Caption Little P and win!

P is quite an awesome little guy. And awesome little guys like mine, and yours (and girls for that matter!) deserve some amazing fun! After all, its only once they are little.

As a family of younger children, we are no strangers to the Step2 company. In fact I was just showing off our new Step 2 Clubhouse Climber earlier this week that P got for Christmas.  So you can imagine his excitement when the Easy Turn Coupe appeared at our door! As a Step2 blogger this year I am excited to share with you all about the Easy Turn Coupe and how this fantastic toy is helping other kids!

I Love Easy Turn Coupe

The Mission

The Step2 Company, LLC focuses its charitable efforts on programs designed to enhance the healthy and education of children while enriching their lives and family experience. It is that mission that has made The Saving Tiny Hearts society (StHS) an organization that funds life saving research of congenital heart defects, one of the no-profits that Step2 has continually funded.

When one of Step2s own, Tena Crock, was pregnant with her child, she found out at her 20 week ultrasound that her child would be born with a congenital heart defect or CHD. Since then through her relationship with Step2, Tena and the company have been able to learn, assist, and fund the important research that will help save many young lives. That is why starting on February 10th, Step2 will make a $1 donation to StHS for every comment received on the Easy Turn Coupe Facebook Tab.

The Coupe

Putting together the coupe was easy peasy.

A few notes:

The floor board is easily screwed on for a young child and since the coupe has a handle on the top and an optional front wheel that turns like a stroller, you can have all the control or remove and pass on to your child.You actually do not have to screw the board down and it drops into it, so if you prefer easy and quick removal, maybe for long walks where a child wants independence and then tires, you can leave it unscrewed down.

The option is also great for children not quite old enough to understand steering with their own feet (like P), little legs that tire quickly, and children that have disabilities or special needs. One of my neighbors actually has an older Step2 car and said that the floor board in was super helpful for her non-walking son. I showed her this one and she loved the improvements with the extra wheel in the front!











Pretty much P has been spending all day in his car since we got it. He sits and eats snacks in it while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, his sister takes him for a walk in it, you name it, he has been finding reasons to crawl in.

I took the bottom out yesterday for him to test it with his own feet but he wasn’t quite ready yet.



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