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Get 2 free song downloads from your favorite The Voice performers

Are you ready to get 2 free song downloads from your favorite The Voice performers because you are awesome??

Two free Voice Downloads

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Remember, this is a limited time offer and you will want to immediately cash in and discover all the great voices on …The Voice!

Two free Voice Downloads


Which judge is your favorite on The Voice?


Information provided by LuncboxPR, opinions are momdots


  1. Adam was my favorite. But Blake may give him for a running!

  2. I like that show too. I also like each of the judges.

  3. Oh, what a great giveaway! I love the voice…and I can’t pick a judge, honestly. I love them all!

  4. This is fun! I think they’re all pretty awesome and would love a download from any of them.

  5. I have never heard of The Voice so I can’t say who I like best obviously. I will look for this brand when I go shopping-it sounds pretty good.

  6. My husband watches the Voice all the time with our boys (Christina is their fave lol!) What a great idea for them to do – I love all the singers that go on the show!

  7. I am a Voice fan! Sounds like an awesome deal to me! Will definitely check it out! Thank you :)

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