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Get to know how badly I eat….

Amazing Shares

Hot of the heels of earlier this week, we did a fun little “5 things you would learn about me if you walked through my house“. A good old fashioned blog carnival..and I had a blast visiting everyone’s blogs! So we are gonna do it again!!

To participate in this weeks ‘get to know each other‘ post, just post on your blog and link up. Then make sure you come back, linky your post in the handy dandy linky loo I put below, and then go visit other bloggers, which after all, is the point. So don’t be lame and link and not visit. Bad blogging juju.


Share your fridge and pantry…AS IS.

I know what you are thinking. No straightening, no hiding your 9 rows of Oreos…..AS IS.

My house:

There are 3 gallons of tea in there.

I see how that looks, but I am an addict.


And the pantry…yikes.

Now that I have showed you my underwear…show me yours! (and psst…if you have a great topic for us to do, just leave it on the comments.)

Amazing Shares

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Kids Activities, DIY and Crafting Tutorials: Lifestyle Blog


  1. Gotta love Milo’s tea!

  2. Why have I never thought about buying sweet tea already made!!! Is it any good?

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