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*******This is the ethics agreement that we incorporated back from our Pitch Bloggers site. We have since moved PB forums back to MomDot to streamline and ask that all review and giveaway bloggers sign in order to carry our ethical Blogger badges. Currently over 1000 bloggers have signed and carry the badges.******


After you have agreed below, we will provide you with an “Ethical Blogger” badge to post on your blog so PR and marketing reps recognize you as a blogger who incorporates the highest professional standards into her work. We hope you agree this is a great step in continue to position mom bloggers as an influential, ethical media community.


By checking the "I Agree" box and clicking “submit” you are agreeing to abide by the code of ethics and professional standards stated below. If at any time you violate these standards, you may be asked to withdraw from the forum.

As a member of the forum and community of recommended bloggers, I agree to abide by the following professional standards:

* I will conduct timely giveaways and reviews on my site per my agreement with PR or marketing reps.

 I agree

* If I accept a product for review and then decide not to do the review, I will alert the PR or marketing rep that I will not be posting a review and offer to return the product to them.

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* No member of my family may win giveaways featured on my site.

 I agree

* Upon agreeing to review a product or service, I will reveal my policy on negative reviews to the PR or marketing representative with whom I am working.

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* If I believe there is a conflict of interest in products or services that I am reviewing, I agree to share my concerns with the PR or marketing rep with whom I am working.

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* I agree to provide accurate site statistics to PR and marketing representatives who ask for them.

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Please feel free to use one of our ethical badges and link back to this page for displaying purposes. If you would like a different badge then the one located here, they are available on the MomDot Forums.