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Hands on Zoo Experience!

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A few weekends ago we went out to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo to visit. While its about 2 hours to get to and relatively small, we really love this zoo because it offers something many zoos do not offer: Animal Encounters. 

In the past we visited and got to play with Serval cats….

And right now the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is waiting on BABY TIGERS. I cannot wait for that!!!! Even though mother nature hasn’t sent over the baby Bengals yet, we were able to hang out with lemurs and baby kangaroos on this trip. The cost of the animal visit is not included into the cost of your zoo admission, but I believe the Kangaroos was an extra $5 per person (with P free) and the Lemurs were $10 a person (with P free). I always find the cost worth it because its just such a neat experience for the kids to learn in a hands on environment. Since Charlotte’s Aunt is a vet and Charlotte has expressed a lot of interest in caring for animals, I hope to keep her inspired where her heart is.

I only had my phone with me so the pictures are not overly sharp, but here are some of the shots from our weekend.

Baby Kangaroos

(Phoenyx was NOT into them)



202 204




This one we fared a little better with Phoenyx. The biggest issue is that you are not supposed to leave the bench and we could not get P to sit still. The guy was so nice and just let him sit on the ground instead, which made it a calmer experience for everyone.







  Of course Phoenyx had no problems on the petting zoo side in feeding animals!

After we left the zoo, we went to get some ice cream. We decided to go to more of a local place and after we had ordered and were waiting on shakes, they handed us shakes with HUGE open lids. I guess that is how they serve them.  I was totally regretting my decision to go to the fancy local place instead of McDonalds at that moment.







After that we went horseback riding and then headed home. As you can see, it was a totally successful day for the kids.

And since they slept so well the whole night, I’d say it was a successful experience for the parents too!



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  1. Now that is an experience. Love all of the pictures, I would love to a place that allows hands on like that. We have a place that is hands on but it’s all farm animals.

  2. Your zoo looks pretty awesome, I can’t believe you get to be so hands on! I used to love the zoo, but after my daughter went to school there for 3 years and got to actually work with the zoo keepers and get behind the scenes, I always feel like I am not seeing the “real zoo” when I go now…it kind of took the fun out of it for me!

  3. We did that to our car seat this week too. I am glad they had fun. It looks like a great place.

  4. What an amazing experience! My son would have a blast here.

  5. How cool. I didn’t know that people could have those encounters there. I will have to go there next trip down to the beach. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.

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