. T. F. ?

As many of you know I sell jewelry with Mialisia so I was checking out models on Fiverr. And I saw this girl. And watched her video. And was like…ok…hmm…. And then I was all like.. what?   What? WHAT?       And only $5? Sold. ~Trisha


Death by Toddler: Episode 3

Yesterday morning I was on the phone with Kim and when I hung up, I found this trail….           Did he really have to test them all to find ONE?     ~Trisha Other Death By Toddler Episodes from the Haas house. Kitchen of Cornmeal Spicy Mixup


Friendly Government Intervention…

Am I in the great big book of Crap Parent or something? First, a few weeks ago, I get this letter from of all places our health insurance encouraging me to get Phoenyx more vaccines. I admit it, he isn’t caught up. He isn’t in daycare, he is a fully stay at home kid in […]


Paul Walker Dead a day after Hoax

Paul Walker died in a car crash today in what sounded a lot like one of his movies. And tragically the news was hard to believe as his death was widely circulated just yesterday. The Hoax page, RIP Paul Walker stated: At about 11 a.m. ET on Friday (November 29, 2013), our beloved actor Paul […]

retro dress

Check out my new Retro Dress!

I really like retro clothes. I mean really like. I love how they are meant to fit women, that they are curvy and girly and all things “cool”. I don’t really like the price on them, but since they are generally not mass produced and also come in higher grade materials, I understand the cost. […]

christmas tree

Our Week in Pictures

Hey all, show n tell time… its “our week in cell phone pictures” otherwise known as ” I don’t have an instagram account.” Christmas tree was put up last night. Now it’s ready to be decorated! Chris sent me surprise for no reason flowers and about 30 minutes after these arrived…. this adorable bamboo plant […]

toys 001

The Abandoned Love

She smiles, but oh, she does not mean it. She weeps inside. Her hair longing to be brushed. To be held. To be part of just a day. Alone. Strewn in a chair. Lonely. He once showed such promise. Now tossed aside. The smell of gas. The sound of an engine rumble… No Races to […]


Care before you share.

Over the years I haven’t had much to be shocked out on the internet. Between viral posts, duck lips, people sharing every waking moment and thought, fights, relationship woes and more, I think its pretty safe to say we are all a bit numb on what we read – and what we say. There is […]


When being yourself just isn’t good enough.

Every day I get a few hundred emails. And while I delete most of them, every now and again Ill click a link to see what its all about. Today I got a pitch for a photobook company. I have ordered photo books in the past and I adore having them. The last time I […]


Kittens: Buy a Dozen, Get a Dozen Free.

Dear Internet, Today I woke up exhausted. Overwhelmingly mentally burdened and exhausted. As the pitter patter of little kitten feet ran from room to room in ongoing and leaping attacks, I was yet again reminded how irresponsible and ignorant the human race can be. I am SO over, SO OVER, the abuse and neglect we […]

run kitty run!

Run, Hercules, Run!

Cocoa be like “I’m GONNA KILL YOU.”   Introductions went poorly as you can see. Trisha


Death by Toddler: Second Edition

Pardon me why I go take a shower to get the garlic, oregano, cilantro and slew of spices we never use, out of my eyes. In “Death by Toddler: Second Addition” this morning, I bring you “2 year old that learns to stand on his toys to reach pushed back from the counter items for […]


Have you had “The Talk” with your child’s friends’ parents?

This post is brought you by my loving husband who forever has been telling me he would love to write posts for me yet never seems to be motivated enough to do it. Well he finally got motivated very quickly after this incident… —————————————————— So, I bet you are wondering to yourself, what, “The Talk”, […]


I’m too Old for this…but I did it anyway.

This weekend I got a wild hair and decided to well…get some wild hair. I am probably way too old to pull this off, but since it fades uber quick and Halloween is the perfect excuse, I decided to get some dip dying done. Unlike a lot of brave, brave people that do this at […]


Common Core is making me stupider.

As you may know if you follow me on Facebook, I pretty much hate, with a capital H-A-T-E, this “new common core” math being taught. Every day it’s a massive struggle for Chris and me, him with a Masters Degree and myself with a Bachelors, to teach 3rd grade homework to our daughter. Putting aside […]


I may be the Cat & the Dog lady in one.

Now you KNOW that I am an animal family. To remind you, here are the animals I have shared with you on this blog over the years. Mei Sei Mae (we adopted her from an abused animal rescue…she died from Kidney failure after a long life with us) Paprika (she is a LOT fatter now […]


Breaking Bad: Suburbia Version

By most standards I live in a nice neighborhood. Before the market crash, the houses ran from around the $100-$350K range and most people keep up their lawns. And while I don’t really want to live in this city, overall I am happy with my house, most of my neighbors, and much of the community […]


The head of the new HOA Regulation Team (video)

Team Toddler regulating…


Breast Cancer Awareness Horse!

Chris and Charlotte went to a horse show competition on Saturday. The place she takes lessons from were competing and invited everyone out. And they text me this picture. If you look in the background you can see a polka dot butt back there too.   Pure awesomeness.   ~Trisha


What the wha???

I cannot tell you how hyped up I am at this note my friend Linda received today from her child’s school. Her child has to have DOCTORS NOTE to send a packed lunch to school. And does anyone notice the irony in the “health coordinator” and enforcement of no bagged lunches? (pic used w/ permission […]

imaginnext castle

Child Development: Learning How to Play Alone

One of the many skills that your baby will develop over a period of time will be the ability to play independently, and while the skill will come into its own as they grow, it’s a great one for them to learn as early as possible. Despite thinking that they need your unwavering attention at […]


My Week by Pictures: Shopping

Welcome to this weeks edition of “What I am doing when I am not here blogging.” Probably shopping. Here is my week in shopping!   Phoenyx and I spent some time at Toys R us looking at potential toy room upgrades. We ended up buying a fishing pole for the bathtub.   Got our Gymboree […]

Adopt a Kitten MomDot.com

A Tale of Two Tails: Family Wanted!

A week ago someone came to our door, two kittens abandoned in a neighborhood construction site. Its a tale that happens on a daily basis in this city. And although we are an adoptive pet family of 5, we knew that we could not sleep that night knowing there were two helpless babies outside alone. […]


Everyone could use a little Karma.

First I want to start this note by letting you all know that Leia was adopted!!!! Thank you to every person that supported my questions, offered advice, and sent food/collar to support her. ————————- Now onto the new saga. Two days ago, about 7:45am, my phone rang. My spouse. Not surprised at all because he […]


My Hair bleeds blue…

When you color your hair as much as I do, taking care of it isn’t something you think about..its something you incorporate into your daily routine. And having great hair? Well, that makes me feel better than a new tube of lipstick, a kitten, and a doughnut combined. (ok, maybe not a kitten, I love […]


How you know your child has a good soul…

The neighborhood kitty that doesn’t like the other kids (or adults) touching her will let Phoenyx walk right up.     He was like “look, see, hi kitty!” She rolled over and was laying practically on top of him. Charlotte goes to approach and she ran off.   ~Trisha    


Dear little girl….where did you go?

There are a lot of things in life I want my daughter to grow up as. I want her to be kind to animals. I want her to enjoy life and have fantastic relationships. I want her to value her family. I want her to understand, listen, have patience, and develop faith. Most of all, […]


I drive a gas guzzler.

My first car was a 1978 Chevy Chevette hatchback. Cost me $500 and a ton of money insurance to my dad every month. My second car, which I got my sophomore year in college, was a 1984 Nissan Maxima  I blew up the transmission on that car doing 75 down the interstate and hitting it […]


Peek a Boo with Phoenyx

We are getting along today. You count your blessings when you have a 2 year old.   ~trisha


Dry Bleached Hair. Will anything work?

Its been a long time since I royally screwed up my hair. But leave it to me to get all “creative” and take my blond hair   brown and hated it. Which is just as bad as when I did this….   Never Ever EVER let me cut my hair like a teenage girl again. […]


Haas House weekly round up!

The best way to know someone is check out what they keep on their phone, so in current blog tradition lately, I am showing the past weeks round up of “moms phone pictures.” Here is what I have been doing all week (as you can see, contrary to popular belief that bloggers do not hang […]


Fostering a dog… honestly, it’s kinda sad.

Because I need One. More. Project. around here like I need another 2 year old, we are helping foster a dog that was near death. Proving that Facebook isn’t always a bad thing, this picture appeared in my stream yesterday with a call out to Mobile, Alabama, which is where I live. MOBILE, ALABAMA! ***EMERGENCY […]