I let my kids stand on the couch. Sometimes.

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A few weeks ago I had been talking to you about our new TV. In fact, I had posed the question “When is a TV not just a TV” and I, myself, am learning that answer on a daily basis.  We find that as a Family in Motion, our lives revolve around the living room just as much as anyone else, but we want to do more than just watch a program. It’s not just about the soap opera or the movie or even the video game, but about connecting with one another on a daily basis.

And that’s it, isn’t it? The living room is just that…a place for living. A place for gathering the baby, the daughter, the son, the husband and wife. A central neutral location that doesn’t always encompass a chore, but rather a memory. Our family spends time eating popcorn and laughing,  hosting date nights, slumber parties (groan, remind me never to do THAT again), and trying to one up each other on Dance Party.

But no matter what we are doing, the beauty is that we are doing it together.

Smart Interaction

The Samsung ES8000 has what they call a Smart Interaction. That means, much like some of the technology you are probably familiar with in the gaming world, you can use gestures and motions to interact with your television. The TV has a camera itself right on it and with a wave back and forth you can control the TV literally at your fingertips. I can assure that this helps when the remote has taken a temporary leave of absence, which so often happens in my life.

Where this is especially useful is when browsing social apps and playing games like Angry Birds.

Oh, and victory dances (which come after a successful Angry Birds win) as demonstrated here by Charlotte.

My  biggest feedback when it comes to the motion control on the TV is that with the camera so high on the top of the TV and the TV itself sitting on a large entertainment center (gotta keep it away from prying baby fingers) sometimes the littlest people in the house have a hard time getting it to work successfully.

Which means they stand on the couch.

And after one ER visit today with 1 kid (totally unrelated to TV use, btw) I am about ready to pad, duct tape, and staple my kids to the floor.

In other words standing on the couch is the last thing on my list I am feeling OK about.  For now this is our temporary solution, but keep in mind when you do your entire center set up that the wee ones will want to use the features as well and you may encounter this issue without careful planning.

If you want to learn more about using your new Samsung Smart TV to its full potential, you can watch this video over on the Samsung Youtube Page.

Also, if you want a chance to WIN this TV I have a contest for you!

Samsung Angry Birds App

To enter, we’re inviting fans to tweet a photo of themselves playing Angry Birds on a Samsung Smart TV with the hashtag #AngryBirdSaturdays for the chance to win prizes, including Samsung Blu-ray players, Angry Birds Plushies and the grand prize of a new Samsung ES8000 Smart TV. Don’t own a Samsung Smart TV? No problem – fans can play the game at many retail locations. You can find a list of retailers here as well as more information about the sweepstakes here: Angry Birds Sweepstakes  and Official Rules.

Dates still left in this contest are

  • – October 13
  • – October 20
  • – October 27
  • – November 3

Good luck everyone!


Sponsored by Samsung Smart TV, with Motion Control.

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    Wow, this TV is incredible! I must say Samsung has never disappointed me. I absolutely love their electronics even my phone! :) I’ll let my daughter stand on the couch too 😉

  2. says

    Oh deal God I hope my husband doesn’t hear about this TV. He has been itching to move our current TV to the basement and replace it with another one. If he hears about this TV all bets are off.