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GS Preschool Games – Free App!

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Awhile back I shared with you some of our houses favorite kids apps and GS Preschool Games asked us to check out their game and see what we thought.  Normally I would have the kids test the games out and give me their thoughts, but Phoenyx is just below preschool age and Charlotte is way way above, so I did want any other parent would do – I took this chance to kick everyone out of my office so *I* could play some games uninterrupted.



About GS Preschool Games

A beautiful app, designed for kids in the age range 3-6, to foster their learning, imagination and free play. It includes 9 thoughtfully designed fun games, containing very colorful and attractive images/sounds. Kids enjoy playing these games for hours without getting bored, and at the same time learning skills, which are carefully incorporated in the design of each game.

GS Preschool Games Free Kids App

What makes this app special is that so many different types of games are present in a single place, which are normally found in separate different apps.

Following is the list of games sections:

- Match the Shadows
- Jigsaw puzzles
- Count the Objects
- Solve the Maze
- Memory games
- Find odd items
- Balloon quizzes
- Scratch Paint
- Compare Objects

In addition to each individual game section, there is a common ‘playground’ where kid will be presented with a mix of games from all sections. If kid is interested more in some types of games, he/she can skip the ones he/she doesn’t want.

My thoughts?

Its a totally simple app, which is great for young kids learning. The last thing I need is my son frustrated while he is counting or putting together puzzles! GS Preschool Games rotates through several basic games like puzzles, finding numbers, and also asks questions like “touch the smallest object” or “which object does not belong”, which requires more critical thinking skills. Its also bright and has great color usage throughout.

After I completed stages of the games (I am so smart), it let me pick a sticker to add to my pile as a reward. My only feedback here is that they use the word “Phenomenal” and I am not sure the average preschooler would really have a grasp on that word. But my son has yet to reach that age and my daughter is above it, so I am probably having a parental black out here.

Here are a few screenshots of what you can expect:

screen568x568 screen568x5682

This game is a great FREE app that gives lots of choices for your preschool in a way they can grasp. Bright colors and straight forward puzzles, you can pick download this app on APPLE or ANDROID.

And it appears the great reviews are all over!

To download, head over to your device and download. Let me know what your kids think! Click for your device:


23 Amazing Shares Facebook 12 Pin It Share 0 Twitter 7 Google+ 4 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 23 Amazing Shares ×


  1. Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity says:

    Looks fun and I am so glad that I am not the only mom who sometimes plays kids games, all in the name of checking them out of course. :)

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