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Check out my new Retro Dress!

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I really like retro clothes.

I mean really like.

I love how they are meant to fit women, that they are curvy and girly and all things “cool”.

I don’t really like the price on them, but since they are generally not mass produced and also come in higher grade materials, I understand the cost. The other night while surfing online I came across a site called Cats Like Us. The site is simple and they had two really cute dresses that I wanted. After debating I ordered one. I found a coupon code by searching the internet, so that was great too!

The dress shipped super quick and I just got it (ordered the 24th at night, got it this morning the 27th). The owner had a hand written thank you note, a little post card of her and her cats (#win) and the dress fit dead on for the sizing on the site.

I was so happy with my experience I wanted to share so you can check it out!

(Sorry for the totally crappy pictures. The sizing is right. I just have a small chest so I have to adjust that with a stitch before I wear it out.)

  retro dress


red retro dress

Like it? Order it here!


You think I could wear this to the Christmas Party?

39 Amazing Shares Facebook 36 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 1 Google+ 2 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 39 Amazing Shares ×


  1. Lorie Shewbridge says:

    I was just looking around on your blog and I found this post. November and December were rough months for me.
    Anyhoo… this is a gorgeous dress and looks fabulous on you – I hope you did wear it to a Christmas party with magnificent red shoes.
    I also love retro clothes, when I was thinner, I was able to wear some of my mother-in-law’s vintage dresses from the 30′s and 40′s, I wish I could still fit into them. I have donated them.
    I’m going to check out that site right now. If you get more outfits, please share.

  2. OH, come on! No videos of you spinning in your dress??? I know, I know you’re not 8 anymore. . . I must admit if I could wear a dress like that it’s the first thing I’d do :D

  3. You look so elegant. Classy. Classy.

  4. So cute! I like retro clothes, but I am more into the 60′s style retro. LOL I used to be able to find authentic pieces in the thrift stores and estate sales, but then shopping at thrift stores became trendy and all the hipsters bought the good stuff!

  5. Rebecca Orr says:

    Love it! I am not a dress girl at all. But even I would wear this.

  6. That is a gorgeous dress, and you could totally wear it for Christmas!

  7. It is SO cute! You look stunning in that dress!

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