Getting Back into Touch

Day #6: KY Challenge

Im running about a day behind the challenge, but wanted to get caught up. For Day 6 its all about how we feel…the touch. Its easy to forget that its not just bedroom talk that makes us get that tingly feeling and its not just sex that can create a loving atmosphere.

Women are unmistakably a touchy feely kind of human being. We kiss our children, our spouse, our pets, we hug, we brush hair, dress kids, caress faces, in fact, our whole day is touching and loving. Its no wonder that we want to be touched and cared for back and in some cases our spouse only consider that when they are interested in sexual activity.

Your challenge for the day would be to be affectionate.

  • Try hugging for 30 seconds at a time
  • Holding hands
  • snuggling on the couch
  • Kissing, when its not just goodbye
  • caressing each others arms
  • offering a massage

For the evening KY wants you to take this to the next level and concentrate on each other, exchanging the power of touch…massage!

See where it leads….

I am going to switch up this post and rather than tell you about my experience give you some run down on KY products that may help this touch come to life.

From the brand:


Sensual flavors for foreplay and fun.

What is it? More play during foreplay. K-Y® Brand KISSABLE SENSATIONS is not a lubricant, it is a flavored, kissable gel to enhance your intimacy during foreplay. Enjoy the sensual, arousing pleasure of foreplay with decadent chocolate and refreshing strawberry sensations for the body. Together, share a fun, delicious, multi-sensory head to toe experience—enjoy foreplay like never before!

How does it work? During foreplay, apply a few drops to your partner’s body wherever you like to kiss or be kissed, including intimate areas. Refreshing Strawberry for him, Decadent Chocolate for her. Combine them for a fun new, intimate experience. KISSABLE SENSATIONS is not intended to provide lubrication.

K-Y® TOUCH MASSAGE 2-in-1 Sensations Set

Two amazing touch sensations at your fingertips.

What is it? Make intimacy even more exciting and pleasurable with K-Y® Brand TOUCH MASSAGE 2-in-1 Sensations Set, containing two different products, each with its own unique sensation. Make your partner’s touch more sensual with a WARMING or TINGLING experience. Perfect for massaging all over your body, even in your most intimate areas.

How does it work? Apply a desired amount of product all over the body, even in your intimate areas. To enhance pleasure as personal lubricant, apply to the inside and outside of condom. Feel the gentle sensations and discover how exciting touch can be! Great for sensual and intimate massage.


Of course to make it easy on you, we wanted to make sure you knew you could get a $5 Coupon off any of the following KY products:

Happy Challenge!

Dont forget to down your KY Intimacy Experiment Booklet For Free!
I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. In addition, K-Y® Brand sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate. You didn’t think I was gonna talk about my sex life for 10 days for your personal enjoyment, right?


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