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Fighting Hunger Together

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am lucky.

I know its easy to say that I work hard, I did the right things, I never stop, but the truth is part of that is also the cards I was lucky enough to draw, the parents I have, and that I was born into middle class America. I never forget the opportunities that I receive as a result grant me the privilege, not the right, to work hard and to continue to provide for my family. There are millions of Americans that are not so lucky and thousands in every city across this country. Whether by family, personal choices, economy, or no fault of their own, most people on the street do not make a decision to be there, but rather are put there based on a variety of circumstances they have yet to overcome.

My sister works with the homeless. Her and her husband own a church and directly feed the mouths of many on the streets. They raise money, food, and clothing almost every day of the year to provide a direct line to those that are not as lucky as you and I. While I am a volunteer in other aspects of my life, I have never gone into the same type of giving capacity she has. That being said, I still come from a highly charitable family and we do our best to consistently pass on to those in need and also to my sisters facility several times a year.

It’s very easy to overlook others. It’s very easy, even if you are struggling yourself, to bypass and not help those around you but it’s time to stop that. We need to come together and there is never a better time than the holidays to be in unison to help even one person in your community.

What a difference that would make, wouldn’t it?

This year even if you do not have anything to give monetarily, try to donate your time providing conversation, kindness, or assistance to charities around you. In addition, you can help companies like Walmart provide meals nationwide to families thorough the Feeding America initiative.


In support of Hunger Action Month this September, Walmart will work with customers, suppliers and associates nationwide to donate up to 53 million meals to Feeding America and give $2.5 million for hunger relief.

The program comes at a critical time as 50 million Americans won’t know where their next meal will come from at some point this year—that’s one in six Americans.

Through October 12th, customers will be able to generate meal donations for Feeding America by purchasing select products from participating food suppliers (General Mills, Kellogs, Unilever, Kraft Foods, and ConAgra Foods) at Walmart stores and following instructions on the packaging, engaging in the “Give Meals” section of www.walmart.com/hunger, or using a mobile app to generate meal donations for Feeding America.

Also, participate in the Golden Spark promotion for a chance to win $50K for your community! Walmart will randomly award 40 “Golden Sparks” valued at $50,000 each to consumers who participate in the Fighting Hunger Together Golden Spark Promotion. The winners will choose a community to receive the funding to start or expand a backpack program that provides vital meals to food-insecure children during weekends when they do not have access to free- and reduced-price school meals. Walmart Associates will also have a chance to compete together for their store to win a Golden Spark by logging volunteer hours.

There are many easy ways you can help right now with securing meals for someone in need and providing hunger relief.

1) You can head over to Walmart.com, select a product and watch a video and that secures a meal

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2) You can launch the Jingit app and check in at Walmart and that secures a meal


3) Purchase products from some of the companies about that are Fighting Hunger Together and follow the instructions on the packaging.

There are no excuses. This has never been easier.

I encourage you to take a few momments to today to look around and do what you can to help someone that many not be as fortunate as you are.

Have you ever been a spot where you are hungry and needed a helping hand?


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  1. Our Walmart has large bins at the checkout registers collecting for the local food pantry right now!
    We try to find ways to support the food pantry ourselves and I organize an effort with the Girl Scouts too. I loved seeing those bins in Walmart the other day!

  2. I have never been (or needed to be) on the receiving end of giving. We make donations and help others when we can.

    I LOVE that we “can head over to Walmart.com, select a product and watch a video and that secures a meal” – it really is SO SUPER EASY!

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