Easter Traditions…do you have any?

I remember when I was growing up that Easter was an exciting holiday as a kid. It was one of the few holidays we were allowed to experience before anyone else got out of bed. Unlike Christmas which required strategically placing the youngest member of the family outside our parents door in hoping to “accidentally” wake them up, my parents were smarter and placed goodies outside our bedroom doors for us to discover.

(psst…usually at 5am if we lasted that long)

My mom always made sure I had a new book, usually Nancy Drew, there were toothbrushes, lots of candy, and looking back, this is pretty funny now, but also random pennies, nickles, dimes and crumpled dollar bills. My dad must have come home from work and emptied his pockets into the eggs that were left before putting them in our baskets. I need someone to do that now, right??!

With my own kids I sorta do the same thing. We do not have any really strong repeatable traditions around here on any particular holiday, and of course you know that I pretty much burn boiled eggs without trying, but I do enjoy holidays. I am also still looking for an Easter Egg hunt here in Mobile to go to because I always find that a ton of fun too.

Here is one we took Charlotte on when she was younger and we were trying to decide if little P would get himself run over if we took them this year:

And goodness, Easter showed up early didn’t it?

I am really running out of time to get creative. Thankfully Charlotte is easy to please and I can pretty much get away with baking cookies and doing Easter Bark.

In fact, here is some Easter Bark I made that Walmart actually show cased! (Honestly. That is really mine. Finally that DSLR pays off.)

You should totally click over and get the recipe….

Cause I made it.

Banner 2

And cause other bloggers made other really awesome Easter stuff too, but also cause I made it.

And I am awesome.


Anyhoo, aside from bragging about my photo and wanting to tell you to visit that really cool Nestlé Solutions Center for Easter recipes and dish inspirations for all your spring occasions (that incidentally come from other food and mom bloggers) I also wanted to ask you if there is anything specific YOU do for the holiday? The best ideas come from moms!

Money in the eggs like my dad? Colored Eggs? Maybe colored deviled eggs?

Oh, and check out those guns. If a big Easter bunny really DID show up in our house…I don’t think he would get very far.





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    WOAH! That Easter egg hunt is WAY bigger than the ones here. As for traditions… we have none. Normally the kids open their baskets before we wake.

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