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Forum Application

If you are on Chrome, sometimes this form doesn’t work correctly. Either switch to a new browser or email me directly at Trisha(AT)MomDot.com

MomDot is one of the most active blogger forums in the blogosphere. We cater to Newbie and Professional bloggers alike. We host general topics, blog topics, contests, free advertising areas for your posts, comment clubs, free blog classes, chat room sessions and more! Our members will tell you that our forums are highly addicting and tons of fun.

We are also home to MomDots V.I.P. blogger program that is a co-opp PR share for bloggers that are interested in review or giveaway opps. That forum is a subset inside the larger forums and only members that have been within our group for 4 weeks may apply with that department.

We have two major policies with our forums.

1) You must remain active or your account will be deleted

2) We have a zero tolerance policy regarding personal attacks.

You fill out this application and we generally get to it within 3 days (we have kids too, so please be patient!)