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Friendly Government Intervention…

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Am I in the great big book of Crap Parent or something?

First, a few weeks ago, I get this letter from of all places our health insurance encouraging me to get Phoenyx more vaccines.

I admit it, he isn’t caught up. He isn’t in daycare, he is a fully stay at home kid in a progressive household that has running water, real food to eat, and access to soap. I am not overly worried about finishing those up till he is ready to go into the general population – mainly school.




Then today I get these letters home from Charlotte’s school about the Flu Vaccination.

flu consent form

They are offering “free” flu vaccines at school. HA! Jokes on them. Even if I gave permission for this, my daughter wouldn’t let them come within a 10 foot radius of her with a needle.

I get it. I do. I get that kids are probably more likely to spread germs than any other sect of the population.

And I’m not an anti-vaccer (is that real word?) but I’m not really what you would call a pro-vaccination either. I cover my kids in the bare minimums that are required by law and try to spread them out as far as possible. I simply don’t believe a 5 month old needs a 5 injections at once. This is simply a personal opinion from a parent that has two very healthy awesome kids that are no worse for the wear over delaying.

But why such a HUGE push for vaccines lately? We are almost never in the Dr. My son hasn’t had a need to see a Dr. since he was 12 months old. My daughter hasn’t been in a few years. They are simply never sick past the occasional at home virus and have no other circumstances that would require Dr. concern.  My only thought is that I am on the “naughty parents who dont do what we tell you to do” lists.

I’m getting annoyed at all this “friendly intervention” that appears to be showing up lately.



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  1. I am playing the devils advocate.. even though your child is not in school or daycare they are exposed to other children when you go shopping, the park, McDonalds and so forth and by you not vaccinating your kids in a timely manner that does put other children at risk.. I believe its the parents choice but. I have 2 preemies which makes them more at risk of getting something from another child or adult.. I always get my kids their shots and they are never more than 30 days “late” and they get all the shots required at that time…

    • Pretty much he isn’t ever around kids. Ever. I work from home so most of his outside exposure, even if I bring him to the store, are in random hours that most kids are in school. He is a lucky guy. But in any case, my responsibility is to his safety and health and I dont feel like shooting him up w/ drugs at his age is smart. Ive watched pets get cancer from the rabies shot and I am supposed to think that 5 shots at a month old is a good idea? Pass.

  2. I am so on the fence about vaccines, I delay vaccinate all 5 of my kids. I hate the ingredients in these vaccines but I would rather have a child that is alive than one that dies of a disease that could have been prevented.

  3. I’m neither Pro nor Anti vaccer (I don’t know either if that’s a real word, lol), but I try to be as educated as I can on a very confusing topic. I certainly pay attention to my pediatrician’s recomendations, but I’m accutely aware of the side effects and other concerns. I too feel like a “Crap Parent” award recipient when I receive mass-mailing letters to remind me that my kids need this or that at the dr’s office! lol

  4. I think it is your choice as a parent what you do or do not vaccinate your kids for. We delayed/spread out the vaccines for both of our kids. At six months old, my youngest started having seizures {1 week after one of his vaccines) and his neurologist has not let him have any more vaccines since then…he is now three. I do not get the flu vaccine as an adult either because I always end up super sick afterwards.

  5. Until kids are around other kids in school, I’m not sure it should really be that big of an issue. But I guess I’m basically pro-vacc for what’s required. I did follow the schedule though because I’m not a risk taker.

  6. I could care less what anyone things. Vaccines are dangerous. We have 6 kids and do not vaccinate. At all. I will never put those toxins in my kids’ bodies. The flu vaccine inserts state that there is no studies or proof that the vaccine works. I’m completely dumbfounded as to why they would push a vaccine that has no proof of it being needed. All of the other vaccines inserts state how dangerous they are and what adverse effects they cause – including SIDS and much more. But we continue to shoot up our kids. Makes no sense. Anyway, here’s my reasoning behind why we do not vaccinate our kids: http://wedonthaveitall.com/2013/08/back-to-school-shots-and-baby-vaccines-wait-and-educate.html

  7. I’ve always been so skittish about vaccines, but last year my cousin’s 12yo developed encephalitis as a result of the flu and it was a huge eye opener for us. I also have an aunt who had rubella as a child and she lost her ability to see, hear and speak and had significant brain damage. These diseases terrify me more than the shots.

  8. I am on the fence for this one. I am a nurse and my employer highly recommends I take the flu shot. Working with the elderly on a daily basis I think it is a good idea. Now that my kids are older I let them make the decision. This year my youngest opted to take the flu shot, while my two oldest decided they did not want it (both got sick right after taking it last year) I see both pros and cons and believe it should be a personal choice.

  9. I am so on the fence with getting immunizations. I am a lot like you with wanting to wait on most of the shots. I also don’t think that a child needs multiple shots at once.

  10. Not to play “devil’s advocate,” but they have the challenge of balancing outbreaks of more illnesses among kids. Though, I do get your point that if your kids are not exposed to other kids… It is hard to balance because someone could have a completely different view and feel their rights are violated by someone else NOT getting shots and yet, the converse could be true, as well.

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