Yeah Cancer, Take that!!! #FinishtheFight

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A few months ago the American Cancer Society asked me to let everyone know about a new Life List app they had and their 100 yr birthday celebration coming up. I didn’t know it at the time, but the relevancy to my life was going to show up out of the blue.

You see just 3 weeks ago my grandmother called me crying and said ” I have cancer.”

Words no one ever wants to hear.

After several weeks of side pain, she ended up doing blood work and a CAT scan. She had (has) cancer in her liver, spleen, lungs, and pancreas.  My grandmother isn’t even that old. She is 68. And while cancer certainly doesn’t age discriminate, all I could think of is why her, why this, why now?

It was devastating. On the outside looking in, I felt really helpless.

I am my grandmothers oldest grandchild. Other than my husband, she is my best friend. We have had thousands of conversations, have spent countless phone hours talking about nothing, been on way too many shopping trips, and the mere thought of existing without her took my breath away. And what was worse was every time I saw her the past few weeks she was giving me things. Distributing her household items so “they could go to the person she wanted”.

So with that news I asked her about her Life List. Was there anything left undone? Was there something she wanted to do before she died. She said two things, she wanted to go to Ireland and wanted to go to Orlando to the theme parks.

So I started making arraignments. And through the help from all the amazing people I have been blessed to know, we have a trip set up next week to Disney and Universal.

Then today I got a call from my dad. The biopsy was in. We already knew it was cancer, that wasn’t in question, but where did it start, what kind is it, how bad is it, and the biggie, how long will she live?  With it being in so many organs, the news could be anything.

The first words out of the doctors mouth?


Yes, she has cancer. But she has Lymphoma.

The most curable type of cancer there is. Out of everything that could be going on, we never expected this. The doctors feel very very positive about her recovering fully. In a week she will be starting 6 weeks of chemo and while that won’t be a walk in the park, we now have HOPE.

I think Phoenyx sums up how we feel in this photo I took today.


Happy, Happy, Happy!

Happy birthday to the American Cancer Society

100 years ago, the American Cancer Society began the fight of a lifetime – the fight to end cancer. We’re determined to finish this fight. We want to give people everywhere more of life’s special moments – more proud accomplishments, dreams come true, and birthdays celebrated. We urge you to create your own life list on our Facebook page and then share it with your readers and followers.

So today along with many others, I am making my list.

The list of things I have done and the list of things I will do.

And a word to the wise.

This is not going to be an easy battle, but it has taught me a few things.

  • Do not expect this to never touch your life. Help the cause for the cure NOW.
  • Do not give up. Never give up.
  • Do not assume! Even what looks bleak can change in an instant.
  • Above all, do not wait to get news like this to LIVE. LIVE your life NOW. Do not ever go to bed at night waiting for things to happen. Make them happen. Enjoy every moment.

For all those that have been touched by cancer, for all those that will be touched by cancer, for all those fighting and those that treat, cure, and help, Make your life list here now and celebrate LIFE.

Happy Birthday to the American Cancer Society!



Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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    Such a powerful reminder that much progress has been made in cancer research thanks to people who have donated in the past. And we need to donate now for the cancer victims of the future, that they may also hear, “I have good news” from their doctors!