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Fostering a dog… honestly, it’s kinda sad.

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Because I need One. More. Project. around here like I need another 2 year old, we are helping foster a dog that was near death.

Proving that Facebook isn’t always a bad thing, this picture appeared in my stream yesterday with a call out to Mobile, Alabama, which is where I live.


MOBILE, ALABAMA! ***EMERGENCY LOCAL FOSTER NEEDED!*** Krewe de Rescue has been contacted by someone that had this poor soul wander onto her property, and she is unable to keep..and would have to take him to MCAS. They want to help this needy baby, but can only do so if we have a foster home for him to go to. ” PLEASE SHARE!!!

After over 200 shares they still hadnt found a home to place her in, so we took her in. Charlotte said “Whoever the person is that did this, should never ever ever as long as they live till they die own a pet again.”

And I agree with her.

Now it’s true, I am not what they call a “dog” person. I have 5 cats and one very anxious obnoxious dog that makes me rethink pets entirely every moment of the day. But I am a mom and as a mom, and as a person, I could not let this dog who was already abused, neglected,  then end up at the shelter to be put down. Everyone deserves a CHANCE.

Here is the deal. We are trying.

Our dog and this dog are not BFF of course. This dog, which we have named Princess Leia, is tired, hungry, and food aggressive. My dog which is anxious, annoying, and food aggressive, pretty much gets on her nerves (we adopted him).

But again, we are trying.

She appears to be around 8 years old, German Shepard and is not fixed. She is too skinny to get fixed right now. We have been instructed to not even walk her because it burns too much energy. We are just trying to fatten her up and give her some kindness.

Of course, kindness can be trying.

When I got up this morning she had peed everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE in my office. It looked like a horse had peed. Even worse, our other dog, Jedi, was doing the pee pee dance himself outside the office doors and I had to clean up her pee to even let him through. In the chaos I forgot the house alarm was on and set it off at 6:30am.

Good times.

I’d be lying to you if I haven’t had moments of regret in the past 24 hours…can I handle this?

Can the other animals be ok?

Can she even get better?



But I guess it’s like anything you do – one day at a time.

For now she is sitting under my desk, probably happy to be inside. She is preferring the floor over the comforter I put down here for her, but I am sure the air conditioning, a food bowl and water is enough for what she has been through.



I can tell she will be a good dog for someones house.

She is good with the kids, wags her tail when I walk by, and has not lost her spirit- regardless of what she has been through.


If you have suggestions on the best ways to get her healthy…I’ll take them!

I have also had people ask how they can help and its this: we are fostering (for the first time ever!) through a rescue organization locally called Krewe de Rescue. Every dog needs medical care (Leia does badly, flea meds, heartworm meds, and whatever else they find), an abundance of high calorie food, a bed they can take with them to a new home, leash, pretty much all the things a “normal” house hold animal would have. All things that she gets will be hers to take with her once she gets well enough for adoption.

If you want to donate something to her, let me know. If you are a dog brand that wants to help, let me know! I think it will be a long recovery for her.

I am sure I will share more with this journey!


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  1. So sad. So touching. There are not enough tears in the world for the abandoned, the abused, the unwanted. Thank you for giving this girl a chance. Just her photos make me want to cry.

  2. Cyndy Hughes says:

    Trisha – our dog Daisy was in as bad of shape as Leia is. She was incredibly food aggressive (basically in starvation mode all the time), not house broken and was trying to eat fabric as well. The good news is that after about 4-8 weeks of being fed 4 cups of food a day, her food aggression had backed off substantially. She was no longer trying to climb on the dining room table and we could leave her in the room if the kids had snacks. We’ve now had her 9 months and she’s our only dog that doesn’t beg. She’s 100% accident free in the house and honestly, she’s the best dog of our 3. I remember having that same thought – “what the hell am I doing!” because it was so stressful to have to walk her 5 times a day (she was loaded with worms and I couldn’t let her go #2 in our yard), get her used to the other dogs and figure out what we were going to do with her. With that said, I think of how sad and scared she was when she found us and I see how happy and content she is now and honestly, it’s worth all of the headache of it to know that my kids saw an animal in need and helped save a life.

    • See the foster agency doesnt want her walked at ALL because it burns energy, so I was told to just let her out in the yard. Which m eans I have to be really aware of poop in the yard, its getting very stressful.

  3. The poor thing. It’s so sad to look at her. Bless you for bringing her into your home to heal.

  4. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    God bless you and your family for helping her. She is so beautiful. She will catch on as far as the potty thing. Just make sure you take her out on a regular schedule. Put some newspaper down in the mean time. I can’t help out right at the moment $$ but I will post your story for sure.

    Talk to her and show her the love and attention she never received.

    You are awesome.

  5. These pictures break my heart – but I am so thankful that you said YES and are willing & able to foster her.

  6. Oh that poor baby. We adopted our two babies (a mom and daughter pair), but they were not in any kind of shape like this. Thank you for giving her a home, a bed, and food. Keep feeding her. A vet would have advice on some high-calorie or high-fat diet and foods that you can give her I’m sure.

  7. GAH — it just breaks my heart. :(

  8. I’m so glad that she will have a chance, thanks to your family!

  9. You are such a sweet person for taking her in. It will be hard I’m sure but you’re saving a life.

  10. You are such a great person!

    You may want to consider picking up a puppy food for the dog until she starts to gain weight. It will have more fat in it.

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