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Dear little girl….where did you go?

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There are a lot of things in life I want my daughter to grow up as.

I want her to be kind to animals.

I want her to enjoy life and have fantastic relationships.

I want her to value her family.

I want her to understand, listen, have patience, and develop faith.

Most of all, I want her to be proud of who she turns out to be.

Raising kids in today’s techy world where we worry about the onslaught of bad influences, negative news stories, and exposure to “too much, too soon” can be a nightmare. I want so much more for her than that.

I want Charlotte to be proud.


I want her to be strong.


I want her to feel accomplished.


I want her to be happy.


More than anything I want her to be CONFIDENT in her own skin.

Come to think of it…I want her to be ALL the things she is RIGHT NOW in this stage of her life…forever.

Which is why the past few years I have talked a lot about Dove on MomDot.

Dove is one of the few companies that make it well known that they stand on the platform of beauty for all.

Let’s Talk: Beauty. Confidence. Self-Esteem.

Dove® wants to inspire women everywhere to embrace their uniqueness. Join us on Saturday, October 5 for the Girls Unstoppable Event at a Walmart near you. Bring your daughter, and create a day out of it!

I have to tell you, I watched this video on this page and it speaks loud and clear. You must see it. It really shows you what women are NOW vs what they were as kids.  Everyone reading this, everyone you know, your mom, your best friend, your sister…you are guilty of what is in this video.

And you need to stop.


This weekend, at a Walmart near you, you can join the Girls Unstoppable Movement.

So all the things you used to be when you were your daughters age…you can be again.

Because it feels good to be strong.


It feels good to be accomplished.


And it feels good to be happy.



Lunchbox PR sponsored post, confidence I was raised with. Pass it on!

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  1. Self-esteem and support from family are very important components of our modern life… Yes, we have to be very attentive so not to miss the most important moments in life of our children. And sometimes it’s right to be there when he/she needs your help :-)

  2. I absolutely LOVE that video. I try so hard to make sure my kids know how beautiful they are … inside and out. I never want them to be like me when it comes to self-esteem.

    • I watched it and was kinda laughing initially at how they were showing everyone and then I was like…oh…and it went on and on….and it was so REAL. Then the end (i dont want to ruin anyone) but its dead on.

      I think we HAVE to raise our kids to be better, earlier, than we are. At my age I am rarely bothered by much but I wish I was that SOONER in life.


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