Dove Men+Care supports Operation Homefront

I often speak about beauty on my blog and with good reason…I simply love beauty products. I am a fan of anything that makes you feel good because lets be honest, when you feel good on the outside, it often reflects how you feel on the inside (and vice versa).  But one thing I rarely talk about is mens beauty and bath products. Men dont always speak about what they use in the shower or in the bath, but as I am married to a man that loves to test out new products and has his own favorites, I wanted to make a point that we love when our man looks (and feels) sexy too.

Dove is one such brand that we can both agree on in this house. While they do put out some fantastic womens products, and truly support the everyone is beautiful philosophy, they also have a great line of mens products that I buy for my spouse. And in true Dove form, they are doing something really awesome when you purchase Dove Men+ Care products.

Operation Homefront

Your purchase helps to support Dove® Men+Care in its mission to care for our troops. Dove® is donating a fixed amount to help Operation Homefront bring soldiers home. Your purchase of Dove® products will not impact the amount of Dove’s donation

Bringing Home  300 Service members

My husband served in Afghanistan when Charlotte was a small baby. While she doesn’t remember the absence, I do. It was hard….but we kept in touch with me blogging. He was able to get on and read about our day to day lives. I would write it chronologically, even noting when I took out the trash and did the dishes.

(that is Charlotte!)

Watch as John is introduced to his newborn son for the first time. Dove® Men+Care™ and  Operation Homefront are proud to be bringing home 300 U.S. military service members.


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  1. Jennifer Speed says

    The video was very touching I always loving watching videos like this. I especially the show Coming Home. It’s so great that he got to see his son for the first time. It’s always good to see your loved ones if they have been gone along especially if they are in the military.

  2. Trisha McKee says

    It affected me intensely, deeply, beautifully. To be separated from a child to do good for the country as a whole- that is a sacrifice not many people are strong enough to do! Beautiful and touching!

  3. Cindy B says

    That’s an awesome video! I had to go out of state for 3 months when I first started training for my job. My boys were three and one (barely). I missed seeing the little one take his first steps and it was hard! I can’t imagine being gone as long as our soldiers have to be…

  4. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…a very touching moment, a reminder that a small segment of our citizenry makes significant personal sacrifices for the nation as a whole; perhaps we should enact a program of mandatory national service, with military service as one option among many, for all high school / college age residents to make a meaningful contribution to society.

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