Fiverr Launches Mobile app, World Rejoices!

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with Fiverr, but it’s hands down one of my favorite websites for the weird, the funny, the interesting, and the practical services that people all over provide.  For $5 (and upgrades if you choose) you can find someone to do almost anything.


Channel angels…put a spell on someone, create graphics, send shout outs from their social media pages, and my favorite, create unique one of a kind gifts, videos and graphics. So when Fiverr emailed MomDot to let me know there was now a Fiverr iPhone app that would make me surfing it easier, I was like…YES.

Surfing Fiverr alone will make you crack up.

Need a creepy stalker for someone you can’t stand? $5.

Need a new website logo? $5.

Want a picture of your family made into SouthPark characters? $5.

As a prescreener of this app, I got to check it out before anyone else and I am sure my husband could hear me cackling from the other room. Its super simple to and surf. Things you can handle, right? What I love about apps (personally) is that it cuts down the hoolpa of a website and makes navigation so easy and to the point. Fiverr was no exception.

Take a look some of the screens on the new app:

And while surfing the new Fiverr app I came across this guy, who makes parody songs like the old Budweiser commercials. So I bought one…for my best friend Kim.





And that folks, is why you should be on Fiverr.

Now great deal..right now if you download this FREE iphone app they are rewarding you! Check it out:

Starting today, purchase your first Gig using Fiverr mobile, & you’ll be eligible to receive one free Gig worth $5 from a list of amazing Fiverr Gigs. This offer is valid for first Gigs that are purchased within one hour after the app has been downloaded. The Free Gig will then be available within 2 weeks following your purchase of the first Gig.

That is right…purchase a gig (trust me, once you go over there you will get lost in the greatness) and you will get a free gig.

Have you ever been to Fiverr or is this your first time?



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    HILARIOUS!!! Ms Organic Food eater! You know, I have heard about Fiver for years, but I have never actually bought anything. Perhaps I should. Esp if I can surf on it while waiting at the Drs office. :)

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    Yeah, I discovered Fiverr about a year ago and think I lost 2 weeks of my life just browsing! It is so full of awesomeness. Though there was a large amount of women willing to wear bikinis and jump on a trampoline while saying whatever you want them to say.

    Well done on the song parody! Kim should totally put that on her blog!

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