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Everyone could use a little Karma.

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First I want to start this note by letting you all know that Leia was adopted!!!! Thank you to every person that supported my questions, offered advice, and sent food/collar to support her.


Now onto the new saga.

Two days ago, about 7:45am, my phone rang.

My spouse.

Not surprised at all because he calls me a lot on his way to work. Generally something funny he heard on the radio , something he wanted to remind me, or the last minute “I love you’s.” I love to hear from him that early, before the day really gets going.

I answer the phone and he tell me that a woman in his office called him and there was a dog outside the door of their building behind a trash can.

Great. A dog. I already knew where this was going. I wished him good luck and waited. About 30 minutes passed and I text him to ask how doggate was going. Turns out there was no dog when he got there so he went about his business.

As luck would have it later in the day the dog came back.

And after sharing half his pork sandwich and coleslaw, she allowed him to pick her up.

Then I got the 2nd call.

“Can I take it to the vet? Looks really bad.”

When God presents you with a way to help someone or something, you take it.

And so he did.

He said that when he wrapped his coat around her and picked her up she just said “thank you” with her eyes.  Someone finally noticed. Someone finally  helped.

Since I knew that this animal was undoubtedly coming home to my family and going to be put into my arms to find a home of some sort, I called the vet and asked them to please take “before pictures”. Chris had told me they were gonna have to shave its fur because it was so matted and I wanted to make sure I knew the condition of the dog so I could network properly.  This is good advice for someone that rescues an animal…once you shave its fur off its really hard to tell the breed.

Because all the check up tests and shaving her was going to be really expensive, it was easier to just get what our vet calls the “never seen a vet before” pack, which covered all her parasite tests, heart-worm test and guard, shaving, bath, nail clipping, rabies vaccination, and giardia. Sigh. Sure. Like we always try to say in our home, “it’s just money, we will make more of it.”

Here is what the vet sent me before the shave:

Honestly I was shocked how bad it was.  Her fur was pulling away from her skin.

When he brought her home she looked like a drowned rat.

And she followed him around like a knight.

We named her Karma.


To be honest, she is a good dog. VERY good dog. For being abused and beat down, thrown out and ignored, she had nothing but trust when it came to us. She was nice to our animals and great with our kids. I kept her mostly kenneled for her safety because of her needing to be healed, but when she was out she was adorable and sweet and offered up kisses at every chance.

I really wanted to get on here and chastise the people that did this. That threw her out on a busy highway. She wasn’t fixed, she is way underweight and starving, and she was full of parasites. It makes me furious that this is the behavior that so many exhibit when it comes to animals.

But instead of going on and on about that, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone that helped out, that networked on my personal and public Facebook pages, that helped me find her a rescue agency that could take her in to heal her and make sure she is placed in a kind and loving home for the rest of her life.  I just dropped her off today at a vets office that is already taking steps to help her skin and she will be picked up tomorrow by Schnauzer Love Rescue, a fantastic agency doing great things for Schnauzer dogs. They are a 501 C Non-Profit so you are able to donate to her or any other dogs recovery, please consider it.

If you cannot adopt then foster, if you cannot foster then volunteer, if you cannot volunteer then donate, if you cannot donate then educate.

Last but not least I wanted to say that it only takes one person to make a difference. How many people passed this dog on the way to work, or store, or home? It took just one moment to help. Just a day to change her whole world. And not just with animals, with all things. It’s very easy to go about your day, to ignore, to tell yourself its someone elses problem. It is not.

Leave the world a better place than you found it.

If not you…then who?


111 Amazing Shares Facebook 49 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 8 Google+ 1 StumbleUpon 53 Email -- 111 Amazing Shares ×


  1. Seeing what that dog has gone through just breaks my heart.

    I’m sorry but just getting a dog does not mean purchasing it and never bothering to care for it: That means, the initial immunizations, food, toys for the dog, dental care (we spent $600 on this), when your dog is sick and needs antibiotics, and son on.

    Please ,,,if you can’t afford the dog and his expenses, let it go at this time and when things are more affordable, get a dog.”

    Your husband and you are angels!

  2. Please share her Before and After photos. This is a heartwarming story….https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsTheDogIRescued?ref=hl

  3. Love your hubby!! I have worked with Schnauzer Love Rescue with many Schnauzers in need–I vet them and they place them. They are an amazing organization, and dedicated to offering the best chance of a happy final chapter in their rescued Schnauzers’ lives, short or long. This story, while touching and heart-wrenchingly sad, is not that uncommon. I have seen so many just like this–of all breeds. Thanks you for taking the chance on this sweet little girl. Bless you for doing so.

  4. It’s amazing how insensitive people are when it comes to animals. There’s a special place in hell for people like that. You guys are amazing for taking a chance on Karma and helping her find her way to a good home.

  5. Oh my goodness, Trish! You and your husband are truly very good people! Animals are so innocent and trusting and it absolutely breaks my heart when I see stories like this.

    I also fostered an animal last Spring. A sweet cat showed up on my doorstep and after doing some detective work, I discovered that an uncaring family had moved and left him behind. I had him neutered, micro-chipped and immunized and one month later an incredibly kind family adopted him. I wanted to keep him, but my three other cats would not accept him. The family that took him in fell instantly in love with him, especially the Dad. Tragically, the Dad died two weeks ago of a sudden heart attack (a real shock as he was healthy and only 44 years old). I took my daughter to the funeral (because she is good friends with his oldest daughter and I am good friends with his wife) and we sobbed, especially when his Uncle told the crowd that this man grew up always saving animals. The cat that we fostered and then they adopted is very close to his three daughters and I thank God now that the cat came to my door step to be saved and to now help to make this heartbroken family feel better with his daily affection.

    When we went to the reception after the funeral, this awesome cat named Oliver was getting belly rubs by complete strangers as the house filled up with so many family and friends who came to honor our friend who had passed (his name was Chris, by the way) and this cat proved again that he is magical by not hiding out, like so many other cats would do, but by greeting and purring by all of the people who came to honor Chris.

    Your Chris (and you) did a great thing saving Karma and I have no doubt that she has a meant place to land like our Oliver did with the family that he is giving comfort to now. God bless you guys….and the pictures of sweet Karma are priceless.

  6. April Yedinak says:

    The poor baby. I don’t know why people are so cruel. If you have to give up an animal and you can’t find it a home, at least take it to a shelter. Some people either don’t care or ignorantly believe leaving them in the wild is a better choice. Good for you for helping her!

  7. oh my goodness. poor thing.

  8. I have been following Karma’s story on your Facebook & am so glad you guys helped her. She seems like such a sweetheart & will definitely find her forever home thanks to you guys!

  9. Truly, what you have done for Karma is so amazing. It makes me so angry to see how people mistreat other living creatures. Thank you to you and Chris for what you do.

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