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So exactly what *is* the dating age cut off?

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I have a friend whom has a 25 year old son that was dating a 32 year old and she didn’t approve of the age difference.

I kinda giggled cause I thought..ok, ok, 25 *is* a world away from 32.



I have to tell you, I’m 33 and other than having a kid and a fetus right now, I don’t feel like I am that much different than I was at 25. Sure, I have a job that requires a crap load of attention, I have a mortgage, I have kids, I can’t club or go out on a whim, but there are a LOT of girls in their 20′s that fall under all those same restrictions. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have a child till later in my 20′s at the time, so I had a lot of living I was able to do before I turned into this person.

Nonetheless, I still listen to the same music, read books every day, take a bath every day, like the same restaurants, enjoy vacation, wear high heels….

I mean you won’t find me sauntering up to some guy at a bar expecting him to buy me a drink, I’ll just whip out my own money thank you very much, but overall….I feel the same.

This is me at 25:

This is me now, at 33:

A little blonder, a little longer hair, a little rounder in the face, a little more tan, but a lot more confident. I happen to think I am aging gracefully…even on a webcam.

Anyhoo..I started wondering, OMG. Am I a cougar?

Is like 8 years difference…you know…disgusting?

Would that make me the disgusting part of the relationship cause I’m the old decrepit one?

Cause, truth be told, I really would date someone 25. It’s not like its the same as a college aged frat boy….presuming he is someone whom has a job, a car, graduated with some form of higher education, speaks the same language I do, hasn’t fathered 89 kids, and doesn’t live in his moms basement.

Come to think of it…that’s ANY age.

See….I would totally consider this man completely and utterly date-able and he isn’t even 25:

(any chance I get to put this image up…I do..it makes my blog warm and fuzzy inside)

But seriously, is 25 to 33 THAT far apart?

Its like…being 83 and 75, right?


I’m all kinds of depressed now.



Nevermind. I feel better.

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  1. You look cutely chic at 33, and innocently cute at 25. Age is just a number, and with time, you will keep coming across people who do not seem to age at all. Healthy eating habits, intense workout regimes and general awareness are to be blamed …. lol. I hope your friend Connie likes her son’s girlfriend.

  2. You look amazing! You most definitely NOT decrepit! I don’t think 25-33 is too far apart. That said, my aunt & uncle were 10 years apart. They were the most in love couple I’ve met.

  3. you still look amazing to me!

  4. This is so ridiculous. Age is meaningless. I can see it, ten years from now.

    “Man arrested for statutory rape with a 25 year old child.”

    “Pedophilia with children in their 20′s is on the rise!”

    Feminism, hell yeah.

  5. I’m 33 and I think Effron is a little boy…I know, there is something wrong with me! LOL He is adorable but…I’ll consider it again in 10 years. LOL

  6. I’m sort of jealous actually. You look AMAZING for being 33. You were beautiful at 25 but you really have perfected that in time! You are stunning!

  7. I really feel like age is just a number…it depends on maturity levels, etc. The older I have gotten (I’m 28 haha)….the more I have liked younger guys. They can be way more fun! :)

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