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DAY 2: 31 Bloggers in 31 Days Birthday Event!

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Welcome to the 2nd day of the MomDot 31 bloggers in 31 days Blog Party. Don’t forget  to blog about this month-long blog party!  You must do this to be eligible to win one or more of these awesome prizes.  Choose your favorite party banner for your post!

Every day we will change this post to add a NEW featured blogger that is handing out a present in celebration of  Trisha’s 31st birthday. Your only job is to hop over to visit their blog, leave them some comments, enter their birthday present contest and come back the next day to do it again!

Registration for the MomDot forum is now open for a short period of time. Please register if you are interested in being a part of this community of amazing mom bloggers (dads are welcome too)!

If you’ve missed any of the party, check out the links below . . .

Day 1 ($25 GC to Inspire Your Walls)

DAY #2

Featured Blogger:  Lisa of Crazy Adventures in Parenting

Our hostess for Day 2 is the none other than the lovely Lisa, author of Crazy Adventures in Parenting.  Lisa is an Army wife and mom to . . . count them . . . six children.  Let’s all take a minute to bow down to her for managing to take care of such a large family, authoring a successful blog, and still finding time to host our party today while managing to hold onto her sanity.

Lisa has brought THREE birthday gifts for one of YOU and for TRISHA! These items include the following:

1)  Go here to enter to win a selection of organic candy from Surf Sweets.

2)  Go here to enter to win the Laundry Ball System from Mystery Wonders Inc.

3)  Go here to enter to win a bottle of Basic H2 cleaner from Shaklee




As a bonus for heading over and entering, if you have completed MomDots Swingset inital entry, you may have 5 extra entries into our swingset contest by visiting and leaving a comment on Lisa’s blog and entering her contests!

Other ways to Participate in our Party!

You may also host a giveaway on your blog and link to this post on our Mr. Linky at any time during the month. YOU MUST LINK TO THIS BLOG PARTY IN YOUR CONTEST POST if you enter it in our contest linky. If you put a contest below, and you may do it in celebration of our party, please make sure you mention our party in your contest post or its not really part of our party, kwim? If I visit your link and it doesn’t mention and link to our party, your link will be REMOVED and then I will cry that you are not celebrating my birthday.

See you all tomorrow when we unveil what the next birthday party giveaway will be!


Other Bloggers Celebrating my birthday with Contests:

1. Professional Family Manager – $10 Starbucks Gift Card
2. icefairy\’s Treasure Chest–care4hire.com membership-5 winners (Ends 5/6)
3. icefairy\’s Treasure Chest–Purple Trail membership (Ends 5/10)
4. icefairy\’s Treasure Chest–$75 gift certificate (Ends 5/14)
5. Christy aka The Write Gal – I used to be cool t-shirt (ends 5/13)
6. Blessings Abound (Lime Ricki Swimsuit-5/11)
7. Goodie Bag, Foot Bath, Coupons
8. A Kindred Spirit\’s Thoughts – Lacy Baby Leggings (05/13)
9. A Kindred Spirit\’s Thoughts -Learning Curve Toys (05/21)
10. A Kindred Spirit\’s Thoughts -GlamourMom Nursing Top (05/14)
11. Win a blog makeover!
12. Inspire Your Walls-$25 Gift Certificate
13. Three Little Princesses Hairbow Giveaway (ends 5/31)
14. Christy aka The Write Gal – Layers Clothing $25 Gift Certificate (ends 5/18)

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  1. I entered Day 2 (Organic Candy, Natural Cleaner, Laundry System)

  2. I entered all three of these awesome giveaways!

  3. Barbara Platt says:

    visited and commented on Lisa’s blog and entered her contests

  4. Confused again…isn’t there ONE post we are all supposed to comment on here no matter what day/contest we are entering so that you have it all in one place? Or did I not actually see that somewhere here (It was just in my head LOL)?

  5. I entered the washer/dryer ball contest. And followed her blog and twitter.

  6. Ok, I am confused…the original post says you only have to have the banner OR blog to be eligible. Have the rules changed? Do I have to blog about it in order to qualify now? Or is the banner still sufficient?

  7. AJ @ A Little Bit Nutty says:

    These are great! I entered all 3!

  8. i have some of those dryer ball things and they are neat!

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