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Fostering a dog… honestly, it’s kinda sad.

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Because I need One. More. Project. around here like I need another 2 year old, we are helping foster a dog that was near death.

Proving that Facebook isn’t always a bad thing, this picture appeared in my stream yesterday with a call out to Mobile, Alabama, which is where I live.


MOBILE, ALABAMA! ***EMERGENCY LOCAL FOSTER NEEDED!*** Krewe de Rescue has been contacted by someone that had this poor soul wander onto her property, and she is unable to keep..and would have to take him to MCAS. They want to help this needy baby, but can only do so if we have a foster home for him to go to. ” PLEASE SHARE!!!

After over 200 shares they still hadnt found a home to place her in, so we took her in. Charlotte said “Whoever the person is that did this, should never ever ever as long as they live till they die own a pet again.”

And I agree with her.

Now it’s true, I am not what they call a “dog” person. I have 5 cats and one very anxious obnoxious dog that makes me rethink pets entirely every moment of the day. But I am a mom and as a mom, and as a person, I could not let this dog who was already abused, neglected,  then end up at the shelter to be put down. Everyone deserves a CHANCE.

Here is the deal. We are trying.

Our dog and this dog are not BFF of course. This dog, which we have named Princess Leia, is tired, hungry, and food aggressive. My dog which is anxious, annoying, and food aggressive, pretty much gets on her nerves (we adopted him).

But again, we are trying.

She appears to be around 8 years old, German Shepard and is not fixed. She is too skinny to get fixed right now. We have been instructed to not even walk her because it burns too much energy. We are just trying to fatten her up and give her some kindness.

Of course, kindness can be trying.

When I got up this morning she had peed everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE in my office. It looked like a horse had peed. Even worse, our other dog, Jedi, was doing the pee pee dance himself outside the office doors and I had to clean up her pee to even let him through. In the chaos I forgot the house alarm was on and set it off at 6:30am.

Good times.

I’d be lying to you if I haven’t had moments of regret in the past 24 hours…can I handle this?

Can the other animals be ok?

Can she even get better?



But I guess it’s like anything you do – one day at a time.

For now she is sitting under my desk, probably happy to be inside. She is preferring the floor over the comforter I put down here for her, but I am sure the air conditioning, a food bowl and water is enough for what she has been through.



I can tell she will be a good dog for someones house.

She is good with the kids, wags her tail when I walk by, and has not lost her spirit- regardless of what she has been through.


If you have suggestions on the best ways to get her healthy…I’ll take them!

I have also had people ask how they can help and its this: we are fostering (for the first time ever!) through a rescue organization locally called Krewe de Rescue. Every dog needs medical care (Leia does badly, flea meds, heartworm meds, and whatever else they find), an abundance of high calorie food, a bed they can take with them to a new home, leash, pretty much all the things a “normal” house hold animal would have. All things that she gets will be hers to take with her once she gets well enough for adoption.

If you want to donate something to her, let me know. If you are a dog brand that wants to help, let me know! I think it will be a long recovery for her.

I am sure I will share more with this journey!


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have found fostering to be very rewarding despite the problems. I currently am fostering ( may be owning at this point ) a cavalier king charles spaniel that was so malnourished she looks a lot like your baby. She had no hair from the front shoulders back, and just skin and bones. She could not climb one step to get in my house. I have had her 3 years next month, and the vet bills have been astronomical, but I still look at her grateful little smile and keep her with me. I hope that you will continue with patience and mercy. To fatten up my girl….My vet suggested the Senior Science Diet – she is still on it, but now I give her a spoonful of healthy can food morning and night with her medications. The Pill Pockets are a blessing if your dog is taking pills often. My baby figured out the deal about 2 years in, so now I have to crush them and mix it with the can food to hide them, and mix that with the dry food, so she won’t notice the bigger pieces and spit them out. I think she is a little spoiled, but worth it. I only have a single cat for her to play with ( a rescue ), so I can not imagine trying to deal with all those personalities, but I have found that if I bring in a new animal, I keep them separate for the 1st three days and let everyone get used to a new smell on me first. Then it is not such a shock to the house. (at one time I did have 4 cats and 2 dogs with a 6 pup litter – all rescues) GOOD LUCK, and God Bless!!

  2. Chris Spangler says:

    You are a angel. I am 73 years old, and my husband and I have fostered over 30 animals in our 51 year marriage. Sometimes it surprises me that we are still married after the problems we have had with the dogs and cats. Of all the dogs and cats, we kept the worse case of dog abuse I have ever seen. John Henry weighted 37 pounds when I got him. According to his size, he should have been at least 75 pounds. I was never able to get him above 68, and I really tried. During our marriage we have owned 4 dogs and 4 cats. Believe me when I say, I do know what you are going through. Also know that things will get worse, in a manner of seconds. You will often regret taking this precious baby into your home. My last rescue dog foster knocked me down 10 steps to the basement concrete floor. I suffered a broken neck, broken shoulder blade, broken collar bone, simple fracture of the upper arm, bruised brain, and dislocated shoulder. The Rescue Group found him a delightful home, his new mommy and I still keep in touch because she could not understand how I could still be taking care of him wearing a neck and arm brace for 8 weeks. My husband said that was the final straw, we would NOT be fostering any more animals. I have only fostered 4 dogs since then, and those on short term. John Henry, when he came to us, should have been “sink hole filler” according to some of our friends because of his many, many problems. BUT, he and my husband were so close for the 6-1/2 years we were blessed with him before he passed. He was, and still is, the dog of our hearts. I do not know if it was because we cried more over him, worked so hard to keep him alive, or is he was just so special. For all the troubles we have gone through, all the pee, all the poop, all the force feedings, all the puke, all the smells, all the unwanted baths or all the bother, we have been so very blessed by the animals we have helped live. I will be praying for you, that you have all the kisses, all the hugs, all the laughs, all the satisfaction, all the love, all the blessings from God for what you are doing. You can always stop with this one.


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