Creating a Sisterhood Of Success in Blogging

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Creating a Sisterhood Of Success in Blogging

Fostering teamwork and creating a “sisterhood” within your Blog Life is critical to the long term success of your Blogger Career. One of the biggest factors to teamwork boils down to one word:


When you work on a campaign, your PR and fellow bloggers must understand, and believe the saying that “none of us is as good as all of us.”

Here are some tips to help make that happen:

Blogger Building Activities – At every blog gathering you want to play some soft of team building activity or break the ice amongst your fellow bloggers. This doesn’t require a ropes course or anyone signing a waiver – just something fun that lets your team laugh together and enjoy working together on something fun. Go around and talk a bit about your blogs, your favorite trip or campaign, and bring the unity together.

Form partnerships for Promotions – When you have a challenge, form partnerships with other bloggers! Much like in a classroom setting, when your team members are put together to work on a common goal, not only do friendships form, but often much more gets accomplished. You can cross link each other, feed off of each-others ideas, do a blog carnival, refer each other to PR reps that are a good fit and support one anothers posts.

Host Fun Events – Outside of typical “work” style events (conferences, etc), host fun excursions to meet up with local bloggers like cookouts, pedicure dates, luncheons, go to a sporting event… just something fun that will help to create those bonds. You can always talk “shop” and then write it off (hello, tax guy, lunch was on me!) and even get some great local material to blog about. A blog requires you to experience life to post content successfully so make sure you are doing that!

Give everyone their time to shine – We all have unique strengths and weaknesses that can often benefit one another. If you are part of a blog community, make sure you give them their “time to shine” by encouraging them! Leave helpful comments, tweet, facebook like, and even talk about them on your blog. Team work and comradeship is wonderful thing! I have found my strongest campaigns always come from support with other bloggers.

Activity that is REWARDED is REPEATED – When another blogger really helps you out – reward them! Make a big deal about it. People like having their “name in lights” so point out all of the good doings you can. It shows that you are a good person, a good blogger, and helps encourage you both in this very stressful career field.

Rules for Sisterhoods

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1) Support, support, support! Support each other! Life is hard enough already. When one sister is down, help her up! Don’t arrive only when it’s convenient – be there for other women when they need it. Encourage other women to reach their goals, hopes and dreams.

2) Uphold the beliefs of the sisterhood. All the way. Be a true representative – not flimsy. Be a leader. Don’t hide your support for the sisterhood. If you know it holds true for you, and know its value – be a true representative.

As Malcolm X once said: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”.

3) Be Unrealistic. Aim high. If other women want to start a new women’s group – support them! If they want the fairytale love story – support them! If members of the sisterhood want to take it to the next level – support them.

Don’t be realistic. It’s unrealistic to become a Hollywood movie star. It’s unrealistic to connect humans halfway across the world through an invisible communication medium (mobile phones, landlines). It’s unrealistic to build hugely tall buildings. This has all been done.

It’s unrealistic to jump in to a rocket and fly to the moon. It’s unrealistic to stay married and happy to the same man for 50+ years. It’s unrealistic for a 544kg (1,199 pounds) woman who couldn’t move anything but her hands and was bedridden – to drop 190 kilograms (418 pounds) in a YEAR. Rosalie Bradford claimed a total weight loss of 416 kilograms (917 pounds).

It’s unrealistic to run a 4-minute mile. In fact, it was thought impossible by scientific and athletic communities – until Roger Bannister broke 4 minutes in 1954. The four-minute mile has since been broken by numerous athletes, and is now the standard of all professional middle distance runners!!

Why? Why was it once ‘impossible’ but now so many others can do it? Because someone ignored everybody’s else’s limitations and strived for it. Nowadays, lots of professionals can do it. But don’t wait for someone to go before you. Don’t wait for the right time. Lead your sisters.

It’s unrealistic for a tiny, every-day woman, of 4’10 to have such a huge influence upon the world – to be so loved, adored and worshiped, that she had a quarter of a million people at her funeral mourning her death.

Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person-to-person. – Mother Teresa

4) Team work, team work, team work!! Nobody ever really achieves anything alone. This includes the achievement of sustaining a long-lasting, supportive and loving sisterhood. When you’re in a team, you can’t be thinking of yourself. We’re always learning, always improving – so forgive yourself for mistakes, but success in almost anything involves being good with people.

In fact, to become the strong, yet feminine woman you want to be – you have to be good with people. You have to be able to engage, care for and enjoy being around people.

5) PRAISE!! The feminine thrives on praise! So be generous with your compliments! Your sisters will become more because of you – and they will flourish. You will nurture their femininity and make their life better. You’ll also help them feel appreciated, wanted and worthy.

Never under-estimate the power of a simple, yet genuine and direct compliment! A lot of women aren’t very generous with their compliments these days. They are too busy fixing their own hair, their own outfit, looking in every mirror in the mall, re-doing their make-up and looking for attention for themselves that they forget there are other women around them who want to feel loved, beautiful and appreciated too!

6) Be welcoming. I want to emphasize that true sisterhood welcomes and supports new members – especially the ones who are unsure, fearful, pessimistic, etc.

A lot of people (many women) create groups and exclude others. It happens a lot in school – for example, the ‘cool’ group. Most people have been bullied at some stage, or have felt left-out, unwelcome, unloved, “different”, unaccepted and hated (I know I did repeatedly throughout my schooling days).

Sisterhood is about inclusion. Not exclusion. Just because another woman doesn’t wear designer clothes or have a footballer boyfriend doesn’t mean she should be ruled out from a friendship group or sisterhood.

It’s a part of a woman’s purpose – to nurture other women – not to destroy other women or to bring them down.

Women are not going to help anyone, any cause, or empower ANY other women by talking about how inadequate other women or women of other groups and causes are. You can disagree with people – but laughing at another woman’s perceived inadequacies, lack of femininity or bashing another group of women is not on!

Though we’ve all been guilty of it.

Disagreement is different to blatant intolerance and segregation – the latter points are used as a way to validate our own sense of importance/significance and/or self-worth.

At the end of the day we tend to forget, as Mother Teresa once said:

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa


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~Trisha and Lynsey

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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