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Dad #Fail is Husband #Win

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Lately Phoenyx has been pretty hard to deal with. Not because he isn’t happy, he is that, but because he has been incredibly tired from the moment he gets up till the moment he goes down again. I even tried the kids museum yesterday and he wouldn’t move from my  hip cause it involved walking. So today around 9:30am when he started pooping out already, I decided to run him up to daddy’s work so we could kill a little time.

When we were leaving, Chris buckled him in and it wasn’t till I got home that I found this:


Here is the conversation that followed:


I suppose he won that argument on pure wit.

Amazing Shares

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Kids Activities, DIY and Crafting Tutorials: Lifestyle Blog


  1. That is so freaking cute!! Totally good save.

  2. He totally won that one. Flattery will get my husband everywhere! LOL! :)

  3. My husband would totally blame my utter hot mama-ness to take attention away from a fail LOL!

  4. LOL – he definitely won that one. :)

  5. It happens.

    The worst stage is when they can undo that part of the buckle themselves and not get it back together. I have pulled over several times over the years to buckle a kid back into their car seat!

    I hope your little man is more himself soon!

  6. Haha that was a good save Chris!

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