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Five Different Types of Heels Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

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One study shows that the average American owns 20 pairs of shoes. An even more impressive figure, though, is the fact that the same woman will only wear an average of five of 20 pairs of shoes on a constant rotation. What this basically means is that there are five basic styles of shoes that every woman should have in her closet. Studying the styles will help you to enhance the quality of your own collection and to pay closer attention to the pairs of shoes that you buy in the future.

Basic Black Pumps

There are not very many women who do not have at least one pair of basic black pumps in their closet. Keep in mind that black is one of the most flexible yet neutral colors, especially when it comes to stylish accessories, because they are designed to be worn with any other color. Therefore, on those days when you need to prepare for a business meeting or formal date, this pair of basic black pumps will never let you down.  Even if you are on a tight budget, you can get great deals on these shoes by simply using a Charlotte Russe coupon for free shipping to save on the overall purchase.

Nude Pumps

Unlike the basic black pumps, nude pumps don’t provide the same flexibility when it comes to being worn with a wide variety of different outfits and within a wide range of different settings. However, the nude pump is popular simply because it provides a woman with an elegant yet natural style and beauty that can accentuate even the simplest of outfits. Whether you are searching for a high-quality pair of pumps to wear out on a social date or just need a comfortable pair of heels to walk in for an extended period of time that do not draw a lot of attention, your nude pumps are a perfect match.

Pointed Heel

If you are interested in stepping up the class of the basic pump into more of a dressy style and fit, then the pointed heel would be a great staple to turn to within your wardrobe. One of the biggest benefits of the pointed heel is that it comes in such a wide variety of styles, colors, heights, textures and fabrics. By shopping at a high-end designer store you will be able to choose from a vast selection of options for different looks that all have the same level of comfort and support.

Peep Toe Pumps

When it comes to delivering style and class within a sleek yet fashionable package, you cannot go wrong with a pair of peep toe pumps. These shoes usually provide the average woman with the comfort and support of a basic pair of pumps with the additional breathability and ventilation of a pair of open toe sandals. On those days when your feet are already killing you, a pair of peep toe pumps will provide you with superior comfort without jeopardizing their appeal.

Edgy Heel with Straps

Even if you don’t wear them as often as you’d like, every woman deserves to have a pair of edgy heels with straps on them for those special occasions when she simply just wants to feel ravishing. Whether you are on a romantic date with your significant other or simply want to enjoy a peaceful night on the town with your girlfriends, this pair of heels is stylish and very affordable, especially if you purchase them from a high-end designer that also sells outfits and accessories.

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  1. I just got rid of my black pumps because I kept getting blisters in them – I need to find another pair ASAP. We have a Charlotte Russe in our mall and I’ve never really paid any attention to their shoes before, but I like what I saw on their website.

  2. Ha, I don’t own any of those. Actually, I think the only time I owned heels was over 10 years ago and I wore them once and tossed ‘em.

  3. Peep toe pumps are my FAVORITE! I prefer a wedge heel because they’re easier to walk in, but they’re nowhere near as sexy as regular stilettos!

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