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Charlottes Halloween Costume


Do not ask me how much this Belle costume cost.

I refuse to disclose what I spent.

Its utterly embarrassing.

And my DH is going to kill me-which is why he is reading about it on the blog before I tell him.

roses 102

I have convinced myself that she can take her Christmas Photos in it too.

Oh, and possibly double it as her prom dress Sr. Year in high school.

That’s fair, right?



  1. Trisha,
    We purchased the Deluxe Disney princess costumes 2 yrs ago…Cimderella and Snow White. The girls wanted to wear them 2 yrs in a row AND since last year we have let them wear them for dress-up play. They have worn the crap out of them, so I think you spend your pennys very well! I guarantee Charlotte will wear it more than a dozen times for sure!

  2. I know how much that was, I wanted to get that for my daughter but we will wait for it to go on sale after halloween this year! She looks so cute it in tho so I dont think dh should mind 😉

  3. Awesome!!! Love Belle. If I had a daughter she’d totally be Belle too! You’re teaching your little girl that sometimes it’s OK to indulge and treat yourself like a princess!

  4. I think it’s adorable. She can also have a princess tea party. Did you get it at the Disney store?

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