Child star salaries and the top Highest paid kid actors

Ever wanted to know the top highest paid kid actors so you can put your kid out the door to get one of those buko-bucks kid actor salaries? Here are a few top Highest paid child actors that made these kids millionaires before they were 21:

Child Star Salaries

  • Not surprisingly, the Harry Potter actors are some of the Highest paid child stars. Through the success of the movies, books, and huge following, Daniel Radcliff rose up to 25 million per movie. When he first started making the films however, he was only paid $250K for the film.
  • Twilight star Kristen Stewart brought in 2 million for the first of the 3 part movie series, and a cool 12 million for the next movie. We call that a pay raise!
  • Abigal Breslin was able to demand more money as her roles got better, and now brings in 2 million for her roles in movies.
  • Dakota Fanning, most recently in Twilight that I can remember, is bringing in 4 million for her roles.She has really grown up to a beautiful woman. Is she a woman now? I dont think 15 is a woman. You know what i mean.
  • KeKe Palmar of Nick Jr fame makes 20K an episode. I guess you dont get that at McDonalds!
  • Miranda Cosgrove earns more than almost any kid on tv with a $180K salary per episode
  • Selena Gomez has something she can look forward to if she falls into Mirandas footsteps but right now can settle for a nice 25K per episode
  • Sprouse Twins make $40K for their roles on the Disney Channel
  • Miley Cyrus made only $15K for her stint as Hannah Montana…but we have a feeling it all worked out just fine
  • Angus T. Jones makes $250K for his role on Two and a Half Men
  • Gary Coleman earned $70K per episode

Wanna know what their adult counter parts make for their TV Star Salaries?


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    This just makes me sick! They have all this money and then throw it away on drugs, alcohol and turn to crime and other crap.
    Some of this money needs to go to help sick children and battered women… IMHO!!

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