Do you take your kids grocery shopping?

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Ever since I had Phoenyx, everything has become a challenge. Eating, sleeping, bathing, I mean everything. And while the grocery store has never been my favorite chore even with just Charlotte (mommmmmy, can we please look at the toys?), it has become an even bigger “DON’T MAKE ME DO IT PLEASE GOD” moment than ever before.

Have you ever tried to push a stroller and a cart at the same time?


Oh, Oh, and if for some reason you are thinking what a moron I am not to take the seat out and put on the shopping cart, I may have neglected to tell you that I am a whopping 5 foot tall and the seat makes the cart height somewhere around 6’2″. I feel sorry for the ankles of the people that inadvertently get in front of my unsuspecting driving.

So last week when I went to Target I piled items in the bottom of my stroller and just waited for security to attack me for theft. I had all sorts of items crammed under there which worked pretty well for about 5 minutes till I needed to add bread and chips.

Poor little P was hidden amongst all the food and I must have looked like a crazy lady. In fact, I know I looked like a crazy lady. Now yesterday I got smart and enlisted Charlotte to be a big sister and push the stroller. This went well for the most part, but she could not keep herself from waking him up and I think I said “Charlotte! GET UP HERE” 45 times as she lollygagged behind me just waiting to get her and the stroller kidnapped.

Although I spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $180, and somehow Charlotte managed to finangle me into a water, two craft projects, and a box of cookies neither one of us needed, we did make it out alive.


Now you tell me, how do you manage the store with your kids?

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It’s no question that I go to the store constantly.

You would think with one child who wont eat more than mac n cheese and chicken nuggets and one child that is on a never ending supply of formula I fondly refer to as “liquid gold”, that my bill would only be something like cheese, milk, juice, southern tea (duh), and bread.

Nope. Not even close.

Cause I am someone that cannot stand for the life of me leftovers. In fact, there are two meals that I will eat left over…baked goods (does that count?) and tortellini salad. That actually tastes better the next day after it marinates in the vinegar, yum, yum. I am sure there are plenty of clever ways to mix up some pasta sauce from last nights Italian dinner and create a meatball sandwich that would make even Subway proud, but I am a “heat, eat, and trash the rest” kinda girl.

It;s almost embarrassing to say that, but it makes me literally gag to reheat meat and I can;t stand soggy veggies. Actually, I cant stand soggy ANYTHING. If my bread so much as touches sauce on my plate, Ill eat around it.

*inside shudder*

Wanna see what other moms do?

Convince do you do leftovers in your house?




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Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    Now you tell me, how do you manage the store with your kids?

    I’m lucky enough that my kids are older now and they usually go off together while I shop. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t find tons of stuff to put in my cart – unwelcomed. When they were younger I would put my son in the cart and fill groceries around him since I’m short too.

    Convince do you do leftovers in your house?

    Since my husband and I both work outside of the home we bring them for lunch and reheat. A lot of times there are different recipes for leftover s that we make….for instance if we have left over mashed potatoes we make potato pancakes the next day.

  2. says

    hmmm … I haven’t the kids to the store for as long as I remember. You need to babywear in the grocery store. I am a short one too and it was too tall for me so I babyweared in the grocery store and Sam’s Club. Man was that a work out! The other option is to pull the buggy instead of pushing it. You will get odd looks but it works. I have done it when I had a sleeping kid or forgot a carrier!

    You would hate our house. Thursdays is leftovers night … every single week. Leftovers are part of our budget and meal planning efforts though. We have gotten better about freezing some stuff so it gets rebaked or finishes cooking when it comes out of freezer and is just as yummy the first time around!